Okay, you can use the bowl


K.D. Waltner was rolling some old-school custom quad rollerskates with wide trucks and sliding rails at Pier Park. He said he’d been out of it for ten years, but it seemed to come back pretty quickly. Must be like riding a bike. I think K.D. Waltner is German he’s working for one of the local shoemakers. You’ll probably see him around, he’s enjoying being back into it.

Funny how rolling quads is okay when inline is not. The guy took his blades to Burnside and got heckled but went back with his roller skates and it was fine.

Photo: Rich Burton


  1. swatch watch tour … 1986

  2. Jimi Scott

  3. that guy works with me and I didn’t even know he was a roller dude.

  4. sleezyskates on September 25, 2007 - Reply

    what’s going in germany? I met a snakeboarder from Germany who was riding the Epcot Bean at Skatopia..I think he wasn’t heckled because of the gnarly slams he kept taking and the road rash on his face. it was pretty rad

  5. what’s the name of that dude who rolls Burnside and kills it?
    There’s a short clip of him on youtude:

    Wasn’t he at the opening of Pier…?

  6. Crazy! KDW is back on his roller skates! Seems that more and more people are getting back on their skates. There is also fresh blood skating four trucks on ramps and in bowls. Lots of them are meeting in the forum at http://adinfinitum.de/Rollerskate/

  7. You are fired Conahan.

  8. Jaymeericle on October 1, 2007 - Reply

    Thats Crazy Lenny, speed skater dude, he skateboards too now. I remember a dude like 60 + at burnside riding roller skates there like 5 years ago.
    Another guy traveled/made a pilgrimage to come to Burnside from the East Coast about 10 years ago to skate his custom roller skates w/ mini trucks. He could do grinds & a lot of stuff he must of been 45 +. I remember seeing him go up the pillar and jump and smash the bottom cross beam upside down with his skates and go back in, burl, he got respect. Simple, skates w/ trucks are cool, roller blades are not.

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