Seven days of bad skateboarding video games
Day two: Duel/Rad Ramp Racer

Rad Ramp Racer

Day Two: Duel AKA Rad Ramp Racer for the Commodore 64, from 1990.

Here we have the classic BMX vs Skateboard battle. Is it a bare knuckled fight to the finish like the duel scene in Thrashin’? Stay tuned to find out. Man I wish I could see a closeup of that video cover. Does anyone recognize the picture?

Day One: Cheap Skate for the Commodore 64, from 1988.
Day Two: Rad Ramp Racer for the Commodore 64

Copyright/Publisher – Rad Ramp Racer: Mastertronic Plus/Virgin Mastertronic
Copyright/Publisher – Duel:Ready Salted Games
Music By: Thomas Egeskov Petersen
Release Year: 1990
Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Behold Rad Ramp Racer!

Rad Ramp Racer

Or, Duel, if you prefer. The game was published under two different names.


Not really a duel at all, just a side by side race. How disappointing!

Rad Ramp Racer

Duel has a different color scheme. I’d say a skateboard is at a distinct disadvantage in the grass.


Ouch! He slammed!

Rad Ramp Racer

So this would be the slam section in the video. Slalom in 1990? I’m not sure how you slam on flatground slalom.


More hot, 8 bit slalom action.

Rad Ramp Racer

Barrel jumping? What is this 1972?

Rad Ramp Racer

No great surprise that the BMX bike is faster than a skateboard.

Rad Ramp Racer

Extra bonus slam footy after the credits.

Rad Ramp Racer

Screen captures courtesy of Stadium 64.

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  1. If my memory is correct- that ramp is “Barb’s Ramp” in Arizona- circa 90’s. Poweredge era…….

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