Jake Brown was Wired

wired-Jake Brown

Wired 15.11 reveals how you too can survive a 40 foot fall in the XGames.

I guess they figured it was Wired material because Jake Brown’s crash was such a popular web video. The technology used in the stunt was pretty late-industrial-revolution. Or maybe there are skateboarders on the Wired editorial staff?

wired-Jake Brown all


  1. corncobcock on November 11, 2007 - Reply

    X-games duh…

  2. Gotta link? Page scan?

  3. Oops. Sorry, I thought I had that included. It’s fixed now. Couldn’t find it online. I suppose we should link to the Jake Brown video too.

  4. enemy combatant on November 11, 2007 - Reply

    What a fool. With a fractured vertebrae he could have severed his spinal cord by walking off.

  5. Yeah, but who can blame the guy for not thinking straight after a slam like that? The fault lies more with the medical staff at the event.

  6. enemy combatant on November 12, 2007 - Reply

    There was obviously no medical staff worthy of the name. I’d be willing to bet that the promoters discouraged any quick response out to the ramp for injured skaters so as to make their show appear more “hard core”. Of course there were plenty of personnel on hand to film everything. Blood-sucking morons. God, how I hate skate/surf contests, celebrity pros, magazines, and T-shirt companies.

  7. Dick Cancer on November 12, 2007 - Reply

    What a rant, most people still don’t even know who Jake Brown is…I still wonder who he is and where he comes from…Doesn’t he ride for Blind, and isn’t Blind the opposite of Vision and aren’t these companies out of business or are they under a new lable??? Blind what a joke.
    I do have to say, it was realy cool to see Ol Jake at Pier judging and even better at the party up on the roof where if you looked you could catch dudes pissing everywhere and how the piss ran down and puddled up in one area. Even better, geeks riding bikes on the roof through the piss and watching is spray up on there back with there rear wheel…that’s the way to do it. Give out beer, piss everywhere and wallow through it… Did anybody but me catch that…PISS roof party.

  8. corncobcock on November 12, 2007 - Reply

    did you really CATCH that piss DC? fairy..

  9. Ryan Heckler on November 12, 2007 - Reply

    obviously the next trend in Extreme sports is going to be building jumping. “come on dude, your a pussy if you can’t jump off a third story roof, spinning a double baclflip, before hitting your landing in the street.”

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