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FIRS world skating Championship is scheduled in 2008

If you are bummed out about skateboarding not making it to the olympics, you can still get your roller-jollies from the the International Federation of Roller Sports. FIRS is planning on holding the first Skateboarding World Championship at an undisclosed location on an undisclosed date in 2008. Must be top secret. Here’s how they define skateboarding:

This is a show of the emerging roller disciplines which are day by day reaching the same importance of the “historical” official roller disciplines. Much appreciated by young people, these sports are stylish, aggressive, acrobatic, in a word: modern sports for young people.

SKATEBOARDING: Acrobatics on half pipes or specific skateparks on the renowned four wheeled platform. Recognised different styles: Freestyle – Aerials – Flip tricks – Slides and Lip Tricks.
First FIRS world skating Championship is scheduled in 2008

Hmmm… I can hear the controversy now. Do we want our renowned four wheeled platform acrobatics performed in unspecific or specific skateparks? Thank god we are approaching the same historical significance as the other official roller disciplines.

No word yet on who is on Team USA for skateboarding, but I hope they are as balanced as a certain Team USA figure skater who has this fascinating bio excerpt:

Most Prized Possession: My bass guitar

Hobbies: Playing bass guitar in my band.

Music Listened to During Training/Competition: Me playing bass guitar in my band

Unique Quality: I play bass guitar in a band called Currently Unknown.

Go Team Bass Fish Guitar USA! Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, looks like they swiped a pic of a female street skater for use on their web site, but there are no credits.

[Source: Skate Daily]


  1. Olympics or not, FIRS needs to change the pictograph for skateboarding. Looks like they stuck a pic of that bass playing figure skater on a board. Switch double salchow flip, coming up. The fruit-booter one looks like the old ska symbol. Way better.

  2. Skank or Die!

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