Like the Midwest, like Mozambique

Maputo Skate

Maputo city in Mozambique has a little scene going there with their own web site called Maputo Skate. I don’t know diddly about Mozambique, but the Wikipedia primer says Mozambique was a former colony of Portugal that gained independence in 1975 after years of war and a Military coup. A one party state aligned with the Soviet bloc was formed and a long civil war followed. Since 1990 they’ve had democratic elections. I can’t make heads or tails of African politics, it can be one messed up place. The point of this sub-par history lesson is to point out that even with all the economic and political strife, skateboarding somehow found its way to Mozambique. Not only that, but the tricks are the same. Maputo Skate has photos and video, and while the equipment is not all to notch (like that sketchy grind rail in the photo above) the fun looks like any other group of kids you might find in the Midwest somewhere, posting pictures and video to MySpace.


  1. …minus the intestinal parasitism and shortened life expectancy.

  2. […] This guy’s name is Dave. he moved to Portland a few months ago from Nairobi Africa to get to know his older sister better. I knew there was a skate scene in South Africa, but Nairobi? Actually, now that I think about it, we have covered action in Uganda and Mozambique. […]

  3. I all who are connected with this website. Iam from Maputo and Iam Happy to see my family in your website. Iam a skater too and Maputo Skate project was the best think that happened in Mozambique to help skateboards. We now have two mini halph pipe we a figthing for street park.

    Cheers for all skaters around Africa.

  4. It’s nice 2 see that Mozambique skate is starting 2 grow.

    Unfortunately the Maputo Skate website is not available at the moment, but you can still visit us at ”Maputo Skate” on Facebook.


  5. Maputo street skater!
    a growing potency in skateboearding.

  6. i nice to see skate in africa come some day to maputo to check this skaters.facebook conect maputoskate.selectah

  7. The Extreme Sports Association of Maputo is a youth genuinely Mozambican non-profit organization dedicated to the practice of X-sports. It has as main objective the promotion of extreme sports, as well as the development of activities aimed at combating idleness and drugs within the juvenile layer.

    This Association is composed of youngsters coming from different districts of Maputo, and the pair of their individual activities such as school or employment, there is a strong bond that unites them: the lure of extreme sport, which has proved very early in their Lives – The Radical skating, skateboarding and BMX bikes.

    Despite the severe lack of financial resources and lack of resources that always characterized it, the Association has the sympathy of some institutions, especially the population that has welcomed enthusiastically by the views she made.

    This association has already graced several concerts and rallies popular, filling them with entertainment, adrenaline, ramp jumps, glides on the rail, freestyle, underground in the street, falls, and more, always in direct contact with the population, mostly young people of both sexes. The Association also been invited to perform at two high profile programs on television, including “DIALOGUES” of STV and “CONVIVIALITY OF FRIENDSHIP” of TVM channel.

    The lack of a proper place for this type of activity is one factor that most reinforced the need to create this association, since the way it has been practiced these sports in Mozambique, particularly in Maputo, adolescents and youth has run the danger of trespassers and other annoyances.

    It is therefore in order to regulate and govern the practice of Extreme Sports in Maputo City, which created our association.
    ++258 84 28 47 444

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