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OK, I’m going to cop to not putting a lot of effort into SnA since the baby was born. The obvious lameness of this post title ought to give you a hint about how sleep deprivation is affecting me. Hopefully it’ll settle down with time. Here’s the first in a long line of quick and dirty posts.

At one point in time I was thinking about having a gallery of “No skateboarding” signs from around the world until I realized how boring it would likely be. Now it could contain at least two interesting signs. All those skateboarding bulldogs on YouTube are going to pissed off about this “No Skateboarding Dogs” sign spotted on Chuck Woodbury’s Roadside Journal. Yes, I know, the sign is meant to say “No Skateboarding, No Dogs,” but it’s amusing none the less. Second, we have this “Thou Shalt Not Skateboard” sign in front of the Claremont Presbyterian Church in the city of Ontario California, as reported by the Daily Bulletin. At least they have a sense of humor. Also attached, “No Skating or Grinding,” but Kickflipping is apparently allowed. And what is that middle symbol? No Moonwalking? And now for something completely unrelated, a spider on a skateboard. I am really losing it.


  1. hang in there, kilwag! no skateboarding signs are OK, and so is sleep deprivation, no one thinks you’re a cretin!

  2. Tim Laidlaw on September 13, 2007 - Reply

    another interesting aspect of the no skateboarding sign issue is merchants (Freddies, Wally World and the like) will post these signs at their stores then use skateboarding in their advertising to ply their wares.

  3. And they sell Mike McGill skateboards!

    You can do eet Kilwag! Though you’re certainly making me less anxious of my own arrival in January… and it’s ok to be a ‘Cretin. 🙂

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