Rod Wojtanik moves on

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Rod Wojtanik, one of the most influential voices in Pacific Northwest skateboarding, is packing his bags for a new professional opportunity and leaving behind skatepark development. Rod has been the skatepark guy at Portland Parks and Recreation. He led the skatepark siting and public outreach efforts, organizing and presenting at dozens of meetings with neighborhood associations, city council and more than a few NIMBYs. Rod has helped the skateboarding community navigate the bureaucacy and non-skating public opinion. With three skateparks in the ground, two more contracted and awaiting execution, and 14 more sited and planned for development, Rod has us off to a good start on the 19 skatepark system. Read more at Skaters for Portland Skateparks.


  1. Oh no! He really stuck with it though, as recently as yesterday he was still sending me email in his capacity as the “Skateparks Guy” in the City.

    Good for him. Bad for us.

    Good luck Rod, and thanks for all you’ve done!

  2. Rod will be missed!
    Hopefully we get someone half as good and cool as him, for his replacement.
    But def. Thanks For all he did!!!!

  3. The Doctor on August 23, 2007 - Reply

    Rod Rules. He is a good man and a great advocate. If he needs a letter of reference just call me.

  4. Thanks for the props. I appreciate the recognition of effort.

    While my chair will be with a different organization I am not going to fade into the darkness. I’ve agreed to help shepard Ed Benedict skate plaza and Gabriel skatepark through the design and construction process. I’ve been given the right to walk away but it’s funny how you get so invested in this ‘silly little scene’.

    My next goal is to organize a group consisting of tranny dogs and street rats to serve as an advisory group to PP&R. I won’t be able to consistently remind PP&R about Portland’s larger skatepark system. Like it or not, the entire skate community is going to have to take more ownership in helping to implement #6, #7, #8…

    Sure you can sit back and let a core dozen or so do all the work. It’s easier that way. Or you can step up, get involved and really make a difference. Mark, Tom, Sarah, Randy, Grover, Rich, Sonny, Kent, Dean, Taj, Chad, Dave, Joe, Leandro, Ryan, Nick, Jesse, Flipper, and a couple others have followed me to more than their share of the over 85 meetings I have held in the past four years. They’ve done alot of work to make this all happen. Now the next group should put in their time.

    Now I’m not expecting the typical 8 year old to be at publci meetings fighting for their manual pad. But, if you can drive yourself to a skatepark and you don’t take the time to get involved in the bigger process, be a man and don’t bitch about the results on the internet.

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