Email marketing brings Business Skater Dude into new millennium

Business skater dude.

I was reading a story in the San Jose Mercury News about a girl who died after falling off the tenth floor of a parking garage that said her crew skated. She wasn’t skating at the time. Anyway, on the side of the page there was an advert for an email marketing company called Constant Contact that caught my eye because there was a skateboard flipping around in the box. It ended up with a still of the new millennium Business Skater Dude. Somewhere, if he was dead, Judge Reinhold would be spinning in his grave, seeing as how he was the 80’s archetype in the movie poster for Vice Versa. Vice Versa is one of those body exchanging movies like Freaky Friday. And while we are on the subject, it wasn’t the only body switching movie to come out 1988. 18 Again! came out the same year but is more notable (for us at least) for having a simulated live performance and soundtrack appearance by legendary funny punks The Dickies, who also have a skateboard model out now, albeit about 20 years too late to do them any good. George Burns was in that movie. I think he may even appear on screen with the Dickies.

I tried to go back to the article and get more frames, but I kept getting an advert that had a punk in a mohawk asking if I knew my credit score. I kid you not. Selected frames from the Constant Contact web advert.

Constant Contact Advert

Movie poster for Vice Versa, featuring Judge Reinhold on a skateboard. Click to enlarge.
Vice Versa movie poster


  1. great pieces of advertising if you ask me.

  2. gribble on December 1, 2007 - Reply

    The Vice Versa poster does not actually depict a “business skater dude” as you claim. It’s a 10-year-old boy trapped inside the body of his father who happens to be a businessman.

  3. houseofneil on December 1, 2007 - Reply

    i think we all got that. . . .

  4. Yeah. Humor. Get it?

    Besides, Good ole Judge looks like he’s actually having fun.

  5. Every punk rocker with a mohawk I know has a credit score of 700. We rock the AMEX cards for our fashions. Rock and roll ain’t cheap.

    And also, these posters are enlightening as to what you must do in your cube, Kilwag.

  6. gribble on December 8, 2007 - Reply

    Great Christian Warrior Kirk Cameron now claims that Satan made him switch bodies with Dudley Moore in Like Father, Like Son.

  7. This continues to make me and all my friends laugh our asses off!!! Someone’s gotta lighten up! My name is Joe Humeres and I’m the guy in the “Constant Contact” photo. A photographer friend, ask if I wanted to make a few hundred bucks modeling as a skater for a digital image company here in NYC. I said shit yeah, sounds like an easy paycheck. So here it is two years later, some company buys the shots from the image company, the ad is produced and it’s populated throughout the net. I get a bucket of emails with the “is that you?” question and it won’t stop! Truth is, short of the suit I wear in the shot, I am in fact a skateboarder and co-owner of Bodega Skateboards and they didn’t even know that when they did the ad! Sorry ya’ll, Judge ain’t got shit on me…………. LOL!!!!!!!

  8. Zed-word on December 12, 2008 - Reply

    Vice Versa….I never saw that one, but from the little information available here it seems shockingly similar to Big, which I am sure you all know has scenes of a 14 yr old Tom Hanks man child skateboarding.

  9. Vice Versa and Big did come out around the same time. I believe there was another movie with Fred Savage from the same era with the same premise also.

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