French magnet skate magnates

French magnet boards

Which came first, the (Steve) Bacon or the frog? €179 ($258 as of publication) will buy you a 4size magnet skateboard setup with shoes, the French Equivalent of the ex-Magnatron. It’s a bit more sophisticated than the Magnet Skateboard, the magnets are designed to be removable in case you have to walk across a field of hard drives and floppy disks at work or don’t want to get your feet sheared off in an escalator. They’ve even designed a special box that is supposed to make sure you never touch two of the magnets together. Apparently they are strong enough to be a pinching hazard. Hey man, did you break your finger landing that ten set? Nah, I did it putting on my skate shoes.

4size Magnetic Skateboard Technology

4size seems to have done a more sophisticated job of integrating the magnet into the shoe, for what it’s worth. I guess you could carry the box-o-magnets in your backpack if you wanted to have them on hand for a session. It looks like the recess in the magnets might be able to be used to help pry them off of anything they might inadvertently become stuck to, like a manhole cover, electrical box, each other or your sister’s braces.

4 Size magnet skate

This illustration is confusing. The picture above clearly shows the magnets being placed inside the shoe, but the picture below makes it look like the magnet sticks out on the bottom. Proprietary shoes may be the most elegant implementation, but it’s also going to be the biggest factor against buying these, besides the whole “I have a magnet skateboard” aspect.

4 Size magnet skate

You can star in action photos like a pro, as this guy demonstrates by his superfluous grab, tuck knee nonetheless. Any style points for the tuck knee are negated by the magnets, so it evens out. Might as well “frontside indy.”

4 Size magnet skate

4size seems to be marketing this for use in tricks as well as making urban transportation more easily navigable. From a purely functional standpoint, it kind of makes sense if you are just a casual skater who wants to skate in the city for transportation and you aren’t good enough to control your ollies.

Technical information: “Sticked” vs. “unsticked.” Click to enlarge.

4 Size magnet skate

What’s next in product development, longboards and snow skates. All photos are from 4size Magnetic Skateboard Technology.


  1. ryan heckler on November 1, 2007 - Reply

    i like the hidden compartment aspect. we should all buy a pair just for those days spent traveling through our local friendly airport security system. people need to learn to fuckin skate on their own or go back to the mountain with the other rich kids.

  2. some pict came from the french skatepark of Melun at 45 km from south of Paris.
    check at the website for more infos.

  3. You spelled it wrong, it’s Fagnets.

  4. So the question is. Why do the decks even have a kicked up nose and tail? I just puked…

  5. bailgun on November 2, 2007 - Reply


    sorry i yelled.

    and fuck steve bacon.

  6. […] to our friends at Reprezent in Amsterdam (who saw it at […]

  7. LinuxMaster9 on June 1, 2008 - Reply

    “4size seems to be marketing this for use in tricks as well as making urban transportation more easily navigable. From a purely functional standpoint, it kind of makes sense if you are just a casual skater who wants to skate in the city for transportation and you aren’t good enough to control your ollies.” READ the Frickin words idiots!!!! how many of you are pros?!!!! probably none as I have never heard of you. these boards are for the casual skater. more than likely the rich kids on the mountain went to skate camps done by pros and learned to skate. Rich kids more than likely would not spend money on one of these when they could learn from a pro cause mommy and daddy would pay for it. These boards are for those of us who use the boards for casual skating and getting point A to point B and not really concerned about high flying tricks or appearances. So lay off and stop downing those who invent/innovate in a diversifying world otherwise you are just as bad as every fascist/communist group out there with your hate speech and bigotry aimed at those who make skating easier for those who don’t have the skills or cash to goto skate parks and break their necks and arms etc.

    • Attackisis3 on May 31, 2015 - Reply

      1.Pros aren’t so in need of money that they take private tutoring offers
      2.Skate camps don’t have pros there to teach you, they’re there to meet a role model and push yourself further into skating
      3. Tutoring won’t make you better at skating. Its a sport of personal progression. Its not football there’s no special training or plays. They can show you how but how fast you land it is a matter of pushing yourself to do it
      4.I bet there’s a lot of pros, flos, and AMs you don’t know shit about.
      5. If you’re using a board for transportation you should get a long board they hold speed better
      And finally 6. There’s no running out of a bail if your feet are stuck to your board
      Its a gimmick. And a dumb one. Its like skater trainers. Try popping with no roll in your wheels, its a different process. This is a money making project preying on the posers who want to look cool and make people believe they’re good at something.

  8. sk84l on June 26, 2008 - Reply

    this is wuts wrong w sk8boarding 2 day google steve bacon and read the article about wut he did 2 a perfect pool in sanfran

  9. ThanKs brothers !

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