Pier Park’s first anniversary

Pier Park's first anniversary

With all the recent skatepark construction in the greater Portland area and beyond, it’s hard to believe PIer Park is only a year old. It seems like an institution already. This past weekend saw some great Indian Summer weather in Portland, and although the pictures might not show it, there was a healthy, festive crowd at Pier Park on both days. More pics after the jump.

Pier Park’s first anniversary

On Saturday, Tobin brought a generator and sound system for music. When they ran out of gas Grover and Rich went to go get more, as well as a bolt to “fix” the generator. When they started up again there was a loud pop and the stereo started belching smoke. I didn’t get a pic but I think BK may have gotten it on video. One guy dropped into the deep end and his board snapped as he hit the transition. He rode out of it but nobody managed to catch it on film or video. Acting in his capacity as a board member of Skaters for Portland Skateparks, our own MC sponsored a highest sticker pasting contest in the full pipe. After he actually won the contest, Mark graciously bowed out of the prizes, which were SPS decks pressed by M&M and printed by Cold War. Bacon riders Kevin Kowalski and Donovan Rice took home the honors. On Sunday there was a benefit for Pier Park local Shane Bell who concussed himself there a couple weeks ago and has some heavy medical bills to show for it. He’s mostly OK, but not one hundred percent recovered. (Couldn’t quite remember his phone number, actually.) Unbelievably, he was seen dorking around in the big bowl without a helmet again. If you see him riding without a helmet in the next six months, please give him a lot of static. Even if you’re not a fan of helmets, his doctors have told him that it’s crucial that he not receive any head injuries in the next six months. OK. Enough preaching. Both days were good times.

Suuuuuuper! Click the pics to enlarge.

Everyone’s favorite Zorlac guy in Portland, Jimmy Finley.

Q: How many Kevin Kowalskis does it take to skate better than you?
A: One.

I can make that joke because Kilwag spelled backwards is a very Polish name.
Kevin Kowalski

Yeah, he didn’t ride out of this, but I liked the way his front foot looks as it is coming off.

Screech, around the corner.

The judges weigh in on the pipe pasting. Also, check out MC’s pic here and here.
Pipe pasting contest

Raffle for Shane Bell
Shane benefit

Troy Sliter. That green stuff isn’t paint, it’s an abnormality that shoes up in my camera often times when I am shooting into the sun. Weird. I wouldn’t have that problem if I still shot on film.
Troy Sliter


Doug’s one footed ollie over the hip, which he landed.

Mike Swim.
Mike Swim

Oh yeah, the fast plant. Sweet. Thanks to Mike for giving this a couple tries so I could get the timing right. Too late of a snap and it just looks like a backside air.
Mike Swim


  1. Great Shots. Wishing I could have been there…

  2. Had a good time on both days. That little bowl is a personal favorite.

  3. Long live Pier Park. Good park, good people, good fun. Nice write-up, he who is Polish.

  4. Saturday was a blast! Damn one year. Im soo stoked on the Big bowl. I suck at it; and intimidated by it, but damn if it doesn’t give me a big ass smile when I skate it. Hopefully we’ll see more and more locals charging it. How could they not get stoked on all the “old” guys ruling it? Happy Birthday Pier and a pat on the back to all those that helped make it happen!

  5. Awsome weather too. I remember the opening day weather was pretty bad. Great shots.

  6. Danimalcki on October 17, 2007 - Reply

    pollacks unite!

  7. A polish guy walks into the DMV and has to do an eye test. So the top line on the cart is Z K S C W K Z I.
    The lady says “Can you read that line?” and the polish guy says, “Read it?! I know that guy!”

    and another one:
    Did you hear the Polish invented stucco? They painted over the boogers.

    and one more:
    Whats burnt to a crisp and on my ceiling? a Poilish electrician!


  8. Shoot film 4LYFE!

  9. Tell that little $h!t to stop waxing the coping!

  10. Shoot film 4LYFE!

    Yeah, but shoot digital… 4 FREE!

    If I had to rely on film this site would get new skate photos about once a month.

  11. I’ve get my negatives and a CD- no prints and the scanning is done for me. If I get something print-worthy I have the negatives.

    I’ve been pretty happy with the Fuji 800.

  12. By the way Kilwag has only posted photos once this month anyway. Haw haw!

  13. Dang. I was afraid I was going to get called out on picture frequency. I almost changed it to “once every other month.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the aesthetic of real film, but you can’t beat the cost of digital. I can’t imagine having to pay to have 15 rolls of film developed for the Trifecta. I’m just not that selective (or good) of a photographer. Plus I’ve saved a lot of mediocre exposures that wouldn’t have made it if they were film.

  14. Thanks for the GREAT photos you guys, what a day that was! Pier rules, BEST skatepark in the Northwest IMHO, happy birthday, may there be many, many more! Much respect to the locals too for everything, epic session…

    I posted a few of my photos, most are screen captures from my video camera, I was so busy skating. Check them here:

    Click here

  15. drotownlocal on October 19, 2007 - Reply


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  17. […] The weather was great for our Pier Park Anniversary session. A good turnout, t-shirt giveaway and pipe-pasting contest made for good times. Check out the coverage on Earth Patrol Media and Skate and Annoy. […]

  18. […] I got hurt rumor has it Finley knocked himself out and got hauled off in an ambulance, he wins. I would have liked to get more […]

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Pier Park’s first anniversary

Pier Park’s first anniversary


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