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I had meant to include this in the Disciplinary Architecture post but it got a way from me. Sit-Stopping devices existed long before the idea of skate stopping anything was ever considered. (Those sitters are intimidating and cause property damage. Plus, they could sue me!) Skateboarders should band together with our wide-bottomed brothers and sisters to effect social change. The lazy and the active should unite as one! Transfer has a massive photo collection of anti-sit devices. Some of the devices are likely meant to prevent skating as well, but most are clearly aimed at your ass. I’ve seen these things before and not given them much thought, aside from “Why doesn’t the man want anyone sitting here?” As long as we are forming a union here, let’s reach out to our prone brothers who just want to pass out on a park bench. Somewhere out there somebody has probably compiled a gallery of anti-sleeping modifications on public benches. You’ve seen them before, the large bumps that prevent a person from laying down across a bench. I propose we name the group Construction of Anti-devices Needs Toppling – or C.A.N.T.. While I start making the “U.S. Architectural Discipline off our backs/butts/feet!” protest signs, you can check out the Anti-Sit Archives.

[Source: Architecture of Control]


  1. Balsac Jaws of Death.

  2. they seem to have litigation written all over them…

    ugly as eff too.

  3. I’ve seen anti pigeon landing devises too. More like pigeon kabobs….

  4. They have sitting stoppers at the Federal Building here. Plus, they play weird music and noise through the ventilation grates 24/7 to keep the homeless from keeping warm. I pass them everyday to work. Sheep, motorboats, leaking faucets, frogs, banjo music, and even human screams are some of the effects.

  5. orezona on October 12, 2007 - Reply

    back in the day people would mortar chunks of broken glass on top of their walls to discourage people from climbing over them. That would surely be a cheaper solution than fancy ironwork.

  6. a ton of those are illegal and violate both OSHA and Disability Access rules. Handrails need to be ‘unobstructed’ for blind and disabled folks. Sue ’em.

  7. You got it orezona. I learned this the hard way scoping for pools. Also have to be weary of tack strips.

  8. What, is there a huge problem with people wanting to sit on fire hydrants? How about put out a f-kn bench?

    Our pigion brothers and sisters have it the worst though. Picture coming down to land after a long tiring day of flying and shitting; to have your feet and ass punctured by sharp needles. That sure would suck. I feel you pigions. Keep your heads up.

  9. sit stoppers? wut kinda douche is against people sittting on something…? tho i’d find my way around to sit on that shit anyway =D

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