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SnA Micro Zine 01: Pier Park's first anniversary

Download the PDF document of Skate and Annoy Micro (Volume 3, Number 1) This is laid out for printing on a double sided sheet of paper and won’t look right until it’s folded up and a few cuts are made, but don’t get discouraged, it’s easy. Here are the instructions for printing, folding, and cutting out, as well as making your own.

SNA Micro: V1#2 (4.5 M)


  1. Brilliant!

  2. Have you been drinking a lot of Guinness lately?

  3. nweyesk8 on October 30, 2007 - Reply

    nice…. I like it..

  4. Whoever hasn’t been drinking a lot of Guinness lately is obviously lacking their obligatory daily B vitamins. If in a hurry, Irish Car Bombs suffice.

    I really like the microzine. I really, really like it. I have to make my own now. NOW. What are they going to do, fire me?

  5. I’m only afraid it might fall in the toilet while I’m reading it.

  6. Very cool and I’m hoping MC is working on a MicroZine of miniturized skatepark photos. How about the NanoZine as a follow-up? Each side of a page would contain 16 images for a grand total of 32 miniscule pages.

  7. Sweet! Didn’t know you were still doing a print version…

    There are far better Stouts than Guinness though…

  8. Funny you should mention it.

  9. Hey WP, I was referring to all those “Brilliant” Guinness ads. Wait, are you sure you’re from the UK? What’s an example of a better stout? I know someone who’d like to try one.

  10. For mass produced Stouts I like Murphys. For the real deal, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout is simply amazing as is Young’s Double Chocolate. Both available at New Season’s most of the time. St Peter’s do a good Organic stout that comes in a funky bottle.

    However there are some amazing Oregonian and Californian Stouts also. My current fav is Bison Brewing’s Chocolate Stout…


    Then, of course, Australian brand Sheaf Stout is a good cheap stout for while you are skateboarding.

    As I understand it Tigard skatepark does not allow stout, so unfortunately I did not have any with me today…

  11. houseofneil on October 31, 2007 - Reply

    I agree with WP: Murphys is a better stout than Guinness. So is Beamish. I’ve never been a fan of the oatmeal stout. Now for a bitter, give me Bombardier or Abbott.

  12. Murphys is shit. The Catholic v Protestant debate should not carry over into beer. The only Murphys I like are the dropkick ones.

    That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ll say all day.

    Dragonstooth all the way. I really like Rogue Chocolate Stout. If you want to try most of the aforementioned stouts in one sitting, meet me at the Horse Brass. I think I’m still welcome there even though the boys I were with were talking very loud about the goddamn stupid Redcoats and got us kicked out after falling on the way to the bathroom. Oh well, I’m more of a brown ale girl myself.

  13. OH, and so I can stop talking about beer, please also try Pumpkinhead from Shipyard Brewing. It is pumpkin pie in a bottle, the best seasonal beer EVER. Go get some tonight here: http://www.belmont-station.com/

  14. It WAS a vague ref. to Guiness, but their animated commercials more than the beer itself… Which is quite nasty to me… unless of course cloaked in the guise of an “Irish Car Bomb”… Mmm, tasty. (But more than two and physics and gravity go haywire. I dislike hanging on to the earth for dear life. But anyway, those commercials crack me up. “BRILLIANT!”

  15. Sweet sweet Abbott Ale. The Horse’s Arse has that also…

    I’ve never had Murphy’s in the USA but back home it tends to be the better of the mass-produced and available stouts… just an opinion but I’m Catholic… in theory…

    Guinness do indeed have a stella creative team behind their ads.

  16. I like Beamish for stout. I also recommend checking out “1554” if you like darker suds. It is a New Belgium black ale. Not a stout, but definitely a cold weather drink.

  17. Sorry kilwag, got talking about beer. Dig your microzine. I made a super small zine like that when I was a kid about pet death stories.

  18. houseofneil on October 31, 2007 - Reply

    WP, where in wales are you from? I’m from the Wirral myself, the peninsula between Liverpool and n.wales. I used to have a girlfriend from the welsh side: Flint actually.

  19. Other end. Swansea in South Wales. Home of the mighty Morfa Stadium ramp in the 1980s… You living in the States now?

  20. I rode a big red metal ramp in Wales in ’89. Is that the Morfa?

  21. houseofneil on October 31, 2007 - Reply

    oh yeah, for 21 years.

    So you’re a jack? or soul crew?

  22. That zine idea is awesome. Cheers, I’m going to try it later as I wanted a cheap print option and can get away with this in work 😉

    Oh and I stumble onto the comments and everyones Welsh? (I’m from Ystrad Mynach then Porthcawl originally.) And talking about beer. Too good.

  23. I’m from Illinois and I like Newcastle Brown Ale.

  24. Newcastle is the heaven’s nectar. You should try Rogue Hazelnut Brown.

  25. Neil,

    Jack Army!


    Have you skated Aberdare? I wanted to get up there in the summer when I was back but it pissed down…

  26. Mo

    Morfa was probably the ramp you rode. It was the UK’s biggest vert ramp for quite awhile. Built by Skin (Transworld photog). The red colour is now locally known as ‘Morfa Red.’ I remember no one would really skate it by the ealry 1990s and trying to hit grinds with 42mm wheels… Got some pics of me a my and little brother skating it and some of the Bonees Brigade demo (maybe 1990/91)…. somewhere…

  27. houseofneil on November 1, 2007 - Reply

    Randy, if you like Newcastle, hunt down some Hobgoblin ale. Like Newcastle but better.

  28. Ok, just let me get out my magic drinking stein, it’s +2 against Hobgoblins and Troglodytes…

  29. Welsh Pete – Yeah have hit up Aberdare a few times, not bad for the UK. Lot of lines, coping is a bit shit in spots but still fun.
    Morfa was a rad ramp, went a few times in my youth, had to wait for the cola to dry before skating it.

  30. […] do another issue and got started a few times but for various reasons it never happened. Well Kilwag inspired me to do a micro version. a single 8.5 x 11″ sheet, two-sided, folded and trimmed down and […]

  31. […] do another issue and got started a few times but for various reasons it never happened. Well Kilwag inspired me to do a micro version. a single 8.5 x 11″ sheet, two-sided, folded and trimmed down and […]

  32. Hey, look at mine!


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