Know your rights: Free Tigard

know your skate rights

We are now accepting donations for the “Know your rights” outreach program for the users of the new Tigard Skate park, whose posted rules state that anybody that remains in the skatepark consents to having their personal belongings searched. This money will go towards having stickers printed up that will be given away to riders entering the Tigard Skate Park. The more money we collect, the more stickers (or larger stickers) we can make. If you’re up for helping, the suggested donation is $5. Details after the jump.

UPDATE: RESCINDED! They took rule#3 off the sign!!!!! DETAILS

Know your rights: Free Tigard

RESCINDED! Thanks to your efforts.

Take a look at the sign here.

Other commentary available here.

comic283 I take the fourth


  1. nweyesk8 on October 26, 2007 - Reply

    my money is in the mail

  2. I’d make a comment but I fear the suede denim secret police.

  3. Awesome graphic, I recently read were Strummer referred to that song as “clashabilly”…

  4. Donation complete. It’s good that they want to scare away the ignorant riff raff, but that’s not the way to do it. And as someone said, you’d NEVER see something like that at a basketball or tennis court, even in a “bad” neighborhood.

  5. wtf? thats so fucked.
    concretin hit the nail on the head…a hoodball court in the sketchiest place ever would never be subject to such lame, and civil rights violating bullshit. get em!

  6. Money donated. Simply put: sign can’t take away your 4th amendment rights. That’s not how this country works.

    Yeah, the Constitution is funny like that.

  7. I need to know who’s down for a City Council meeting in Tigard. I have one commit: Tobin. Any more?

    Also, who wants to help distribute the stickers to kids at the park? They need to be informed of their rights.

    Too bad we don’t have people down there with video cameras ready to capture any bad behavior on the part of law enforcement emboldened by the misrepresentative signage?

  8. Kent, when’s the meeting? I can’t commit until I know whether or not I’m free or in town. I would think you’d want some Tigard citizens there too, right? Most of us are not. I’m definitely down for sticker hand-outs, etc. As for video, Tigard may already be taping the park. The sign warns of it.

  9. Yeah.. ditto, need to know when and where. Obviously, down for distributing.

  10. Yeah, we would emphasize that it is really important to get someone who lives in Tigard, or near the park. Anyone? FYi I was in the cop-shop today and they had a bunch of Police trinkets for sale including koozies, balsa-wood gliders, police pins, pens,etc. I suggest that we all use those bathrooms and make our presence known. Ask the lady at the window plenty of questions — they’re already getting the message. By the way, it was not crowded — sunny, perfect session today. ….

  11. i wish i had your troubles….

  12. Dick Cancer on October 28, 2007 - Reply

    PHUC you and your $5 dollar donation. I’ll kick down $500.00 for a phucking cover on the park…that’s better than dicking around with a stupid sticker, you can jam that up your anal cavity. I’m almost willing to bet, half of you Yahoo’s don’t even know what right they are violating. Yes. I am a big dick and I know my rights. It’s your 4th ammendment right against unlawfull search and seizure. I also love my second ammendment right to bear arms…come and phuc with me. I spoke with a phuckng cop and what he said about that blunder of consent to search is about to be changed and what they were concerned about was alcohol in packs, but what he did say they wanted to enforce was the HELMET LAW for those (none of us) 16 and under…That bull shit about rule #3 isn’t going to fly.

  13. yeah dick, you got that right. f-whiners! dont bring your brick of weed inside a backpack into to the skatepark next to the cop station- its that easy,really. or do you guys actually have a feeling you are helping something? i dont wanna take away your illusions of being good doers 🙁 i personally think you are just irritating city people who are so far very friendly towards skaters.

    if you want to help something try to ask them to install the lights. oh, you dont care, you skate at sunday early morning, no lights needed.

    roof wise… dream on,fool:)

    im kicking myself preventively off the team… trying to avoid public humiliation of being degraded infront of the whole message board

  14. Dick Cancer on October 29, 2007 - Reply

    You dream on Marek “the litinsky”, I have a dream, a wet dream, that one day, some day soon, not this year but by this time next year there will be something in the works to cover a park…It’s only takes a few thousand dollars, may more like a 5ok or maybe a hundred thousand, and I think that could include lights…We have dreamland building these parks, why not all of us who BS here chip in and get a committee to cover a park, HOW HARD CAN THAT BE?

  15. Helmet law is good…saves lives.

  16. Rather than irritating city representatives, I think the purpose is to combat a stereotype commonly held against skaters. There is a purpose to educate people who are often marginalized that although authority figures choose to exercise this stereotype and assert their intimidation tactics accordingly, none of this is necessary. It’s a lesson for people who are not as aquainted with their Constitutional rights as they should be. It’s a lesson for kids who can always know that no one, not even Johnny Law, has free reign over them without due cause.

  17. Helmet laws… yeah, maybe for youngsters. I do not doubt that it will save some lives, but I believe in freedom of choice. i don’t think the government should mandate that, no matter how intelligent and “right” it is. I feel the same way about motorcycle helmets. I should have the right to be a dumbass if I choose.

  18. I agree with you Randy if you’re mature enough to make that call but it freaks me out when I see a 10 yr old kid riding concrete without any pads or helmet.

  19. But, JF, its none of your business even if your “freaked out” by it… And I want to point out that I am saying that with due respect…

    “Helmet law is good…saves lives” equals banning french fries. Or skateboarding for that matter.

  20. Thanks Collin for the new helmet for ZANE. he likes it and says he will wear it. BY the way asking about how things came about is not harrassing people and if they get irritated, thats the way it is. It eventually will get to the right person.

  21. I think we should ban french fries anyway…isn’t what Bush said?

  22. HOWEVER, just to be the devils advocate. If someone if seriously injured because of not wearing a helmet and they don’t have insurance and thereby become a burden to the state that might be a consideration. Also, if it increases liability that’s another thing to consider.

    I’m on the fence on this one, I do believe that it’s our right to destroy ourselves if we want to, but I’m also a pretty serious helmet advocate. It’s kind’ve like banning smoking, as a non smoker I’m all for it, but I also believe in constitutional rights.

  23. Trust in natural selection and the process of weeding out. Helmets don’t need to be law.

  24. Sorry to beat this nearly dead horse, but…what people often don’t seem to consider when discussing helmets and kids is collision with an adult skater or, maybe worse, a bmx biker. It’s out of the realm of “freedom of choice” at this point because, being the adult in this situation, I can’t choose whether or not the 65 lb. kid I’m colliding with is wearing a helmet. I just know what the kid’s going to get the worst of it and very likely fly backwards, maybe onto his/her head. It’s the same reason I wear a helmet riding my bike on the street. The car wins. I agree that it’s my choice as an adult whether or not to wear a helmet, but I don’t want the kid to have the choice until they’re large enough to hold their own, and have enough board control and park knowledge/awareness/common sense to avoid or minimize the collision in the first place. The typical sub 15 year-old generally does not possess these qualities. Whether or not I’m actually responsible if the kid hurts their head in the collision isn’t the point. I will FEEL responsible because I’m the adult. There’s a big difference between just shaken-up/scared, and laying hurt on the cement.

  25. American Dissident on October 29, 2007 - Reply

    Good point. Now do I have to give up skating at Tigard because I don’t want to seriously injure the little drain-circling turd who is supposed to be wearing a helmet — but isn’t because some role model told him it wasn’t cool? His right to worship fashion and the fad of youthful rebellion is more important right?

    Anyone who wants to should be able to skate without a helmet, own a gun, smoke cigarettes, drive a Hummer or support the Bush administration. I just don’t think they should want to.

  26. I will only skate there if they provide me with a pink tutu.
    and I do not consent to having the contents underneath searched!!

  27. chocolate thunda on November 4, 2007 - Reply

    if you aint got nuthin to hide why give a shit

  28. Why? Because if you give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile. Plus there’s the whole constitution, should count for something, don’t you think? I guess if we let George W disregard it, we might as well let the cops do whatever the hell they want too, because we’re all innocent, and we know they never abuse their power.

  29. anybody else thinks it’s weird that the opening is this Thursday at 4:30pm? It’s dark at 5….

  30. enemy combatant on November 4, 2007 - Reply

    “if you aint got nuthin to hide why give a shit”

    Because it’s none of your damn business whether I have something to hide or not, you ass-kissing police lackey.

  31. The forecast calls for rain on Thursday anyhow.

  32. Heywood Jablome on November 8, 2007 - Reply

    “Because it’s none of your damn business whether I have something to hide or not, you ass-kissing police lackey.”

    Enema Comingler – you are one hard core biatch. King of Conspiracy Theory with little to no grasp on reality. I guess having your Dad be the Chief of Police has kind of tweaked you, huh.

  33. Your, dad, my dad, whatever. Ass-kissing police lackey is right on target.

  34. Heywood Jablome on November 8, 2007 - Reply

    “Your, dad, my dad, whatever. Ass-kissing police lackey is right on target” guys went America on their Asses.

    So now that it’s done what do you figure Enema Comingler’s next project is? Covert Operations to rat out Krispy Kreme?

  35. enemy combatant on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    It’s you who is on your ass Jab. You fascists lost this round. Go back to your job screening handbags at the airport.

  36. Heywood Jablome on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    “It’s you who is on your ass Jab. You fascists lost this round. Go back to your job screening handbags at the airport.”

    Yeah, thats it…the “fascists” lost The Great Tigard Skatepark Battle of 2007. To say you’re a freaking moron is an insult to morons. I’m betting a job screening handbags at the airport is still one more job than you presently have. You wouldn’t be the kid with the Fox Racing neck tat, would you?

  37. enemy combatant on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    “the “fascists” lost The Great Tigard Skatepark Battle of 2007.”

    They sure did. Did you grasp any “reality” by confiscating some toothpaste or nail clippers today? Bwahahaha!

  38. Heywood Jablome on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    “the “fascists” lost The Great Tigard Skatepark Battle of 2007.”

    They sure did. Did you grasp any “reality” by confiscating some toothpaste or nail clippers today? Bwahahaha!

    Aw man, is that the best you’ve got? Pretty weak airport job reference, I expected more from you.

    Then again , I’m betting your lack of employment weighs on you. Shit, even Anarchy Burger has a skill level you would be hard pressed to meet.

    BTW – as an avowed cop/Bush/authority hater, except for absolutely calling bullshit on the famed Rule #3 on the Tigard sign, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your near annuerism over it.

    Carry on.

  39. enemy combatant on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    Who said anything about Bush? You’re all gonna have to get used to not having him around to tell you how to think though. You Republicans are gonna be out of power for a long, long time. 🙂

  40. JJ-Dinomite on November 9, 2007 - Reply

    Freedom Fries and Helmets Laws!
    I remember they took away my rights at public High School to wear Hats and shirts relating to drugs or alcohol and even ANY custom AIRBRUSHed clothing(that really hurts an artist). The school narcs would still bust you off campus for smoking. Finally they took away off campus lunch!

    Maby the city should provide helmets(a non profit helmet program)!
    Oh yeah the Oregon health plan used to work pretty good.
    Maby the state or Govt. should provide us w/ insurance too.

    And if you didn’t know the Patriot Act is not so Patriotic!
    Neither is RULE #3.
    What right will they take away next FREEDOM OF SPEACH?

    Sounds like some people should take their
    ideas and battles between each other too Concrete Disciples they love that Bitchin at each other shit.

    Don’t make me make a KOOK List on this Mo Fo!

    I am still waiting for the 18 and over skatepark rule on the sign!! PUKE BARF upset stomach Dia-reeeeiah!

  41. […] did object to the rule through phone calls and in person. Skate and Annoy attempted to raise awareness and provide a forum for discussion among the people who would be most affected by the rule, namely […]

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