American Gladiators is classy

Chad Knight on American Gladiators

Yes, this is old news, thank you. Because the media portrayal of skateboarding it’s not enough of a zoo already, pro (?) skateboarder Chad Knight is supposed to be appearing on the January 6th premier of the revamped version American Gladiators on NBC. I have that question mark in there because I don’t know anything about Chad. His official web site is blocked by the content filter where I work (?! – Hey, I’m on my break!) but according to this outdated (and not dated) interview with Chad in Skateboarder, Chad turned pro in 1997 an had a model on the now defunct INC. skateboards brand by Syndrome. Currently he’s on 1031, which is ether a shop or a clothing line or who knows what since the mailing address is in California but you have to buy everything from Beer City in Milwaukee. Kristian Svitak seems to be the main perpetrator. Hell, I don’t know. Wow, it’s hosted by Laila Ali and Hulk Hogan. Why isn’t Mike V. on this?

[Source: BuddyTV]


  1. Chad is a good guy. He’s a Svitak and Dave Coin buddy from Ohio who was one of the main dudes on Maple back when they were around. He’s pretty darn good. But American Gladiator? That’s as bad as Scott Pazelt doing a ECPI radio commercial.

  2. What’s ECPI radio?

  3. enemy combatant on December 31, 2007 - Reply

    Who the hell is Scott Pazelt?

  4. Damn. beat me to the punchline.

  5. quit taking everything so serious

  6. 1031 is Svitak’s board company, super good stuff. Chad is pro for them. The American gladiator stuff is funny if you ask me, dude got some good money I am sure.

  7. corncobcokk on January 2, 2008 - Reply

    yuck fou! come to the benefit at Plan B…

  8. Damienhialation on January 2, 2008 - Reply

    Enough about these skateboarder folk, did you see the new American Gladiator promo commercial? One of the gladiators actually spoke. This must be some new genetically engineered breed of gladiator… Chad is gonna die…

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