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A concerned citizen at the Ed Benedict meeting last night busted the chops of Kyle from NewLine Skateparks about the fact that none of the skaters in his presentation were wearing helmets or safety equipment. I wanted to pipe up that I just think of it as evolution in action. It was too much to go into the helmets are aesthetically unappealing in photos and footage and since many skaters are all about the coverage… discussion.

Head injuries are no joke, I have been getting a lot of google alerts about skaters dying all over the country because they fell on their heads while skating. A skater died from head trauma wilsoning a transfer over a four foot spine at the Pt. Angeles skatepark. Your choice dude, we’ll miss you.

Here’s a story about skateboarding injuries including head trauma from a Connecticut hospital’s website.

More than 50,000 emergency department visits a year are related to skateboarding injuries. Most of the 1,500 people who are hospitalized have head injuries. Dr. William Horgan, a specialist board certified in both adult and pediatric emergency medicine, works in the Backus Hospital Emergency Department.

“Skateboarding injuries are very common and typically include wrist fractures and elbow dislocations,” Horgan said.

From CEO Health Line.

Listen to the podcast.

image – Bandeck – from thinkmo’s photos


  1. You’re bringing me down, man.

  2. well, after waking up in the Lincoln City Emergency room and finding out I had slammed in the mini-ramp area of LCI, I learned the hard way to wear a helmet. A year later at Medford, I dove head first into the empty big bowl, splitting my helmet apart. I walked away from that with a severe concussion. Without a helmet on, I don’t think I would be here and skating today. It only takes one time….

  3. Barry Zaritsky called, he wants his job back.

  4. Even skateboarding health has gone mainstream. I’m switching to Magic Wheels.

  5. choice is what it comes down to. i thought a wilson was a hipper.

  6. A Wilson is when the board goes forward, you go backward into a percussive skull bongo. Comes from Dennis the Menace’s Mr. Wilson trying Dennis’ board. He Wilsons. Come to think of it, I don’t think Dennis wore a helmet either. Dennis was OG hesh, yo.

  7. Head injuries jeopardize skateparks.

  8. Don’t bother to wear a helmet if you don’t strap in on tight.

    Not buckling up or wearing the strap super loose my look cool, but it makes the helmet useless in a hard fall – it’ll just pop off.

  9. Dick cancer on September 17, 2007 - Reply

    The Dick thinks it should be mandatory for all to wear a F ing helmet. I don’t care what any of you old, winy bits think, it should be a law if you ride a skateboard in a skatepark made out of cement, you wear a helmet. NO HELMET=TICKET…just like a it or ticket..or was it click it or stick it in your ass. I would like to see all the dudes from dreamland wearing helmets…that would be cool…there is footage of Mark Scott doing the loop in Reedesport were he’s padded and wearinf a helmet…even the hardest core have worn pads…I wear pads down at Burnside and nobody gives a shit for padding up like a kook…Marek lick a stick.

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