The Handstand man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good!

Handstand man

Everybody sing!

Who can take a sunrise
Sprinkle it in dew
Cover it in chocolate
and a miracle or two?

The candyman Handstand man!
The Handstand man can
The Handstand man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good!

I’m not going to begrudge anyone from trying to make an extra buck off of a web site, but the Handstand Man is really, uh, pushing it. He’s got one claim to fame, and it’s a burly one to be sure, he’s ridden a handstand down the infamous Signal Hill. That’s gnarly, but he won’t show it to you unless you pay $14 for the DVD. He has some still photos for sale, but has graciously provided a few “free” pics for downloading as well as a couple of video clips you can watch for free, as if that is some kind of rarity. Let’s see, anything else? Most of the pics don’t show his face and he performs most of his stunts in track pants, sometimes even white sweatpants! The whole site is a trip:

“The ballsiest skateboarding action sequence I have ever filmed!!”
As quoted by James, the video cameraman who filmed the stunt.

Hey kids! head on over to the Handstand Man, and look for his new model out on Skatekings – HA! I kid, but if ever there was a perfect match…

UPDATE: NEWS FLASH!!!!! The Internet is full of jokers! It has come to our attention that the Handstand Man was actually being impersonated in some of the comments. Those comments have been tagged accordingly. We fell for it. I even looked up some the email address and IP’s to see if he was being spoofed because some of the responses seemed over the top. Anyway, the real Handstand Man is not such a bad guy when he’s not calling you gay or inviting you to throw the first punch. The copyrighted images are still being replaced with these lovely artist’s renditions, and Brad is making a few changes on his web site as well. PLEASE! Let us never speak of this again.

[Source: South of the North]


  1. Big outta shape guy doing a perfect handstand is much more impressive to me…

    YouTube Link

  2. I like that the Handstand Man takes no responsibility for any mortal foolish enough to attempt his amazing stunt. I like that he lists his injuries like trophies. I like that he has no noticable knuckle injuries. On the angle of the decline and the probabilty that he’ll tilt with his own momentum, his knuckles should be gnarly and shredded by now.

    I’m not paying $13.99 for any DVD that didn’t even close down the street for their STUNTS. It’s probably some geek with a DVD burner! I’m looking for it at Movie Madness in the XTREME section.

  3. is that daniel gesmer or his fatter, older, gayer brother?

  4. hey guys!!

    I have not made one penney off my website
    was hoping to recoup my share (over $5,000.00) of medical bills–total for four surgeries was over $100,000–due to complications caused by mrsa staph infection in my knee, which is why I had to have 4 surgeries.

    it’s easy to critisize–I would like to see you bomb hill street on your FEET. two guys have died. I will be happy to take you to the same ER that I was taken too.


  5. nweyesk8 on October 25, 2007 - Reply

    it is easy to see someone doing something stupid and point your finger and say,”what a dumbass”. sorry, i dont have sympathy for people getting hurt doing dumb things.

  6. on the comment my knuckles should be gnarly and shredded…
    you’ve obviously never done a handstand on a skateboard, much less hit a speed of 20mph upside down in a handstand. I ride a Powell old school board, with risers, and 61mm or 65mm wheels, to keep my knuckles far away from the pavement. At the speed that I hit, something called the law of physics comes into play very forcefully–I weighed about 195lbs at the time of the stunt, and I am 6′ 1″ tall–in a handstand you are three to four times taller than a normal person who bombs a hill upside down. when you get the speed wobbles, you know you are about ready to get F*&^ed up if you don’t get off fast. I hit a manhole about half way down the hill. the teeth of the manhole ripped me off the board. when I come off the board, I push with my shoulders and land on my feet, turn 180 degrees, and run it out, if possible. my right foot came down good, unfortunately my left foot came down at an angle–the knee pads (padded, but with a hard neoprene plastic frame) dug into my knee cap, ripping it entirely out of the socked (severely ruptured patella tendon) my knee cap ended up on my thigh. At that point my leg buckled, and I spun in a back flip. I tried to put down my left hand to slow the impact, breaking my left wrist in the process. I landed on my back above my hip, and accross the middle of my back, and I clipped the back of my head–all on the edge of the concrete curb. yeah, it was three waves of intense pain, and than I passed out for one or two seconds. after that, I climbed out of the street to avoid getting hit by a car, and some friends took me to the ER in Long Beach, CA.

  7. Ryan Heckler on October 25, 2007 - Reply

    this guy is too easy….next

  8. I’m really impressed now. Do you want to go on a date?

  9. Ryan Heckler on October 25, 2007 - Reply

    6’1″ and 195lbs, did you play football in highschool and this was the only trick you could do when the skateboarding craze swept through your school?

  10. hey Kilwag–

    regarding my sweatpants (…and white sweatpants)–is that supposed to be some sort of fashion crime?? I started skating in 1978. Adidas sweatpants were comfortable and popular, and I still like to wear them skating. I’m not going to pay $80 for quiksilver jeans, or some jeans Ryan Sheckler is promoting. and if you are trying to imply that handstand skateboarding is gay, or my attire is gay–I guess you should post that photo of you with the gay haircut, gay t-shirt, and gay wrestling shoes. By the was, I’m part Irish, and I boxed in school. I hope to run into you sometime, and you are welcome to throw the first punch!!

  11. I did everything and more before you little pukes came on the scene.
    we started skating in 1977, and I did not weigh 195lbs back than.
    skateboarding is about doing what you can do, and enjoying it.
    that’s what makes it cool–not following the rules of jocks and assholes–
    but I guess that’s what you guys want it to be, now that you think street skating is all there is!!

  12. Wrestling shoes? Huh? Part Irish? Who cares?

    My point about the sweatpants… don’t seem like a wise choice for downhill riding of any kind, kind of like those guys who wear shorts and flip flops on motorcycles.

    Gay? I didn’t bring it up. You did. Are you hitting on me?

  13. Too funny, a guy accusing us of being a bunch of street skating youngsters when those kids think this site is run by a bunch of old Barney’s.

  14. How old are you? (rhetorical question)

  15. Ryan Heckler on October 25, 2007 - Reply

    goodwill has a great deal on pants if you want to update your 1977, or was it 1978, attire. whatever year your feeble old mind recalls as the beginning of your journey to skateboard stardom on the internet.

  16. Ryan Heckler on October 25, 2007 - Reply

    hey brad can you flip the board while riding on your hands?I hear this guy named Rodney Mullen can.

  17. I bought my Adidas in 2005, and more in 2007. I like em–I really don’t care if you guys don’t. sometimes I wear jeans, which I understand are more cool. yeah, I know Rodney Mullen can do a one handed mule kick to his feet–I don’t claim to be Rodney Mullen. I was 42 when I crashed on Hill Street, and I’m 44 now. I cannot do any street skating (Ollies and Rail grinds, etc) because of extensive scar tissue in my knees–but I think what they do now is amazing. I don’t critisize anyone who skates–I say skate and let skate. and if I was a journalist, I would try to interview someone (and get a copy of the crash and other footage) before posting a maliciouse bunch of horse shit about whatever it is that they do. and I think you did bring “gay” up first–you’ve certainly done everything you could to imply it “candyman” etc etc. kind of shows your immature attitude towards a skill which you obviously do not fully comprehend or appreciate, as well as your less than stellar abilities as a “journalist” and yes, I have been published in a real and much more respectable source than yours. (why is the email to the editor not working??)
    enough said about you sophmoric “Barneys”.

  18. I got dibs on “Sophmoric Barneys” as a band name. Would look nice on a t-shirt too.

  19. now thaz funny!!
    I knew you guys were worth at least one trite t-shirt saying–
    “the sophmoric Barney’s Skateboard club”

  20. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    Why in the hell would anyone want to pay 13.99+ to watch a video that deserves 15 seconds of fame on YouTube at best.

  21. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    I have to also disagree with the physics behind your statement that jeans are more cool. Actually the lack of material between the knee area and the ankle area, in shorts, is way more conducive to keeping your body from overheating than a pair of jeans, where the heat gets trapped.

  22. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    brad aka handstandman!! Says:
    October 26th, 2007 at 11:05 pm
    “kind of shows your immature attitude towards a skill which you obviously do not fully comprehend”… know skateboards are designed to ride with your feet?

  23. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    brad aka handstandman!! Says:
    October 26th, 2007 at 11:05 pm “I think you did bring “gay” up first”…. well according to my exhaustive hours of re-reading this post, the word “gay” 1st appeared with brad’s quote “handstand skateboarding is gay, or my attire is haircut, gay t-shirt, and gay wrestling shoes”

  24. email to the editor works, it’s just not hot linked, or in some places it’s hot linked but you have to replace the “At” with @, it’s not consistent, but obvious any way. editor at this website.

    If you must know, my kid has been watching the movie Madagascar, in which there is a scene where the lion gets shot with a tranquilizer and starts hallucinating to the soundtrack of The Candyman, and that’s the first thing I thought of when I read the Handstand Man. It was more a comment on playfulness than your sexuality, which you seem insecure about.

    Really, your best bet would have been to say “ha ha guys, very funny. I enjoy skating the way I choose, it’s too bad you don’t find it enjoyable as well.” It would have eorked a lot better than calling everyone gay and challenging them to fight. You know.. take the high road.

  25. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    and do a handstand down it;)

  26. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    b-rad I notice that your crappy site doesnt allow the comment and input of others. Are you concerned that people might post bad things about your video on the site itself or that people might flood the site with requests for refunds? I bet you could get a few bucks for your vintage board on E-bay, that ought to help out with your medical expenses and prevent any further injuries to yourself in the process.

  27. FAKE handstandman!! on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    I’m coming to portland next week.
    I heard someone at burnside butt jumped from the bricks up top, down the big wall.
    I will attempt this stunt, handstand style in my dolphin shorts, and if any of you burnside locals give me any crap, i’ll drink all your pabst and procreed to beat you so bad you’ll be crying out for barry Baritski!

  28. No, I heard it was Danny Way and that he is going to bomb drop the White Stag sign into Saturday Market where he will enjoy an elephant ear and purchase scented candles.

  29. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    so B-rad, have you bombed that hill since it served you up like a terd pie?

  30. FAKE handstandman!! on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    Yes, i have been practicing backwards daffies down hill street.
    I skidded on a rock and ended up doing the splits at 50mph. Thank god i had my madrats on.

  31. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    but can you do a kickturn on a facewall?

  32. I didn’t call everyone gay–just you Kilwag–but that was after seeing that photo of you in college, which even you admitted was kind of goofy. so, like you said, I will now take the high road–thanks, it’s been fun, but not real fun. yeah, I’d rather crash going down a steep hill while doing a handstand on a skateboard at high speed, than hang out with you guys.

  33. ryan heckler on October 27, 2007 - Reply

    we would rather you crashed going down a steep hill while doing a handstand then hang out with us anyhow.

  34. To Kilwag, aka editor–

    I find several of your statements to be false and defamatory–I would like you to remove this article about my website immediately.

    thank you for you anticipated cooperation,

  35. A wise man once said… Want in one hand, Shit in the other… guess which one fills up first.

  36. Ryan Heckler on November 2, 2007 - Reply

    brad you are a dueshbag and you deserve every agonizing moment of your life. the fact that you acquired 100k in medical bills is a testament to the level of stupidity required for your particular niche area of skateboarding. You deserve a runner-up medal from the Darwin Awards.

  37. Ryan Heckler on November 2, 2007 - Reply

    brad, I have been your website, now I see why you throw around the word ‘GAY’ so frequently in your posts. I bet your brother-in-law built your sight in a weekend for a pack of Oscar Meyer weiners and half rack of Zima.

  38. Ryan Heckler on November 2, 2007 - Reply

    pssst… hey Brad, has anyone ever bought one of you crappy, overpriced,gay hand signed pictures? I thought not

    • Ryan,
      you know that you’re just dreaming of getting on your knees and smelling my jock stap as I roll by upside down. to bad I’ll be going to fast for you to go down!

  39. Ryan Heckler on November 2, 2007 - Reply

    “Handstand Man crashed near the bottom of the hill. Gravity was simply to snappity!!”…..I love this quote directly from brads website.

  40. I would like you to remove this article about my website immediately.

    I’ll get right on that.

    This thread would have died long ago if you weren’t still fanning the flames. You do more damage to yourself every time you hit “submit.”

  41. to Ryan Heckler,

    yes, several of the photo’s have sold. not everyone is a geek and a hater like you, with nothing better to do than to go around lurking on the internet, waiting to find someone or something to critisize, because you don’t have that particular talent yourself. the photographer has had a cover on Thrasher magazine, a very respected skateboarding magazine. the photo’s are copyrighted, so if you guys think I am kidding about taking them down, I would advise you to consult with an attorney before we send you a demand letter.

  42. enemy combatant on November 3, 2007 - Reply

    Ha ha ha ha. Very funny. I finally realized this thread isn’t for real, it couldn’t be. The handstandman is actually a 13-year old kid in Singapore and you guys are just playing along with him for fun.

    Ha ha ha…. Where can I get those 61mm wheels?

  43. Ryan Heckler on November 3, 2007 - Reply

    Thrasher is a respected skateboard magazine to 14 year olds at best.

  44. Ryan Heckler on November 3, 2007 - Reply

    copyrighted images huh, well I will be sure and copy and paste your ugly mug wherever I can……….and I piss on you and your retarded cousin who plays a lawyer in the local highschool play.

  45. Ryan Heckler on November 3, 2007 - Reply

    dude, brad, why didn’t you tell us you had such a pimpin myspace site? Link

    another link

    hmmmm…guess those aren’t quite copyrighted images anymore are they? they’re my art now Bitch!

  46. Brad. Your wish is our command.

    Now if we just ignore you (That means you too Heckler) will you go away?

  47. Ryan Heckler on November 3, 2007 - Reply

    nice, we made it into the top ten posts by comments. now if B-rad thehandstandman would just oblige us with more fodder, I think we could take the top spot..

  48. Danny Way is a skateboarding god–at least you guys said one intelligent thing.
    and if you really want 61mm wheels, they are Sector Nine. you can purchase them on the internet from alot of companies, and Ebay as well. they are great for bombing hills (right side up or upside down) because its a nice soft wheel which goes right over ripples and small pebbles without crashing.
    Now, will you guys please peace out!! You’re all very funny, and I wish you good luck in the future!!

  49. enemy combatant on November 3, 2007 - Reply

    Oscar Wilde was Irish too!!!!

  50. enemy combatant on November 4, 2007 - Reply

    Y? r u irish?

  51. the number one reason I did not release my crash as a clip for free on youtube or whatever, is that alot of skaters do not understand the physics and difficulty involved in handstand skating down a steep slope–as you said, it is certainly not for everyone. the dvd is about 10 minutes long, and has explanations of the steepness of the hill, and why I got body slammed. also has some humorous outtakes and footage of my recuperation on crutches, etc. there is no way I could get 10 minutes compressed and released based on my equipment and limited knowledge of computers at this time.

  52. Good luck Brad.

    Everyone else, please think before you comment further. I’d prefer no tot have to close comments on this thread.

    So help me, If I have to pull this car over…

  53. hey kilroy,

    update–I have shut down my website, could not afford it.
    I am planning a couple of new stunts in Jan and Feb 2008.
    safety gear etc. will be utilized.
    will let you know when the videos drop to u tube and to

    happy new year!!!


  54. CHADSTAND on March 18, 2008 - Reply


  55. Hill Street is on Signal Hill, in the middle of Long Beach California. I would love to see your video of you going down the hill, even on your feet. once you get there, you might change your mind!!

  56. handstandman here–I guess I get the last laugh–I was on The Late Show with David Letterman on July 18th–making me the first and only handstand skateboarder in history to get on a top rated late night show!!!

  57. Ryan Heckler on July 29, 2008 - Reply

    considering how lame late night shows are, I’m sure you fit in perfectly. Is the video of your appearance somewhere to be found, I could really use a good laugh at your expense….besides, we need to make sure and get that shit posted on your MySpace site…

  58. Dang handstand man, you should have given us a heads up! We can’t tune in now.

  59. chunkylover69@yahoo on July 29, 2008 - Reply

    you’re so modest handjobman, you can ollie right?
    Like on your feet? can you do kickflip?

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if you were doing some stupid handstand down hill street and someone just ran your dumb ass over and you were paraplegic and then could only do handstands?

  60. Ryan Heckler on July 29, 2008 - Reply

    OMG, i just watched the video clip of him on the lame show. Brad you should have stopped while you where ahead, oh, Rodney Dangerfield called and wants his facial expression’s back. You couldn’t even make it one solid block and you expect us to believe you bomb a hill like that? until I see the video of this alleged feat, I’m going to have to call you a LIAR. Before you get your panties all in a bunch, just remember, we wouldn’t have known about your craptacular stunt if you hadn’t come here and bragged about being on TV with it. by the way, at the end of the block, you looked like you were expecting a scooby-snack and a pat on the head for performing your stunt…….
    for those of you curious , play the video recap of week of 14-18 and at the 5 minute mark you will see the glory that is Mr Brad The Handstandman, bu tbe warned his death defying stunt is not for the faint of heart

  61. […] Friend of the site Brad the Handstandman was on The Late Show with David Letterman on July 18th. Can we call him a friend of the site? Sure, why not, after all the heckling, veiled threats and assorted rigmarole. The Handstandman post is almost in the top five of most comments on a post. Such lively discussion is usually reserved for Airspeed, Benji Galloway and Wormhoudt in San Jose. I can’t help but feel that a true friend of the site would have given us the heads up before he was on national television. You can still watch it on Late Show highlights. Just head on over to Dave’s site and click on the video link for “”Late Show” Rewind: Week of July 14-18, 2008.” Handstandman is about halfway into the clip – after Ricky Gervais and before Rosie Perez. The video player is a little buggy, and you have to sit through a short commercial. SnA comment army, please remember, we’ve been through all the name calling already. […]

  62. Ryan Heckler on July 31, 2008 - Reply …….It gets better yall. here is a quote from mr brad’s own video site,”About Me:


    Old school classic handstand skateboarder–I am probably the best in the world for excellent form and for being able to go down rippled and difficult slopes at speed while maintaining perfect form.”
    however, as seen on the tonight show, short flat sections give him hell….and is he old school or is he classic?

  63. handstandman on June 18, 2010 - Reply

    yeah, it was actually not very easy to do a handstand for Late Show with Letterman. there was very little slope at all, so of course it looked lame. it’s much harder to do a handstand and hold it without any slope. it was actually pretty amazing that I made as far as I did across the city block. it only looks pretty cool when I have a decent slope to pick up some speed.

    peace out,

  64. Hi guys, how’s it going?? I stopped skateboarding for a couple of years. I first had Pancreatitis which is very painful (they put me in hosp. w/ 5 days of morphine) and then was diagnosed with Type 2 diabestes. Took a long time to get that under control but now feel 10X better and I have been working out again. I like to go to the Space Needle park in Seattle and I go down the circular slope of the footpath around the big fountain while doing a handstand on my board. You can see a very cool video of that on myspace if you want to check it out. I am hoping to get back on the late show w/ Letterman one more time just for fun but this time I will insist on having control of where I do my handstands so that I can go down a nice slope at a progressively faster speed which looks a lot better then what they put out the first time.

    A few years back I was in So Cal with a bunch of over 30 year old skaters. We got to go to Bob Burnquist mega ramp and meet Bob, very mellow cool guy (he is a Budhist). No he would not let us jump the mega ramp as he said it’s simply too dangerous unless you have proven yourself to be at a pro level which none of us were. He did let me go to the top of the portion where the guys land and ride down from there (the pros hits about 45 mph before getting to the middle platform and then going down the half pipe. If you want me to I could post a couple of photos of that. I got Bob Burnquist sig on my Powell classic retro board. I’ve also got Lester Kasai (really nice guy and still one of the best pool skaters in the world) Pat Ngoho’s sig. Also got Bucky Lasik sig. I was standing right next to Tony Hawk at an event we were invited to but it was middle of his set so no way I was going to interupt him. He left right away to fly to Japan so no chance for an autograph. At least we also got to go to Tony’s compound where he films his video games and then they make what he does into animation. Tony was not there but very cool to see his facility.

    I hope you guys are still skating and having fun enjoying it. Were all a bunch of Barnies compared to the young kids. And I am a one trick Barny as was pointed out.


  65. Danny K Miki skating. He’s a pro cartoonist and was in our bunch of guys,file:///Users/bradhauser/Desktop/Pala_Skatepark/web/_DSC8166web.jpg

  66. The video is being studies by a Physics professor and will set skateboarding world records for degree attempted in a handstand on a skateboard at speed (approximately 45 degrees or more upon getting the death wobbles in a handstand, hitting the teeth of a manhole, and being torque slammed from over 9 feet tall into asphalt with amazing G-forces which should have snuffed my life out in a second as I was not wearing a helmet during the attempt. A world record for recorded acceleration in a handstand will also probably be recorded as the hill goes from 10 degrees to 15 to 30 to 45 degrees —- it drops like an insane hangman’s noose and only a totally dedicated handstand skateboarder who was also probably insane has ever attempted such a feat.,-118.160651&spn=0.00073,0.000862&sll=34.004858,-118.254089&sspn=0.527095,0.883026&vpsrc=6&hq=google+satelite+map&hnear=Signal+Hill,+Los+Angeles,+California&t=h&fll=33.797346,-118.160909&fspn=0.00073,0.000862&z=20

  67. I will be filming in So California in 3D and also from my POV (upside down in a handstand) at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. I will also be contacting Guiness and attempt to set recorded records for distance and speed.

    I am currently in the best shape of my life (no longer fat and overweight) as my personal trainer is a triathalete and I am down to 208 lbs. I should be right about 198 to 202 lbs which is very good for my height which is almost 6′ 2″.

    Brad Hauser aka HandStand Man.

  68. google Brad Emehiser, then click on Brad Hauser for professional photos and resume on IMDb. (Internet Movie Data Base).

    or google David Letterman episode 15.148 and click on Brad Hauser.

    Many new videos at speed will drop within one month or sooner on youtube.

  69. Many photos by Ray Zimmerman of Concrete Disciples, and many other by Gary L. Friedman of the (he had a cover for Thrasher when he covered the X games few years back) are shown on my IMDb profile.

    I am shooting all new photos and video with Gary in HB, CA and Venice Beach and LA, etc this December on the 19th and 20th. I hope to drop some stuff from here in Seattle as I am getting a new Contour1080p helmet mounted camcorder (Bob Burnquist just made a video with them).

  70. brad hauser aka handstand man on February 11, 2012 - Reply

    I broke my tibia Jan 6. Taped it tight and filmed 3 more days. Photos are excellent vids being edited I got sponsored by contour 1080p.

  71. hey guys,
    my website is back up (it is still being worked on, lots more to be added). there is a link to skate and annoy under the appearances tab.

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