I’m American. Ha ha ha.

Skateboarding in India

This is the new skate video directed by Wes Anderson, starring Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson. A day of skateboarding around the city of Bangalore, India. Video by Maxwell Scott and Paul Mathews. As far as skate videos go, it’s not spectacular, but it is a very well executed piece of editing. Highly pleasing, in fact. Of course they skate in India, they’re doing in Armenia for the love of Hosoi. Now name the band, song, and album: “India….. I’m American. Ha ha ha.” Or watch the video after the jump.

Skateboarding in the streets of India


  1. houseofneil on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    Psychedelic Furs: the 1st track off their 1st album.

    Superb album too.

  2. Really good. I didn’t yawn once.

  3. House of Neil, you should have known that “staff” was disqualified from this nontest. You’re going to have to forfeit your noprize.

  4. Dude that totally isnt the first song off of the first Psychedelic Furs cd.

    I’m very disappointed.

  5. Alright I take that back, turns out I had this cd all along.

    Its: Broken Social Scene – Cranley’s Gonna Make it

  6. houseofneil on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    Dude it “totally” is. First Pschedelic Furs album, self titled, released in England in 1980. Re-released a year later in the US of A with some different tracks. They butchered it basically, just like they did to the first Clash album.

  7. Stublag: Kilwag is asking you to name the band in reference to the lyric “India…I’m American. Ha ha ha”. Not the stupid song in the video.

  8. “(Your Not) Gonna Make It”

  9. JJ-Dinomite on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    My homie Wazulu is there right now till next year!
    He is from Portland or actually an orphan adopted from Bangalore India.
    He found his family 3 sisters and many cousins, his Parents died when he was a kid.
    He has been a big supporter of BURNSIDE and skateboarding even though he doesn’t really skate nowadays.
    I wonder if he sees any skateboarding!
    We are going to have a benefit for his family to help them get a place to live they are all very very poor. Rent is only around 150 a month there.
    He wants to start an orphanage their that was better than the one he was in and get Dreamland to build a skatepark.
    One love Wazulu stay strong brother.

  10. I like Invisible Skateboards:

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