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BNSEDay 2007

Dan Glowicki sent out an email last week asking if anyone had plans to skate Friday after Thanksgiving. What?! and miss the start of the shopping season? Brad suggested getting together to play golf as a change of pace. Why not a visit to a car dealership to test drive Hummers? Better yet, Cannonball run!

Photos by Rich Burton and Mark Conahan

In February 2006 I took a solo trip to the Donald, Newberg, McMinnville and Lincoln City skateparks in ten hours round trip. I wanted to do it again sometime and thought it would be cool to finish up in Aumsville. Never could get it together though.

21 months later we have a few more choices. Building on the original run, I figured If we limited ourselves to 5-10 good runs at each place we could hit a bunch of parks in a single day. I drew up a list:

Burnside, Woodland, Battle Ground, Vancouver, Pier Park, Glenhaven, Holly Farm, Tigard, West Linn, Donald, Newberg, McMinnville, Lincoln City, Aumsville.

7:30 a.m. It was cold as we left my house in northeast Portland. The low that day was 29° and the temperature never got above 45° all day. Shawn Fendick and Rich Burton were both game but Rich only had until 1:00 p.m. I planned to log each stop with my phone cam to antigrav remote so people could see where we were and maybe join up. Shawn suggested shotgunning a beer at each stop but we wussed on that.

The original list was ambitious, internet mapping called it about 330 miles and over eight hours of drive time. I called it Buy Nothing, Skate Everything Day after the AdBusters anti-consumerist protest day. We discussed variations on the list: leaving out some of the more remote parks, staying in Oregon, having the Corvallis guys start from their end and meet in the middle somewhere… In the end we only got to nine of those parks – three in Washington and six in Oregon. The days are short at this time of year. Sunrise was 7:21 a.m. and sunset 4:33 p.m. Nine hours of daylight. Compare that to February 25, when I made my original run – sunrise was 6:03 a.m. and sunset 6:30 p.m. – 3.5 hours more. So how much skating did we actually do? Read on.

BNSED01 Burnside
7:40 We skated at Burnside for 20 minutes. One other guy was there skateboarding. As we were leaving Shawn said, “that guy is just like me when I first started skateboarding again.” When he first moved out here he was driving across the Burnside bridge trying to figure out why Burnside sounded so familiar. Then he remembered and went under the bridge to check it out. Two guys pulled up on motorized scooters carrying a sixpack each. “You want a beer?” One guy asked. “You want to try my scooter?” Asked the other. So Shawn rode Burnside for the first time on a motorized scooter. His wife Jean said later that the guys had been wanting their scooter back before Shawn was done. Shawn started skating again soon afterward and says he used to show up at Burnside really early in the morning so he could skate with nobody there.

BNSED02 Woodland
8:30 Since Dan would be joining us later in the morning, we decided to go ahead with the three Washington parks. The weather was clear and dry until we crested the last hill into fogged in Woodland, Washington. The bottom of the Dreamland bowl was wet. We skated 15 minutes in the recently added street section and had to avoid icy, wet patches.

BNSED03 Battle Ground
9:11 We did better at Dreamland/Grindline’s skatepark in Battle Ground, Washington. we got 45 minutes of skate time – a little longer than we had planned as we waited for Tom Miller to join us. There were invisible icy patches in some of the shady pockets. Somehow I managed to get some bird shit on my pants. Tom pulled up as I was on my way to the bathrooms to clean up. Nothing like putting your bare ass on a stainless steel toilet on a freezing day by the way. As Tom skated into the park I remembered the invisible ice and just as I yelled a warning, I saw him hit eat it on a patch of ice at the base of the love seat bank. I managed to slip on another patch and fall on my ass a few minutes later.

BNSED04 Vancouver
10:30 a.m. We met Dan at Grindline’s Vancouver, Washington skatepark and skated for 20 minutes. A handful of people were skating but there were no bikes there. Dan hadn’t been there before. He was skating when we got there, I saw him land a few Grover jawbreakers over the big hip. Miller got the rock transfer from the big to little bowl.

BNSED05 Pier Park
11:30 a.m. Back to Oregon and Dreamland’s Pier Park where we found lots of ignorant new graffiti including a funny doodle of an inquisitive penis. We skated for 20 minutes, enough for a few door jumps and pipe hits. That park is so good, it was hard to leave.

BNSED06 Glenhaven
12:30 p.m. We rode for 30 minutes at Glenhaven. Biggest crowd we had seen so far; Mike Shearer, Clay, Skreech Sandoval and a few other locals were tearing it up. Glenhaven was another new one for Dan. Coping seemed a little sticky in the peanut. This was the last stop for Tom and Rich but Skreech joined us for the rest of the trip.

After Glenhaven we stopped for lunch at a fast food place. Skreech was wandering around the dining room, checking out the jukebox, looking at stuff on the walls. I was thinking he was just restless when he called me over to check out a large aerial photograph of the neighborhood decorating the dining room wall. He pointed out a peanut shape with a dark spot in the deep-end that he said was rainwater. No telling how old that photo was but that was an empty pool.

BNSED07 West Linn
1:53 p.m. We spent 30 minutes at West Linn and met young rippers Brogan Robinson and Adam Kays, usually those kids make me feel like a washed-up old man when I see them at a skatepark but Skreech was blowing minds. I saw him carve that tiny pocket on the side of the manual pad to disaster into the bowl. Over and over he would get in a weird position and you would think he was done, but he would ollie or footplant back in.

BNSED08 Holly Farm
2:47 p.m. We were getting close to the end of the day and we still had a bunch of spots on the list, so we raced over to Holly Farm and rode for 15 minutes. There was a pretty good session going on when we got there. I just wanted to carve over the loveseat. Skreech rolled-in over it, then ollied-to-tail-to-disastered over it and later, did a huge transfer from the bowl over the deck into the bricks.

BNSED09 Tigard
3:12 p.m. As we were leaving Rick MacDonald told us he had originally set out for Tigard but it was so crowded he just turned around went to Holly Farm instead. Tigard was indeed packed but again, no bikes, very strange. Steve McBride, Ben Wixon and others were killing it. Steve Grover, Brad Krohn and Gordon Gilchrist showed up so we decided to bag the rest of the list. We had about an hour and a half to skate Tigard before sunset.

Total skate time was maybe four hours with five hours of driving. We definitely could have squeezed in a little more skate time. It had been light out for 45 minutes before we got to our first stop, we took a short break for lunch, and made a couple of navigational errors that wasted some drive time. Would I do it again? How dumb is it to road trip your local parks? Okay, it was fun but it seemed kind of wasteful. Dan at least got to skate two new skateparks.

We gorged on the smorgasbord of skateparks that we have available to us these days. It might have been better to hit half as many parks or even just one park as long as we were dedicating the entire day to skateboarding. I’ll keep that in mind next time we try it.


  1. Good report. I don’t think it’s dumb at all, but all in one day… not enough time to have a good time at each one… Make it a 3 day weekend next time… Party on Garth.

  2. That screech I had fun with him.

  3. it was fun skating all those places in one day, it was hard to leave that pool at glenhaven, that thing is sick.

  4. Pinchy was fascinated with all things Screech as well…

  5. need a close up of that badger or weasel on the skatepark sign

  6. YourMom

    I think it’s supposed to be Gale Webb.

  7. Is Gale from Woodlawn or what? Very confusing.

  8. Apophenia. The sign painter seems to have used pictures of Kaiser rolls left over from a bakery job for the wheels.

  9. enemy combatant on November 27, 2007 - Reply

    Kaiser rolls!!???!! Yummmmm, sandwiches….

  10. Tom Miller on November 27, 2007 - Reply

    In the interest of blatant self pity/mockery, Mark was too busy skating that big old man bowl at Pier to notice the worst slam I’ve taken in oh… years. Basic frontside 50-50 around the bend in the mid bowl section next to the pipe. No clue what went wrong, but I confidently reentered to prompt full body perpendicular slam on flat. Wife, the doctor, says no broken ribs but it still hurts to move. Ditto for knee and shoulder. One of those “what the hell just happened” slams.

    That’s why I suggested grand prize for best slam next time this happens… I might have won. And it ain’t best slam I’m not gonna win nuthin’. My one and only skate contest at age 14 at Tower Skatepark in Phoenix I took 5th of 5. The top placing guys kept doing doing the same run over again each time. I thought that was boring and lame. Then I learned that’s what you do in contests, dumb ass. Those guys didn’t miss anything. I can’t compete with Shawn on shot-gunning beers, nor Conahan on frontside inverts, so I gotta compete on best slams because that way anything goes.

    Also, Vera Katz, the former mayor of Portland, showed up to spectate while we were at Glenhaven. I ended up shooting the breeze with her for awhile. Her grandson is an avid skater. She expressed great support for skateparks. The irony is she had a reputation for being indifferent at best during her tenure as city leader. The scene is always improving.

  11. You must have rattled your brain too. I saw that and asked if you were okay. It was a good one. Those little bowls will kill you.

  12. Yeah I was standing next to Mark and we both saw that slam, it looked like you knocked your head a little too Tom. Cold weather slams suck.

  13. That sign is wacky. Looks like a pig face, wheels wrapped in bacon. WTF?

  14. Hello. Yes, I think this is a good idea to play skateboard instead of buying stuff like everybody this special day. I like the pictures of this post too. It’s look like you had a good skateboard session !

  15. nweyesk8 on November 21, 2008 - Reply

    Is the 2nd annual buy nothing and skate everything day planned yet?

  16. If there’s a 2008 BNSE trip going down I’d love to join in and possibly drive. weather looks promising as of today from Portland to Battle Ground. Too bad Hood River’s not done yet.

  17. nweyesk8 on November 23, 2008 - Reply


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