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Home school skateboarding

Aside from teaching you how to apply grip tape or remove your skateboard trucks, About.com has a whole section on home schooling. One of the units they offer has a skateboarding theme. There are word searches, crossword puzzles and multiple choice questions all based on the same 20 words. It’s a bit monotonous, but that’s your word of the day kids! Also, they make you jump through extra hoops to actually get to the pages where you can see them larger, so I’ve provided direct links, and of course the usual assorted flippant remarks. Children are our future, the little bastards.

Skateboard-themed home schooling on About.com

You can click on the links or images to download the PDF’s or go through the whole carpal tunnel inducing rigamarole at here.

Word Search: Look for half pipe, carving, kickflip, tail, air, nollie, grabs, trucks, fakie, nosegrind, baseplate, trucks, grip tape, grind, nose, ollie, bushings, goofyfoot, kingpin and deck.

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Vocabulary: Definitions for trucks, tail, nose, deck, grip tape, ollie, kickflip, half pipe, goofyfoot and grind.

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Crossword Puzzle: All the same words as the previous two pages.

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Challenge: Multiple choice questions, same 10 answers. Not very challenging. These home schooling activities aren’t going to raise very bright children.

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Alphabet Activity: I’m not quite sure what the “activity” is supposed to be here. It’s just 20 blank lines and 20 answers. Maybe they have standard rules for their alphabet activities.

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Draw and Write: Draw a picture and write about it. I suppose there is something here that encourages independent analytical thought, motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but this seems dangerously close to the home school equivalent of “Teacher is hung over, so today we are watching a film strip.”

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Theme Paper: Uh yeah. For cohesiveness, I guess.

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Coloring Page: Obviously for really little kids. The only thing worth mentioning is that this might be the world’s only vert skater who rides a freestyle board!

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Coloring Page 2: This is the same skateboard that turns up in government Publication #93.

Home school skateboard

Skateboard Tic Tac Toe: And the educational benefit here? Maybe it’s to teach kids about skate harassment by using “No Skateboarding” signs. That’s a stretch.

Home school skateboard


  1. I think they want you to alphabetize the words in the Skateboard Alphabet Activity.

  2. Danimal on October 8, 2007 - Reply

    they forgot “barney” on the alphabet list.

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