Bodyslam 6.1

Bodyslam 6.1 minizine

In the eighties I published a ‘zine called Bodyslam. I always meant to do another issue and got started a few times but for various reasons it never happened. Well Kilwag inspired me to do a micro version. a single 8.5 x 11″ sheet, two-sided, folded and trimmed down and stapled down to a 16 page micro-zine. This one features my miniaturized skatepark photos.

Download Bodyslam 6.1, print it out and assemble it yourself.

We have More detailed assembly instructions here

I also printed a few. I’ll carry them with me and leave a few at the local shops.


  1. Bodyslam 6.1, I believe that falls under Skate and Annoy Editions, our publishing house…

    I was hoping to inspire people a little bit more removed, but mission accomplished anyway.

  2. Well, I’ll send you my expense report then.

  3. Filled out in triplicate, and don’t forget the TPS report.

  4. Send some to IPS!!!

  5. killer medium for these photos, which I really like…

  6. MUDBUTT on November 6, 2007 - Reply

    i likes it! thanks Conahan

  7. Save me a copy! I’m a zine nerd.

  8. Killer! Should I do a bad egg mini? Or, am I now just jumping on the wagon? Let me see what my art director sez. Harhar. I haven’t done one since January, I think, so maybe it’ll cheer me up and get me focused on recovering.

  9. Ok, maybe too late, but I got one done.


    Please, let me know if I set it up right. Thanks.

  10. Ash, your m’zine kicks-ass! Nice job. Do you mind if I post it for download on the Earth Patrol Micro’zine Mezzanine page along with the AGP, SnA, and soon to come EPM zine?

  11. No, I don’t mind. Thank you! Please let me know the link.

  12. Cool Rich! I like how you posted all of the mini-zines together. Can’t wait for the EPM mini zine!!!

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