The Mags We Read

The Mags We Read.

Skateboard Fieber had another Made for Skate shoe exhibition, this time in London. More interesting that that, however, is The Mags We Read exhibit on skateboarding magazine. The top image above from the flyer is appropriated from an old Transworld Skateboarding Magazine subscription card. The guy in the car is Per Welinder, and I swear the kid in the nut huggers standing with the totally awesome girls is Anthony Michael Hall. The Mags We Read looks like an interesting exhibit. One cool thing is that they have color copies of some of the old magazines on display so you can flip through them. There are a lot of the usual suspects as well as some of the obscure Europe only publications from days gone by. Poweredge is noticeably absent from the photos of the exhibit. If you guys needed one all you had to do was ask… Then again maybe it just wasn’t shown in the pictures. I wish these exhibits would come to the states. Check out Faux Ami’s coverage of The Mags We Read.


  1. Billy D on August 9, 2007 - Reply

    I believe the Anthony Michael Hall doppleganger is the one and only Per Holknecht – another Swedish freestyler. The two Pers!

  2. the link says it’s the other per (Welender), i still have the issue of road rash (the SC comic)the show in one of the pics, i got it with the Grosso Cheshire cat board ..

  3. Actually, the link says it’s Per Welinder inside the car.

  4. ahhh so it does … i must learn to read before posting a comment

  5. JAKE FERRANTI on August 9, 2007 - Reply

    Kinda looks like Ronnie Creager, but wtf do I know.

  6. Indeed it’s Per Holknekt.

  7. And the girl holding the magazine. . . that’s Tracker Larry Balma’s daughter Lori Balma. You know, her dad co-founded TWS. That’s one of his cars they’re hanging out of as well. Apparently freestylers got all the girls back in the day.

  8. Jake Ferranti on November 10, 2008 - Reply

    hey. who ever jake ferranti is… you have the same name as me. I dont know why i though that was interesting, but it is…

  9. JAKEANDANNOY on November 11, 2008 - Reply

    i call bullshit….there’s no way. I’ve never met or heard of another jake ferranti..and i have people in high power positions constantly gathering intel and searching for…
    THE ONE.
    As the prophecy was foretold, when i find the other One, i can absorb its energy to create a supreme entity that will become your new God. Then everyone will have to throw away their televisions and replace them with my almighty icon. fart.

  10. is the standing Per pushing his schlong back into those daisies? that may explain the look of schock on the middle girl and the open mouth of the fattie in the back seat. the one on his shoulder doesn’t notice yet, and per w is just a photo-op whore. plus he was in thrashin’.

  11. well i see a few titles i recognize,BUT,what about the zines?titles like northwest skateboarder? like bodyslam out of portland? these were traded among the devoted and really stoked the local skaters because youd see yor freinds and rivals,not just another pro or favored one agian yea lets see more of that!i know copies are still in colections they outa scan and share.

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The Mags We Read.

The Mags We Read.


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