Oui? Non. Lui.

Lui Skateboard covers

While browsing through coverage of The Mags We Read from the previous post, I noticed a skateboard on the cover of an old French “gentleman’s magazine” called Lui that, err, uhm, intrigued me. A little research on the internet pulled down not one, but two covers of Lui from 1977 and 1978 that featured skateboards as props.

Man, the 70’s were big years for skateboarding on the cover of girlie magazines. I don’t know what happened in the 80’s, because there were no Lui covers that featured it. I know Playboy has done something in last 10 years with skateboarding, but I don’t think it was a cover, or even in print as it might have been online only. Although I’ll bet there was something done in the 70’s at some time. I had this idea to chronicle “adult” skateboarding pictures, but I can’t really do it on the web without getting kicked off of my web server and having the last of the NSFW filters add Skate and Annoy to the black list, and I don’t want to do that. Besides, it has gotten pretty raunchy over the years, and to be fair, I’d have to cover it in “alternative lifestyles” as well. If you know of any tips for older appearances of skateboards in adult situations, say from the 80’s and earlier preferably, please send them in.

Lui Magazine skateboard cover: January 1977

Yeah, it says 1976 on the cover, but I think the whole thing translates to “Blunders of 1976” so it’s a year in review thing. She dressed like she’d rather be playing tennis.

Lui Skateboard covers

Lui Magazine skateboard cover: February 1978

I know this is supposed to whimsical, but I don’t find it all that attractive. In fact, she looks constipated. Unless you find pad rot to be an aphrodisiac, safety gear has the wrong kind of hot and sweaty connotations.

Lui Skateboard covers Feb 1978


  1. corncobcock on August 10, 2007 - Reply

    uuuh um…hey baby!

  2. This petition is to re-investigate Officer Joey Willimas of the Hot Springs, Arkansas Police Department in regards to the YouTube Video Cops V.S Skaters vid and what many think was poor treatment of the youths/skaters.


  3. Come on man, put your comments in the appropriate post. Don’t make me delete this stuff.

  4. Yeah Jason plus you’d be better off educating skaters on how to be more intelligent…

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