Helmet safety for the kiddies

Danger Rangers Helmet Safety

With all the recent posts about Jake Brown and those parents in Medford being idiots indicted, this helmet safety video from Danger Rangers couldn’t have come at a better time. Danger Rangers is horribly cheesy cartoon designed to teach kids about safety. How cheesy? It looks like they spent more money on animating their web site than they do on an entire season of the cartoon. This particular episode’s theme was helmet safety for skateboarding, and it centered around the “Go Games” extreme sports contest. A lot of the cartoons that have skateboarding episodes tend to have X-Games knock-offs as a plot device. I’ve pulled a few highlights, including the awesome music video for “Wear Your Helmet” after the jump.

Danger Rangers Skateboarding Helmet Safety

This series seems like it could only have about six episodes before they get all the bases covered, Unless they start getting super detailed. I can’t wait to see the half hour episode on Jenkem. Here are a few key things to look for:

From the opening credits: Beware of skitching behind cars. Not becasue you could get run over… but because your board may fall apart.
Danger Rangers

This is actually one of the good guys. Apparently robots that spew fireworks are totally safe.
Danger Rangers

Also, it’s totally safe to run over a swimmer while surfing. This is a rescue shot.
Danger Rangers

The villain is named “Chancy McSpill” and he’s trying to sabotage the competition for the Go Games. Watch as he gets busted. Everyone seems to be riding 80’s era skateboards, but backwards, or switch at least.
Danger Rangers

How do you get kids to wear a helmet? Make sure it has a rooster top and shoots out plasma beams.
Danger Rangers

Not exactly what the script consultant had in mind for wearing a helmet while doing an acid drop.
Danger Rangers

I think this is from an episode of the Avengers.
Danger Rangers

She’s kind of hot for a helmet wearing BMX chick. Oops! And a cartoon.
Danger Rangers

A scene from the upcoming children’s film Horton Hears a Copyright Infringement Suit.
Danger Rangers

More switch skating on backwards skateboards.
Danger Rangers

Chancy being chased through the grass by the helmet police on rollerblades.
Danger Rangers

The ever popular BMX on a waterslide event.
Danger Rangers

Don’t cheat or you’ll be forced to recite safety lessons in front of a whole stadium full of bored onlookers.
Danger Rangers

What? You made me scroll through all that BS just to watch the video? Yes.


  1. enemy combatant on November 12, 2007 - Reply

    Hey! Aren’t those helmet police from Tigard?

    It doesn’t make any difference how good or bad the helmet propaganda video is. Once kids get to jr. high the skate magazines and peer pressure against helmets becomes overwhelming.

  2. I dunno, the song clearly states “Safety rules!”

  3. I think they should have employed Men Without Hats for their safety song instead. I just saw a guy with a skateboard split through his skull when I was watching a GWAR dvd last night. After reading a new zine this weekend, I think there is lots of material for a “skateboards on cereal boxes” post too, especially from kids cereal from the 80s.

  4. Yeah, finding the cereal boxes will be the problem.

    ha ha. Beverage industry…

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