Wacky Australian two fer.

Bondi Bowl snakeboard with bindings

Oh man, he’s killing it! Oh wait… Just in case snakeboards aren’t wacky enough for you, you can always add snowboarding bindings. The most interesting thing about this video is the fact that it was shot with an adapter that lets you stick 35mm lenses on a regular old camcorder, for all kinds of artsy-fartsy depth of field effects. Oh yeah, I’ts shot at Australia’s Bondi Beach. Look for the guy on the regular old fashioned skateboard falling down. What a sucker, huh? Thanks to John Aguilar for the tip.

Bondi Beach Snakeboarding


  1. Who is going to be the first genius to combine the snake board with the magnet shoes?

  2. The camera work is as lame as the “skating”

  3. Nothing new. Suspenders to inner tubes on your feet, not new.

  4. You can purchase streetboards (formally known as Snakeboards) from our website, here: http://doomsdaystreetboarding.com.au

  5. enemy combatant on November 11, 2007 - Reply

    No bailing out with these. It’s a straight trip to the emergency room.

  6. Don’t forget, http://doomsdaystreetboarding.com.au is where you can get your hands on the latest streetboards & streetboarding products here in Oz.

    It’s a completely different sport to skateboarding, so to the guy saying ‘its as lame as the skating’ … Go hop on your skateboard and have fun on that. In the meantime, us streetboarders will be enjoying our tricks on our boards.

  7. Ryan Heckler on November 28, 2007 - Reply

    Hey Nick, you need to check the title of this site again. It is ‘Skate and Annoy’ not ‘Street and Annoy’. Since you yourself so proudly state,”It’s a completely different sport to skateboarding”, why don’t you stay off our SKATEboarding site with your crappy ‘SNAKEboards’. Do you visit every well trafficked skate site and post comments that gratuitously point out your own weak site, where you attempt to peddle some erroneous sense of coolness to either clueless or unambitious uncoordinated persons with low self esteem and 29.95 to piss off?

  8. JAKEFERRANTI on November 28, 2007 - Reply

    I totally agree w/Heckler.
    Nick, Nice that you love this streetboard crap & all, but it you made the mistake of thinking this is appropriate here.
    How many regulars on this site can name 3 “streetboard” pros? Or companies? Plenty of “xtreme” sites to shill your product on….

  9. I’m annoyed! (laughing my ass off!)

  10. […] called the “little oriental boy”. So the old skateboard looks like it has some sort of binding system and 160mm wheels. I bid on this as a gift for MC. I thought it would offend/amuse him, but it was […]

  11. Dont messup streetboarding with a toyboards (like s-boards, ripstick and other crap)

    Why put up such a crappy video then?
    Why not something like this:

    The skaters from both sports had a session in bowl. Both skated on the same level, huh so whats wrong with that?

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