Extreme Cheese at the skatepark

Babybel Cheese commercial

This commercial for Babybel Cheese has a lot of incidental skating in the background, designed to make you think the location is a skatepark. In the enlarged stills it’s very apparent that it’s just a public plaza with a few ramps thrown in to enhance the illusion. The dead giveaway is the full loop track at the top of the steps.

Babybel Cheese commercial

Yeah sure, let’s dissect this marketing marvel.

We open with the epitome of late 90’s Extreme!™ guy, the sky diver who is chasing some tasty cheese that a tasty tease has tossed out the door of a flying plane.
Babybel Cheese commercial

The cheese lands in a toy truck, our hero reaches…
Babybel Cheese commercial

…but the truck drives off! What treachery is this? The truck is following an skateboarder. It looks like they are at a skatepark.
Babybel Cheese commercial

Evil reveals itself in the form of a brat with an RC truck controller. Raise your hand if you’ve never seen an annoying dude at a skatepark with his RC car. Seems to happen every so often in Oregon. I’ve seen them at a few different parks, usually full grown men and not kids.
Babybel Cheese commercial

Our hero chases the cheese through a very small full pipe. What kind of skatepark is this? A quarter pipe is being skated in the background.
Babybel Cheese commercial

The hero is foiled by a classic leash yank, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Leonard Smalls got hit with a plank in Raising Arizona. In the background you can make out more skaters, including a full loop track? Yes, those are standard at all public skateparks now, aren’t they?
Babybel Cheese commercial

This cheese tastes even sweeter, having cheated Extreme!™ skydiving guy out of his just reward.
Babybel Cheese commercial


  1. enemy combatant on December 17, 2007 - Reply

    Just what exactly is the matter with installing ramps in public plazas?

  2. Dude, there’s no tranny allowed in skate plazas!

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