Seven days of bad skateboarding video games
Day three: Professional Skateboard Simulator

Professional Skateboard Simulator

Day three: Professional Skateboard Simulator for the Commodore 64, from 1988.

Yeah, Commodore 64 again. Noticing a trend? It looks like they Photoshopped (well it was 1988 so MacPainted) Jeff Kendall’s face onto a guy skating a Mark Gonzales board on vert. They used to run the occasional pic of the Gonz on vert, this might have been copied from one of those. Actually, the guy has a Read and Destroy sticker on his helmet, so it’s likely lifted straight form the pages of R.A.D.. UK readers, help a brother out. I heard that the new Pro Skateboard Simulator 10 (Ryan Sheckler edition) has a level where you practice running out of the arena crying if you don’t win first place.

Day One: Cheap Skate for the Commodore 64, from 1988.
Day Two: Rad Ramp Racer for the Commodore 64
Day Three: Professional Skateboard Simulator for the Commodore 64

Copyright/Publisher – Codemasters
Design, Codework, Music, Samples, FX & Graphics: Gavin Raeburn
Additional Graphics: Codemasters
Release Year: 1988
Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Professional Skateboard Simulator! The cover looks good, and I hear the soundtrack is amazing.

Professional Skateboard Simulator

OK. It’s got a very promising splash screen. The 80’s were all about neon triangles.

Professional Skateboard Simulator

Oh oh. This doesn’t look good.

Professional Skateboard Simulator

Whaa? Maybe amazing soundtrack is making up for these graphics.

Professional Skateboard Simulator

So you are supposed go around collecting flags on the dirt, I guess. sounds like a professional skateboarder to me.

Professional Skateboard Simulator

This must be Springfield Gorge.

Professional Skateboard Simulator

Professional skateboard or mini golf simulator?

Professional Skateboard Simulator

At long last, something that actually resembles skateboarding!

Professional Skateboard Simulator

I’m speechless, really. Quite possibly the worst looking skateboard video game ever, even considering the graphics capabilities of the time. The only thing it would seem to simulate is confusion or bewilderment, or perhaps senility. However, it got good reviews!

Professional Skateboard Simulator

Screen captures courtesy of Stadium 64.


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