Geth drops in

left: the current Gabriel Park design, right: Geth Noble at the Talent Skatepark. Photo from THRASHER Magazine, August 1999.

Another chance to give your two-cents to Geth Noble from Airspeed Skateparks. Starting at Pier Park at noon Thursday, August 23. We’ll decide from there. He will be dropping in to skate some Portland area skateparks and listen to what skaters like and don’t like about them in preparation for the Gabriel Park skatepark.

Think about making some time on Thursday to provide useful input. Save your street plaza ideas for Ed Benedict Park, the next of Portland’s 19 skatepark system after Gabriel which will be built by Newline and California Skateparks in partnership and will be a street plaza.

Here is another view of the latest revision.


  1. They got rid of the L ledge!

  2. Or pad bag holder…bummer, old dudes!

  3. The Doctor on August 22, 2007 - Reply

    I cant wait to ride a new old park. I wonder if it will be built by slaves, I remember when we use to have those,wait that is sort of outdated thinking like a park with out coping. If you want to ride a park without coping or vert just cross the border to Vancouver. While you are driving there don’t fasten your seatbelt and it can be like driving in the 70,s and liter that will give you the full outdated experience.

  4. liter? Like a 2 liter bottle of soda?

  5. Starting at Pier Park at noon. We’ll decide where to go from there. Show up dudes, last chance.

  6. sunday at noon? unfortunately saturday its not a go for me…

  7. wait a second. did you say thursday? this thursday as of tommorow?

  8. Yes, tomorrow. Thursday, August 23, 2007 12:00 p.m. Pier Park.

  9. Mark, I’m gonna call you at 3:30 pm and ask if this thing is still going on. Just warning you, dude.

  10. Can’t make the Drop In with Geth event but I’m actually getting more and more stoked by the design above. Those old Vancouver parks are super fun to skate, as is Stockwell in London. That type of design with a smooth finish will be even better. There is enough coping elsewhere… Let geth go to town with this concept…

  11. Danimal on August 23, 2007 - Reply

    can’t wait to see the write up/pics of this. i woulda made the drive up if i wasnt workin

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