Gabriel Park design update

Gabriel Park refined

Here’s the latest iteration of the Gabriel Park skatepark design from AirSpeed Skateparks. The public meeting where they presented this was not well attended so they are looking for more input. The comment period ends on next Monday, so get on over there and give them some feedback. You can see larger versions of the renderings after the jump.

Gabriel Park refined

The discussions on this one have been around the idea of a snake run with some factions arguing strongly for a retro snake run. It would be great for AirSpeed to get useful feedback and suggestions about this design. You can comment here.

Gabriel Park refined

Kilwag butts in – Feedback on this post is nice, but the people that really need to read it are over here.

We spaced on the meeting as well, must have been a busy week. Personally, and I know this is going to elicit some groans, but now that I’ve actually seen a snake run rendered for the allocated square footage, I’m thinking this spot may not be big enough to get it done properly. We’ll likely only get one chance at a snake run. (Who wants more than one anyway?) This looks like it’s about half the size it needs to be. Gabriel Park might not be the best location for it, but it might be to late to reverse directions. That’s what we get for not going to the meetings.


  1. indycody on August 14, 2007 - Reply

    im i the only one who dosnt care for the fact that the snake run dosnt have coping? and where there is no coping there will be kids rolling in on an unexpecting skater taking a run through the bowl. and the stepped up coping in the deep end?

  2. yeah, we had that debate. Coping eliminates the classic snake run feel. I think we’re going for a truly different type of skate park experience here. I think we need to be brave enough to build something out of the norm (even though it’s an old concept) I think it works well at Seylynn in BC.

    Can we figure out a way to cram that bowl a little farther into the corner so we get more length in the snake run?

  3. nweyesk8 on August 14, 2007 - Reply

    this reminds me quite abit of the marion square park in downtown salem. what are the dimensions and depths here?

  4. I am not sure about no coping.

    If it is going to be a no coping snake run
    how about adding more curves and pump bumps
    on the deck?

  5. I love that you managed to work a pool into the snake run. You should taper down on both sides of that deep end extension though, I hate the way they do that in California parks. You’re into a fast carve and whoops! you’re out of wall.

    I would also like to see you squeeze a separate mini bowl in there somewhere. Features like the side walls of Glenhaven, the small section of Lincoln City 2 and the tiny bowl at Pier Park are heavily sessioned as well as being unintimidating places for beginners to develop skills. Which would free up the snake if better riders wanted to use it.

  6. The L shaped ledge shouldn’t be. Or, is that just for pad bags?

  7. That’s definitely where I’m gonna put MY pad bag.

  8. Keep your filthy pad bag to yourself.

  9. i agree with half of what DaveA said. – instead of flattening out the tops of the snake, why not let them form the the full bump?

    How about a long mellow washboard series of bumps and or spines that replaces that long sidewalk outside of the wall?

  10. Round out that flat walled section of the snake in the middle.

  11. You’re wrong surfer Kilwag. That’s not a flat wall, that’s two consecutive left turns for the super-speed double pump.

  12. Yep round out the top of the hips, but also let them roll down into the snake, higher on the outside, lower near the tip of the hips. That’s how they did it at Selyn and it makes it so much more workable. It looks like you could squeeze in another bend if you lose the square bowl up top and eliminate the midway flat spot. And like MC said, escalator that extension, its all about the flow! It would be nice to see some dimensions and elevations to get a better idea about the design. Whats the radius of those bends, and how deep? Finally why doesn’t the snake go down that hill. Wasn’t that the idea in the first place?

  13. The Doctor on August 14, 2007 - Reply

    Put coping on 3/4 of it or it sucks.

  14. Damienhialation on August 14, 2007 - Reply

    Shouldn’t a snakerun be longer? Don’t get me wrong, Amazon Park is definately worth the drive to Eugene, but I’m thinking 3/4 mile downhill snakerun to a mega-gap-jump with a mega-ramp at the end… at least, that’s the way I’d build it. Maybe I’ve been watching too much x-games.

  15. Seylynn works without coping, it just seems that everyone kinda understands that you shouldn’t be cutting in all the time, and most dudes there are willing to let non-locals know pretty fast that need to show some respect.

    The hips should be more rounded though, Seylynn’s are, and they are pretty much key to the speed and the pumping back to the top of the run. But this isn’t downhill is it? Maybe it won’t be as much of an issue, but the rounded hips just promote flow.

    I’m up past my bedtime and now all I can think about is skating Seylynn, you guys suck.

  16. billy the kid on August 14, 2007 - Reply

    i like the idea of no coping. i’ve been to seylynn a couple times and it is a blast. the design looks great but i think the snakerun should be a little longer.

  17. Sounds like someone hasn’t been to the Amazon park in about 5 years. That park is not worth the dirt its in. The cement is like gravel and the coping is totally smashed. Yeah it WAS fun 10 years ago, but Im not sure you could even call it a snake run. We always thought of it as a sperm bowl.

  18. Yeah, those tops need to be rounded out, and the whole thing at least another turn longer or it will be like an impressionist painting of a snake run without the benefits of an actual snakerun. Otherwise, just build a regular park.

  19. ComicBookGuy on August 14, 2007 - Reply

    Worst park


  20. ew…..who vomited? Scrap this and start over after you spend a day skating Whistler. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. jonnybgood on August 14, 2007 - Reply

    I got a great idea…Maybe the snake run can be built and put a fence around it and fill it with water…Then your gay asses can hop the fence pump out the water and “barge” a skatepark….The post it all over the web..Good times!!

  22. JonnyBgay on August 14, 2007 - Reply

    Waaah! Somebody sounds like… Waaaah!

  23. what a bullshit. if you dont want to (read cant) use coping then carve under it and dont ruin huge amount of money and energy on such a crap. rounded lip is great thing but only as a landing for transfer or hip (burnie,aumsville etc.) not 3/4 of a park.

    though i do like the snake run shape idea but without that much rounded lip.

  24. #2 Dick Marek on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    Shut the hell up Marek Kook.

  25. Yeah! like a theme park. Fake security guards, fake cops to put the choke hold on you, skatestoppers, slimy water with fake dead animals to bail out of the pool, fake feces and urine scented aromatherapy. Soft drinks sold in PBR cans You could pay a huge amount of money to get to be an outlaw skater for a day! Fun for the whole family. Oh, and you’d have to drive around looking over fences to find the place.

  26. nweyesk8 on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    i finally found that Gabriel is to be 8,000-10,000sq ft. it seems that the above design is badly mis-proportioned if that area is to represent the actual sq footage. at 120’X 60′ (8,000)sf., the above bowls must be 10-15ft trannies. why doest the snake run mimmick a real snake? start it’s tail in one corner of the proposed park’s footprint and follow along the border until it is forced to coil inward, eventually ending in a bowl in the center of the park. maybe even shape the bowl like a snakes head to complete the concept of the snake run.

  27. Marek, pull your head out of your drywall and open you mind. The idea is to build something different so that each skatepark isn’t the same old same old, even if they are expertly built. this is about variety.

  28. I was thinking about the coping issue when I was designing a pool. I liked the jacuzzi loveseat idea — a gap with no coping but then I was thinking about what you would do there, rock and roll? disaster? nosepick? Well you ought to be able to do any of that stuff on coping so there’s no point really. Roll-ins, fly-outs and transfers too.

  29. Jaymeer on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    That needs to be twice as long! Think Derby )Santa Cruz) & Santa Rosa but in an impressionistic vision of Salvador Dali style.
    I want 10 plus carves/burms/walls/big humps to blast and gain speed, so their will be at least 5 that are good you can really work. Do I need to paint this, or are you with me?
    Let me BREAK IT DOWN, small DownHill slant the length of it, 2wice as long, some different height pockets low high etc.. burms raised up to do some Mach carving would be good too big hump hips. Why is it closed in, maby it should raise up and dump into the deck in areas. It doesn’t have to be in a rectangle make it snake off organically outside of the park or maby smaller multiple times, how about an Octupus run. THings to grind in a snake run are cool ex. concrete ledge.. just not too much, I dont think coping is at snake runs though lol.
    Bla bla my 2 cents, Tigard looks sick anyway.

  30. I’m with you, but think we’ve only been allocated so much space and money.

  31. Jaymeer on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    If its 8000sf make it Long and Skinny and organic deck too, maby to combat the budget. Half of the bowl areas at new parks are that big or bigger, are they snake runs? Might as well just build a replica canal w/ curbs at the top and wood planks for roll ins,, that would spice it up.

  32. I think the reason the designs keep coming in as rectangles is the suggestion of roofing these things. A roof is something that was in the original discussions but was not required in the RFPs. They keep saying that the firms should keep a roof in mind though. The site specified in the Gabriel RFP is also rectangular. Could the design go outside the box? I’m not sure anyone ever asked that question.

    Something to keep in mind for the future. Or for now Geth? How about a non rectangular design?

  33. Leave the past behind build something new ,something big , something fast . The snake run idea is a total bag . How many people frequent redmond for the snake run ?

  34. They can’t all be big. They shouldn’t all be the same.

  35. Jaymeer on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    I dont know about frequenting redmond to skate, maby paint at their legal wall, well not really lol. Snake runs have a lot of potential. Def gotta think outside the box etc.. it is good to have roofs in theory, but a crazy snake run through trees w/ elevation changes would be interesting, IT could also be a cool water feature to intertube down in the winter Bra! Maby wild waves but skateable w/ hips & burms. I dunno just throwing some ideas out there. I hope one of the new skateparks has a mega ramp jump over traffic.. Not

  36. nweyesk8 on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    the pool came before the snake run didn’t it? so by your logic, we should all stop skating anything that resembles a pool. so far your the only one to complain about the snake run idea.

  37. Jaymeer on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    A Staircase at bottom of the downhill snakerun to a slight downhill sidewalk along length of the skatepark to get back to the top.

  38. Well nwisk8 I’ve heard several other people say the first design is by far the best choice . I also dont feel they are all going to be big . Sounds like some street plaza’s , skate spots , etc… I do feel we need a bigger park !!!!! Peir is fun but I wish it had somewhere to over vert carve with all that speed( havent forgot the door) . Vancouvers great but thats not oregon . Also airspeed excells at building larger bowls . So it seems logical to have them build one of the big ones . The snake run could be fun if you build it obsurdly large ( hailey , pier, klammath ). But another 6′ and 9′ with kids on scooters …. ??? Whatever , I’ll skate anything.
    Is that a pool pocket in the deepend or a tractor seat ?

  39. Casey M. on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    Does anyone know if there is going to be another planning meeting, or was this the last one?

  40. Danimal on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    the drop-off on the sidewalk side and the curbs have to go. i rode Veneta a couple weeks ago, its got the snake run feel, and all around the outside are curb-wall barrier things, you build up speed and run right into them or have to carve around them.

  41. nweyesk8 on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    casey m., there is a link in the above post that will take you to the city’s site, where you can voice your input via thier comment form.

  42. scumfuck on August 15, 2007 - Reply

    How about a park double the size of pier park with 14 foot trannys and 5 foot of vert..Then you could have vending machines that dispense Rectors and helmets for all you pad goons…Aka Conahan.

  43. All your pad goons are belong to Conahan

  44. indycody on August 16, 2007 - Reply

    i liked jay’s idea of putting a ditch style set of banks with curbs or parking blocks on the top! at least i think that’s what he was joking about. but it sounds fun! even just put it off to the side so grover, danimal, and i can fly out into it!
    even if it just lined the outside like holly farms brick quarters! maybe hip it as well!

  45. Danimal on August 16, 2007 - Reply

    yeah where’s the flyout section? grover needs a place to do benihanas.

  46. […] Mark Conahan isn’t busy getting heckled for wearing pads or drawing comics, he’s appearing in magazines like Portland Monthly, where […]

  47. My mommy made me promise I would wear my safety gear.

  48. Mark – there’s also a reason you’re still skating at 45(?)

  49. 46.5, February 1961 whippersnappas!

  50. Scumfuck, Im gonna shove my dirty, sweaty pads up yer butt!

    Conahan, I will change the extension for your enhanced verticle carving pleasure. And the outline isnt square anymore.

    Shoey, you never call anymore! its a tractor seat

    to all the coping/no coping people:
    steel coping is for wussies who need a monorail track to tell them where to go.
    pool coping is for pad dads trying to relive the heyday. hard edge lip is for flyout goons who cant ollie off a round lip. round lips are for longboard hippies from canada.

    to everyone who says its too short: go pester the city till they tear out the yuppie tennis courts that are in the way of our hippie, pad dad, retro, 70’s pot smoker, wanna be canadian snake run!

  51. nweyesk8 on August 16, 2007 - Reply

    what about removing the end bowls and adding two more turns with a series of pump-bumps to get back to the top?

  52. Jaymeer on August 16, 2007 - Reply

    The 2 new designs look cool. but can we have a still rendering on a page ?

  53. whachoo mean?

  54. to nweyesk8: it already has two more turns, they just happen to be part of the bowls on either end. to put it aother way, if you take off the end bowls and add two more turns, you end up with a bowl on each end, exactly as it is now.

    also, it already has a series of pump bumps to pump back up the snake. the round hips are the pump bumps.

  55. also, the trannies are not 10-15 feet, they range from 7 to 9.5 feet.

  56. with a fot and a half of vert in the round hippy bowl!

  57. nweyesk8 on August 17, 2007 - Reply

    i understand what your getting at geth. my idea is more towards facilitating a one way down hill flow to the snake run. whether you are experienced or a beginner you get fairly equal time riding down the snake run. i still see that as a limiting factor for a lot of kids. they dont get in equal ride time as the guys who can land a lot of tricks and therefore hog up ride time. use the slope of the site to downhill the snake run. should there even be any vert in this park?

  58. I say throw the double funnel back in where the hippy bowl pinches into the snake run.

  59. indycody on August 18, 2007 - Reply

    im just stoked it has a tractor seat!!! what about the curb/coping next to the tractor seat? i understand if your trying to keep boards from rolling in, but could it at least be sidewalk width? sorry geth. im sure this shit gets frustrating.

  60. As a dude who only started skating like two years ago, and pretty much my first bowl WAS Seylynn in North Van, BC: I can say the downhill slope to the snake run is a HUGE learning aide for kids.

    When I left to come home for the summer this year (probably about a year after I first skated Seylynn) I was JUST learning how to use the hips to carve back up. As proved by this super lame video:

    Seylynn is still what I will quote as my favourite park, it’s organic feel is such a good place to learn how to carve, and dudes that know how to skate can get WAY more speed then I can. I’ve seen guys carve laps on that thing eight times down and up without tick tacks/pushing. It rules pretty hard.

    I think the design you guys have is pretty awesome though. If the coping ended far enough away from the snake you could get some crazy fun lines, and still people throwing down on the coping. Either way if something resembling this park happens I’ll be jealous.

  61. Dick cancer on August 18, 2007 - Reply

    Have a huge snake run going into huge pssy lips and let’s carve over the clip!!! Then we can say Carve The Clip! Grind the clip. Backside lip the clit. Rock the clip. bonk the clip.

    (spelling changed by editor, to keep us out of the filters)

  62. Dick cancer on August 18, 2007 - Reply

    I like what ever design this is with some tractor seat. Just make the deep end 16… remember Paramount?

  63. Hey Dick, Please chill out on the “anatomical” words, we’d like to keep this site from making it to those blacklists so people can get SnA from work or school.

  64. corncobcock on August 18, 2007 - Reply

    hey! wheres my coments? jesus is crying

  65. Jebus loves you, oh Corn Cob Appendage.


    “A lot of weak commentary flying around Skate and Annoy. Little of it very
    informative or mindful of the multiple project goals.

    My two cents: reduce the amount of rounded lip – especially on round walls.
    People are going to get bored. I know a certain good friend of mine pushed
    hard for the “classic” snake run. Let’s keep in mind that he is a longtime
    skater and plenty articulate, but skates four times a year. I’ve always
    disagreed with him on the push for the hyper-classic snake run here. The
    addition of a snake run will be cool in Portland, but let’s not forget we’re
    talking about an opening day session in 2008. Geth, you ought to (be allowed
    to) mix it up.

    Speaking of allowing some artistic license, let’s not forget creativity has
    been Airspeed’s primary contribution to skateparks and skateboarding. There
    ought to be pipe coping, rounded edge, as well as the Airspeed homegrown
    concrete stuff. Stamped tiles too – that’s an Airspeed trademark. This thing
    needs to be an Airspeed skatepark, not just a “loudest local voice gets the
    design” skatepark built by Airspeed. It’s all about balance.

    Based on previous works, Airspeed needs some parameters. But I think
    “legitimate snake run” sufficiently meets the expectation of those
    parameters. The addition of the tractor seat is cool; more, please.

    Personally, I’d be bummed – not just for myself but for all of Portland’s
    skaters – if this thing didn’t include something gnarly. This may not be the
    right project for a double funnel, but it needs something. To date, we have
    only one superfeature in the entire system – the Pier doorway. It got
    everybody stoked at Trifecta, generating as much buzz and props as Sergi’s
    540s. This will be the fourth contemporary skatepark in town – we definitely
    need something gnarly.

    In the past, I’ve pushed on Airspeed to not allow the focus on a
    superfeature to black out the responsibility to deliver a great overall
    skatepark. That still stands. Now, I’m encouraging in the opposite
    direction: inject some creativity, find room for something gnarly in a way
    that doesn’t blow other lines, don’t overdo this early 80s snake run thing
    more than 20 years later (skateboarding has evolved just a little bit since
    then), and just make sure this thing is memorable in a contemporary and
    hopefully timeless way.

    And finally, Conahan’s comment about a stand-alone mini-bowl is a good one:
    everybody loves those things. Probably every skatepark should have one.”


    Tom Miller
    Skaters for Portland Skateparks


    Hi Tom!

    “Gnarliness” in skating is straight up pathetic. Any skater who thinks they are gnarly for riding their chinese toy on a lump of concrete needs to spend a week living in a brazilian favela, in fucking Mozambique, in fucking Guantanamo prison camp, or in fucking Baghdad getting their shit blown to bits. We are not gnarly, so fucking get over yourselves all you pampered little skate children!

    And the fact that you, Tom, say you would be “bummed for all of Portland’s skaters” is just another example of delusional hubris. You dont speak or feel bummed for anyone but yourself. You dont represent any Oregon skater and you never will.

    And fuck your whole Fox News “super feature” bullshit, trying to frame Airspeed. Get a job licking Sean Hannity’s crap-smeared anus if that makes you ejaculate, but dont bring that public relations shit to the NW.

    You want a stand-alone cess pool? Didnt you learn yer lesson from the kink pit at Pier Park?

    “Based on previous works?” What the fuck is that snide comment supposed to mean? At least have the balls to not hide behind your wordplay. What “previous works” do you bring to the table? You dont build shit, your nothing but a flapping jaw with sociopathic personality disorder. Take some friendly advice–seek medication.

    Geth Noble, Owner
    Airspeed Skateparks LLC
    (503) 867 9489

  68. geth, it is very obvious that after previous exchange of opinions with tom it is you who have big psychological problems as we can all se from your wanna be tough and uncalled answer. im sure there are better ways of gaining cofidence (think therapy) than publicly answering privat and non-attacking emails on public forums.

    i dont think that tom needs me defending him but as far as his previous works go i would like to mention simple fact that you have some work to do. without tom and people he worked with (you know who you are) you wouldnt have nothing to do around her you dumbfuck. talk about shitting in your own well.

  69. Geez guys, take it easy. Geth , If you had a problem with tom’s email you should have responded to him the same way he did with you – in private not on a public forum. I’m not sure why you blew up at him , seems to me like he was telling you to inject more of your personality into the design, which should have made you pleased. What’s the Fox News reference about any way? All this name calling is counterproductive. Let’s concentrate on the skatepark and not personal differences. We should count ourselves lucky that we even have the LUXURY of debating the next skatepark design in a public forum.

  70. randy, i agree. however i do want to express my opinion on one more subject. gnarliness in skateboarding definitely exists. it is simple something which you know what it is when you see it. usually it refers to something wich is hard to do or require certain attitude. it could hard to ride pool, criss-cross session or single trick done in certain way. whatever. you know when you see it.

    comparing such a adjective to mozambique or guantanamo is as stupid as me saying that mr. noble is absolute reatard comparing to minds of da vinci or einstein. very stupid comparison which got nothing to do with ability to shape concrete.

    another thing which pisses me off when it comes to somebody who can actually affect my life a lot with building long lasting structures where i spend lot of my free time is mr. noble ways of answering to skaters objections with saying that everything is relative. dude, did you eat some schrooms last week and had found out that nothing really matters??? how stupid are you mr. noble?

  71. i apologizing to every one who doesnt give shit about my rants. i just sometimes enjoy being angry:)

  72. go watch Screetch ride the pool at Glenhaven, that’s what I call gnarly.

  73. seriously, you dudes are getting too fucking spoiled on this shit. There’s going to be NINETEEN parks, it’s not like this is your only setup.

    Geth won the bid, the design is his shot – love it or hate it. Sure Geth is out there – fuck aren’t we all? Talk about Isle of Misfits. Pots calling the kettle black. We’re all kooks and I know who I am enough to proudly say that.

    The key word I used for our failed Seattle park network was a “complimentary network of skateparks” – that means every spot is different yet helps each other out. No park stands alone, and every park has it’s unique feature that represents its creator and or locale. If you built 19 cookie cutter McParks then that would be lame.

    Bottom line: put on your Jimmyz, mad rat parks and get ready to yell “Snake Run!”, “Launching!”, “Half-Pipe” like the Seylynn days. Now you just don’t have to drive 200 miles and go back 20 years.

  74. kookyblahblah on August 19, 2007 - Reply

    No way Marek… righteous to see someone calling out Tom Miller, that guy seems to me he is just using skating to try and climb some political ladder around here. How long has Tom even been in the NW? can’t be any longer than 6 years, he’s a transplant with a politics agenda from what I’ve seen.

    Geth and all the guys from the NW are the ones that made the whole scene happen to start with and created the platform for advocacy groups to even form to even get to a stage for the Portland parks system to evolve. Geth seems to me to be making some really good points and sees the bigger world picture on things. Tom has a history of contradicting himself and making jabs at Airspeed’s work.

    Airspeeds parks are totally sick. There’s nothing like driving up to one of their parks………….it’s a totally killer experience. Tom was the loud mouth trying to talk down gnarly features in Airpeeds parks (which are innovative and inspiring) and I am guessing helped kill our chance at getting the double funnel. Tom you are always changing your tune. What do you guys call that in politics: flip-flop? Geth really does have a point that what we consider gnarly in the skate world really isn’t in a larger world context.

    I mean really Tom goes around acting like some know it all skatepark designer and rider when he’s NOT. Just because you Tom post all the time and rub elbows and butts with political and big corporate influences doesn’t mean your design opinions or ideas are good or represent for the rest of us. Please stop saying you represent “all the skaters of Portland” you don’t and you never will (aren’t we something like 20,000 or more).

    Tom does not represent this Portland skater or my group of friends I ride with.

    All I can say is I am happy to see Geth speaking out and as for shitting in ones own well, seems to me all the people who don’t support and talk shit on the design builders of the NW and all the amazing works of Airspeed, Dreamland, and Grindline are the shitters in their own well………

  75. dear whoever. your agenda is obviously to defend airspeed which could be caused either by good expirience with their parks or whatever personall association with geth (airspeed) or both. good for you, i, myself, had a good time riding few of their parks couple times but in overall they are all kinda bag in one way or another. they are not in a same group as dreamland or grindline. and i know i share this opinion with almost everybody i talked to (i didnt talk to all 20000 skaters around here).

    im sure mr. noble came over this opinion many times and as a result of it his ego is obviously hurting as everybody can find out out of his posts on this site. i really dont see red or shaggy arguing theirs points of view on this or any other website. they dont have to. period.

    as far as politics go i reallycant see what you could accomplish on bigger scale (19 in one town is pretty huge scale to me) without politics. somebody has to pay for this and political support is essential. you can say that majority of good companies is from OR/WA but the fact that most of their latest projects were built elsewhere is result of POLITICS of those towns.

    this whole exchane of opinions started wit mr. noble uncalled for reply full of unrelated and stupid arguments to private email which in my eyes makes him look pretty bad. however you can shit whoever you want

  76. kookyblahblah on August 19, 2007 - Reply

    Marek you sound like you are Tom Millers alter ego? And you have close relations with Tom and you are Tom? Hell yeah, I am going to defend Airspeed I want variety of parks around here like Bobcat is talking about. I don’t support the Mc Park movement and I am glad California Skateparks and New Line got the Ed Ben. job. You sound like a Blazer or Seattle Sonics fan, expand your mind dude! As for Geth posting he is doing our Gabriel skatepark design for us and I count ourselves lucky he takes the time to be in contact with people here on the Internet. I don’t see any of those other guys giving us the time of day. You sound real mad there dude!

  77. heywood on August 19, 2007 - Reply

    The kooks stand out in this town….No matter how much they do for skateboarding….A kook is always a kook..

  78. kooky, my name is marek litinsky and i stand behind what i wrote.

    i like variability too. bowls, street, doesnt matter. i guess goofy belongs somewhere in between it too. i welcome every skateable park.

    i just think (judging entirely on his posts on this website) that geth noble has some issues and the way he ventilates them sucks. let me remind you one of his latest takes on other skaters input:

    “to all the coping/no coping people: steel coping is for wussies who need a monorail track to tell them where to go. pool coping is for pad dads trying to relive the heyday. hard edge lip is for flyout goons who cant ollie off a round lip. round lips are for longboard hippies from canada.”

    now thats a light of day,isnt it?.

    there are reasons why almost nobody questions dreamland or grindline

  79. sorry, i meant time and not light of the day, my bad.

  80. Dick cancer on August 20, 2007 - Reply

    Marek Litinsky, that’s the way we spell in English. We use capitals and sometimes punctuation. NO! I’m not some English major, just a whiteman that thinks ALL you PHUC mothers are TRANSPLANTS, and you know you are, because you Marek came from some other country and The SNA and cold war crew is from the mid west (somewhere like ohio) and moved out here, where it’s almost like living in a dream everyday. I like to rant but the fact came very apparent to me the other day when I rode Vancouver’s new park.
    We are spoiled to have so many parks in one area.
    And so many of them that challenge us, make us better, faster, and unique skaters. In the 70’s they dozed CA parks, In the 80’s they dozed parks, in the late 90’s they started to build parks again. 2000 it’s a hit for parks everywhere and I don’t see a end to it anytime soon. Let’s chill a bit, support LOCAL. I know geth isn’t that local but he can build something way better than a lot of California builders. Accept the fact that in time cement will deteriorate, cracks will get bigger and all of us who skate need to take a little time to help maintain some of these parks once in a while…. I’m coming down off my high horse to skate, help educate kids wax is for fags, (we use rattle cans of clear laquer to lube ledges and coping) and someday they might again doze parks. I don’t give a phuc what they build, what you say, what they say, nothing. Just be cool, stoke a kid out once in a while, help him and his F ing single mother who doesn’t know shite when it comes to a little basic skating, don’t be a DICK.

  81. It seems to me that a lot of skaters on here are starting to get spoiled. A lot of pointing fingers and crying. For what? 1 park design out of 19? Because someone suggests a snake run? I say let’s look at the bigger picture: Seaside, Holly Farms, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Pier, Glenhaven all in about a years time? Can any of you name another city/locale that has had so many parks open in such a short time? Lest we forget: Newburg, Aumsville, West Linn, Hillsboro, Tualatin, Canby, Oregon City, Hood River…. the list can go on. I know that most of you won’t ever touch wheels in some of these parks, but the thought is that they are out there and open and willing for us to roll and have fun. FUN. Remember that? Unity is what brought us to this point in our city/state providing so much for us to skate. Geth/Airspeed, Dreamland and Grindline all build parks that I have fun in and this is one skater who is not going to complain one bit about having Vert, Street/Plazas, Pools, Bowls, Snake Runs, Full Pipes, Pool Coping, Metal Coping, No Coping or anything else that these guys throw at us in their designs and creations for us to skate. Sure every park has something we could complain about, but why? We are some of the luckiest skaters in the world, so let’s enjoy it.

    Also, on a brighter note, I noticed the other day at West Linn something missing, maybe we should find a way to fix it… a plaque for Wes?


  82. naw man the park needs to be 18 feet deep with 16 feet of pebble stamped vert topped with dead kitten tile and broken needle coping so it can get ‘core’ points with the 2 or 3 drifters that roll thru town twice a year.

    I would welcome a snake run (hell any park in seattle) for those hangover / freedom rock days. Alot of people would say the same and a majority more would like something to just cruise in rather than doing kickflip indy front crooks to double revert pizza guys.

  83. We’ve got 16 more parks coming. Yeah we’re spoiled. We’re even more spoiled because we have a chance to shape these parks. Let’s keep the big picture in mind. Not every park has to fulfill the same needs.

  84. i don’t feel spoiled. most of the existing street spots have been skateproofed. all the new architecture is designed and built in ways that prevent much skating. and now yet another skatepark is going to be a big, one at a time bowl. i don’t want to go to a park and spend most of the time standing around waiting for a turn. i don’t want to only skate transition. please, please, please start designing parks that can accomodate several skaters and a variety of skill levels. i’ll type it again: most skaters could care less about vert bowls (or snake runs or full pipes or funnels). who are these parks being built for? look at how many kids skate the meager street area at glenhaven compared to the gnar-pit at pier or wack-ass holly farm. and now you fools are arguing over another big bowl.

  85. You’re right. I’m going to step down as a skatepark advocate. The flatland kids should be the ones doing skatepark advocacy. They have the vision and imagination and they’re totally into going to neighborhood association meetings and testifying before city council and volunteering in general and the majority is never wrong. The way they pick up their trash at the skatepark also brings a tear to my eye.

  86. If you watch how skaters line-up and use the street area at Glenhaven, you quickly realize it is no different than how we used to line-up to use a snake runs, bowls, pools, etc…. The quantity of runs vs. quality of runs with respect to usage of a facility is a red herring. I think MC has a point about getting involved for those that want to have an impact on future parks. Embrace diversity and take action. The parks we currently enjoy are a result of many years of skateboard advocacy. Just ask Howard at CalSkate’s how long he has been advocating for skaters. Keep the stoke everyone because at the end of the day, we just want to skate.

  87. Hello! They are building a street plaza in a different location.

  88. “who are these parks being built for?” hehe… they are being built for the type of person that loves a challenge, something that will stay interesting for a long time… Skaters. I think its great that the kids are getting into skating and skate parks, but if we we just built parks for the majority (ie beginners), we would just have parks with cones for people to ollie over.

  89. Cancer Chris on August 20, 2007 - Reply

    Yeah, why not just build a rectangle with back and forth launch ramps for fly-outs. That would satisfy most kid’s needs.

  90. Harsh words on the post. I just thought we were brainstorming up some posititve input for “OUR” new park. I do LIKE the idea of UNIQUE one of a kind features at every park(at a variety of skill levels). Mcparks do suck. Every park should have some feature that is one of a kind(Tigards getting something amazing that no one has in the world Gigantic Volcano). Glenhavens long brick bank w/ ledges seems pretty unique, and the square minibowl w/ bonuses! I would say one of the best street park areas built around. SOme people are kooks w/ their own agendas, that goes for everyone! It is pretty cool to have a skateboarder working with & lobbying the mayor & commissioner on the behalf of non-suits & helping create respect for skateboarding in the community outside of our own(skateboarding). Helping all those Kooks that Don’t Skateboard to Understand Us & Our Motives after all there is going to be more skateboarders in Portland (Build it and they will come). Skateboard Art at City Hall & a ramp for an art show, free food & beer, My art in there also, WHO would of ever Thought?! Skateboarding used to be illegal downtown everywhere, Never Thought that would change either. Burnside used to be illegal. After all Portland has been and will be even more of a Mecca for Skateboarding and Visitors from all over the Globe. We used to have a Secret Park under a bridge it was called Burnside dont Hype it up too much it could get too much traffic, I really dont think that is a problem anymore. People still would hear about it from the other side of the world or make a pilgramage from florida or whereever just to go to the Burnside Ghetto Projects. I welcome the people that move and travel through here(It wasn’t always like that), I am a transplant myself (ages ago) although I CLAIM Portland. I also frequently enjoy their styles and company, why wouldnt they want to enjoy our Skateboard Paradise, & why wouldnt we want to share our good fortune. THere is some unwanted traffic that happens everywhere. Busses full of kids, Skate camps, the people that dont give respect where respect is due, and litter trash, tag wack tags,think they are the best, or exploit our community, THEY can “hit the road” but most have Respect. Respect is some thing we have and can maintain here on SkateandAnnoy, and in our parks. By mentoring the youth (kickin some knowledge) and inspiring skateboarders about RESPECTING their own skatepark & scene! not just some other trash talking gibberish blog little kid crap. I m not really a blogger I am a skateboarder, so I will see you skateboarding. P.S. S Talking is for face to face in person, WEbsite postings are pretty informal kinda like driving away yelling names at someone. People like to push the limit and push buttons online. If you let them get to you, they can get under your skin. Personal emails are personal. Snake runs are Snake Runs. And Skateboarding is Skateboarding. Well most of it anyway. lol

  91. very nice jay, you got it:)

    skateboarding, same like an art is very personall thing and there are as many ways to ollie and build skateparks as they are tousands ways to draw kitty. if you ask how you should draw kittys you are gonna be told sooner or later that your kittys suck anyway. dont question your kitty, geth!!!

    my take on this little kitty in gabriel park was that she has very nice fur but shouldnt be so rounded along an entire lenght and my fellow kitty lover randy told me to get my head out off my sheetrock. how nice and constructive. later he even posted that it is a no-no to call other kitty people names. how very nice.

    that should cut it, shouldnt it, randy???

  92. hey marek i was being flippant about the coping thing!

    not serious at all! it was a joke!

  93. oh yeah before i forget we plan to have another skate drop in, in portland this time so everybody who couldn’t get out of town for the last one can come. and i especially wanna ride with tom, dick cancer, marek, randy and conahan cuz he’s ooolld!! so you guys please figure out a time and place, ok

  94. hey i like cats, why you making fun of cats?

  95. Tom Miller on August 20, 2007 - Reply

    The following is posted for your amusement. It’s Geth’s response to my submitted comments that the design is making progress but the final product at Gabriel should:

    • include more typical Airspeed-type flavor, including
    • a typical Airspeed super feature,
    • so long as its presence doesn’t undermine the rest of the park’s functionality.

    In other words, the same message I’ve always delivered.

    I also seconded Conahan’s comments about including a stand-alone mini bowl not because it’s my idea of a great session, but because nothing gets sessioned more heavily.

    Apparently Geth has some angst he needs to work out. He doesn’t like my message that Airspeed doesn’t produce as well as Dreamland or Grindline. Instead of rebutting the message he attempts to shoot the messenger. Classic tactic.

    Let’s hope he works out his angst before he builds Gabriel. It will take more than one project to earn the status Dreamland and Grindline enjoy but one can hope. (I’m setting aside NewLine on the street side for now as Gabriel isn’t a street project, even though their street has been plainly better than anybody else’s.)

    Hi Tom!

    “Gnarliness” in skating is straight up pathetic. Any skater who thinks they are gnarly for riding their chinese toy on a lump of concrete needs to spend a week living in a brazilian favela, in fucking Mozambique, in fucking Guantanamo prison camp, or in fucking Baghdad getting their shit blown to bits. We are not gnarly, so fucking get over yourselves all you pampered little skate children!

    And the fact that you, Tom, say you would be “bummed for all of Portland’s skaters” is just another example of delusional hubris. You dont speak or feel bummed for anyone but yourself. You dont represent any Oregon skater and you never will.

    And fuck your whole Fox News “super feature” bullshit, trying to frame Airspeed. Get a job licking Sean Hannity’s crap-smeared anus if that makes you ejaculate, but dont bring that public relations shit to the NW.

    You want a stand-alone cess pool? Didnt you learn yer lesson from the kink pit at Pier Park?

    “Based on previous works?” What the fuck is that snide comment supposed to mean? At least have the balls to not hide behind your wordplay. What “previous works” do you bring to the table? You dont build shit, your nothing but a flapping jaw with sociopathic personality disorder. Take some friendly advice–seek medication.

    Geth Noble, Owner
    Airspeed Skateparks LLC
    (503) 867 9489

  96. because kitties are cute and cuddely. i have one too. whatever:)

    somehow i have a feeling that you wanna meet me only so you can punch me in the face. anyhoo… how about motherload – BURNSIDE? just an idea

    last time i was trying to set up session with dick cancer, he peed his pants and had to stay at home so i wouldnt count on him this time

  97. Group hug. Let’s skate.

  98. How ’bout one more cook in this stew:

    IMO, we have put AS in a tight spot on this project. PP&R selected AS for this job because they wanted the type of park that AS builds – period. Same thing with the Newline/VDZ/CA Skateparks team for Ed Bennidict – it had nothing to do with ‘low bid’.

    Then, AS is being aggressive about getting feedback for this project. They are trying to expand & are looking at this park to use as a resume builder. PP&R tells me that they more or less want to let AS run. Skaters for Portland Skateparks tells me the same thing. Its like a bizzaro version of win Lil’ Eddie turns the whole street course into a shallow end nightmare (I hate that dude).

    I also noticed that only 4 other skaters, one pissed off retired dude, and a grip of BMX riders showed up at the ‘final’ design meeting. If you dudes really wanted to influence the design, it was live that night. I saw changes in the design in real time – which I think is pretty neat. We all are busy and all that, but personally I was bummed on there being twice as many BMX riders as skaters showing interest that night.

    I also agree 100% that we need more street stuff ASAP, 100% agree that we are spoiled to even have the conversation about ‘this particular skater staffed d/b firm isn’t as good as this other skater staffed d/b firm’ – you guys ever rode pre-fab ramps?

    I agree 50% about ‘internet bitching’ – constructive criticism is a great tool for speeding up the evolution of the modern skatepark, and I assume this is what AS is trying to accomplish by skating with us in these “drop in sessions”. I plan on being there – and anyone who has skated with me knows I’m a kook. Well, a kook with keys to Burnside anyway.

    ‘Inernet bitching’ or ‘keeping it real’ dosen’t do much but ruffle dudes feathers. I ain’t got time for that, personally.

    -Chad Balcom
    chad.balcom @

  99. All good points, just one small exception, according to those that were there for the selection, AS past projects (and believe it or not, the physical design they submitted for Gabriel Park) didn’t have anything to to do with them winning, AS was the firm that did the best job addressing all aspects of the the proposal, whatever that means. I think that is why we are having such involved input process.

    Tight spot, indeed. You’re right about that. I dpn’t envy them, too many cooks in the kitchen. Whatever they come up with, we’ll skate it.

    I missed the last meeting. Flat out wasn’t paying attention the day of the meeting, didn’t even know it was happening. I guess I expected others to keep me informed. I’m guilty of laziness.

    Randy – editor at skateandannoy dot com.

  100. Me here, look for Teepee with peace pipe. Man with spewing words needs chill pill……we find squaw and make funny faces.

  101. Dick cancer on August 21, 2007 - Reply

    I’d love to skate with you Geth, and Marek I will pee on your pants… I got INVITED TO SKATE WITH GETH!!!!
    NEIL, Hollyfarm is COOL AND UNIQUE. NEIL, YOUR GONNA LOVE TIGARD. IT Has all kinds of flat (flat bottom) HAHAHAHAHA!!

  102. XFRYARX on August 21, 2007 - Reply

    something as simple as parking blocks at the top of some of the flow part would eliminate the kid kamikazee factor. but lets be real here , if your not skating that layout by 6:30 in the morning your gonna play bumper cars in a city with this many kids that skate. price you pay for 19 parks , none of us have a single thing to complain about.

  103. this is one of the most hilarious skatepark threads i’ve ever read. the sarcastic posts by ash and jonnybgood made me laugh out loud. and i’ve witnessed geth’s craziness first-hand, i’m glad he is letting you all in on it now. i’m not so sure he is any more out of touch than the rest of you though. whenever i point out that most skaters could care less about vert bowls, i get the exact same pathetic responses. i know there is going to be a plaza for park number five. great. out of 19 parks, there will probably be one plaza that will be hideously crowded. what makes you guys so certain you know what is best? saying that kids only skate flat ground or just do launch-outs, only proves that you are not paying attention. if the kids don’t want to skate bowls, you aren’t going to change theirs minds by only building bowls that are difficult to skate. and they definitely don’t want to just stand around the bowl waiting for you geezers to finish your epic carve line with a slash at the end.

  104. well, neil, lets see how out of touch are you. lets say (just to be really simplify it for you) that there are two types of skating. street and trannys. transitions skating happens in pools (not so common around here) and in skateparks (going good so far). and street skating is happening in streets. that why they call it street skating. what is it you dont get?

  105. Neil ,TRANSITION = NO PUSHING . When you have the opportunity create anything , it seems like such a waste not to exercise the possibilities . Skate 3-diminsional . Leave the black and white behind . Full color for the future .

  106. Dick cancer on August 21, 2007 - Reply

    Neil, kids these days CARRY their boards like it’s some kind of accessory, LIKE A PURSE, or they walk their board under their arm. Most, probably half that skate now will quit in the next few years. So, does it make sense to make something for quitters or for people that are down for LIFE? Those building and those skating and voicing their opinions are down for life. And it’s our tax dollars that are building these parks. So, we get what WE WANT. You want some flat, some ledge, a rail, build it your damn self and impress us with the gnar street plaza in your head. I’ll shut the F up, Neil, you get to build/design the next park. I will pave the way for you. You seem to know how to build what kids want and know what they want so step up and build it!!! I want you to build something “kick ass” “mind bending” and something that has “endless flow” and GNAR. Please, for NEIL SAKE. I don’t give a phuc anymore, there’s bigger problems out there like mexican illegals raping and killing white teenage girls. That’s a problem not some F ing park.

  107. Marek,

    I can’t believe the ‘if you want to skate street’ go street skating argument is still being used to argue against ‘street inspired’ terrain in parks… As you pointed out pools are rare up here but so are good street spots, where one can skate unhassled… Parks need to represent it all. After Ed Benedict what other alternatives to the typical ‘flow-bowl’ layout are planned?

  108. yo dick, the street plaza in my head is not gnar. most of the skatepark obstacles in my head are mellow and extremely easy to skate. i want to go to the skatepark and learn tricks and then take those tricks to the street or pool or one of the many existing gnar-pit skatepark bowls. i want to blast huge airs over small hips (or table-tops) with mellow landings and not worry about breaking my neck. shoot, i might even learn a variety of grabs and alley-oop 360 airs. i want to do 25′ long lip tricks. i want to tre-flip the pyramid. i want to learn a bag full of flip tricks up the euro gap. i want to practice on a flat bar. i am 34 and i’ve been skating since ’86. i’ve done some building and fund-raising and advocacy. it is hard to stay motivated when most of the advocates and builders have a very narrow view of skating. i think that there are plenty of difficult to skate bowls and pool replicas at skateparks, especially when you objectively consider the number of skaters who actually want that sort of terrain.

  109. johnnybgood on August 22, 2007 - Reply

    Skateboarding will die soon…70 percent of the “skaters” will either quit or try something that gets them more pussy. Speaking of pussy..when do you ever seen any of the portland “pro-hoes” skating anymore? Thats dont because they are busy with other things like…umm ART…Art gets them more dick then skateboarding…Maybe they are riding their 10speeds b wearing coyboy boots…who knows …skateboarding will die soon and it will be the 80s all over…Parks will be dozed and we will take back the streets and backyards…Fuck skateboarding anyway…

  110. Kinda agree…skateboarding is a fashion trend right now (see Avril Lavigne post). Every kid is wearing Adio shoes and a Volcom shirt and pretend to be a skater, what will happen when Sheckler and Rob Dyrdek retire? those kids are going to be into bmx or extreme pogo stick next. Let’s build parks for people who really skate. Show up at the next park meeting!

  111. Ban the flip tricks.

  112. Street skating vs tranny skating arguments – who cares? To each his own. This thread is supposed to be about a new park design that has tranny. Ed Benedict will have street, and only street.

    Glenhaven is more than half street, and it was the last big spot built. The medium bowl gets a lot of use and is correspondingly smaller in square footage. The other bowl has very small footprint by comparison.

    Before you diss the “geezers” you ought to thank them for conceiving of the skatepark plan and making it happen so you have something to complain about in the first place.

  113. These days aren’t much different from the 80’s. There was a lot skateboard as fashion accessory back then too, and certainly a lot of stupid fashions. In the 80’s it was neon and a wristful of watches or floppy Jimmy Z hats, 90’s – ridiculous baggy pants, 00’s it’s tight jeans or hiphop styles with your pants hanging off your ass. This generation of posers is no worse than the others.

  114. Welsh Pete – after Ed benedict, nothing is planned. There is no money. The key figures in SPS are burned out, and will probably be stepping down. Who can blame them with everyone bitching about the fruits of their labor? Someone needs to step up and fill their shoes. It means more than just showing up to meetings where the funding has already been secured, that’s the easy part. I don’t think the average Portland skater realizes how much SPS (portland) has done for them, street terrain included. Without them there would be the old crappy Pier Park and that’s it.

  115. johnnybgood on August 22, 2007 - Reply

    ohhh yea i forgot ROLLERDERBY too…that gets you totaly laid…Ride to ROLLERDERBY on your ten speed with cowboy boots and some art under your arm…Now your talking!!!

  116. glenhaven is not more than half street. plus, dreamland should be ashamed of that medium sized bowl. they finally build something with normal trannys and adequate flat-bottom and then they use one of the stupidest designs i’ve ever skated.

    am i supposed to feel sorry for the SPS key figures? it seems to me that they got four parks designed and built how they wanted and constructed by the company they wanted.

  117. Well, we feel sorry for you. I think you are suffering from a short wall complex. You should try to feel good about yourself. Try this affirmation: “size doesn’t matter.” Maybe you can make a loop that you can listen to on your iPod while you skate.

    Skaters for Portland Skateparks didn’t really have anything to do with Holly Farm or Gabriel Park other than advocating for the 19 skatepark system and showing city council a good turnout at the Pier Park opening.

  118. Neil, look at the site plans for the final design. Measure the square footage. It is more than half street, even if you count the mid bowl as well, a bowl.

    It sounds to me like you won’t be happy with anything, and you obviously have no concept of what the actual process has been like. Time to start your own web site, and staff your own advocacy group. Good luck with that, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  119. Glenhaven’s mid bowl is so much fun, I don’t know what you’re talking about man.

  120. wow , hey neil, did you complain about the car your parents bought you too? learn to ride all terrain , its called skateboarding. its also called being spoiled.

  121. why would i start my own site, when it is so easy and entertaining to just comment on your silly little scene? i seriously can’t believe how riled up you guys get when someone just questions the designs of the PUBLIC skateparks being built. i don’t want to even imagine your insane reactions, if you weren’t already getting the exact parks you want?

    oh yeah. in regards to the latest gabriel park design–that 90degree hip in the shallow(?) end is dumb. there are corners immediately on both sides of it. where are you supposed to air to? or is it just for pinner airs? the hip also prevents grinds or lip tricks all the way through those corners. and how about a basic back and forth “street” zone along one side of the park. even just a ledge, a flat rail, and a manual pad that could each be hit in a row.

  122. Why should you do any work on your own when other people are stupid enough to allow you to feed off their work? Jesus, no wonder old men become republicans. Democracy is a wonderful thing except for all the parasites. But then, I hate the generation above me just the same with their wars and their homemade security and football stadiums. Fuck those guys.

    Naw, of course you are welcome to your opinions, Neil and you have some valid points. We just get tired of hearing complaints after doing all the work. Shit, we’d love to have someone do it for us, we were just the only ones who bothered to step up. Unfortunately my philosophy based on my development over thirty-five years of skateboarding hell, after five years of skateboarding puts pool skating at the pinnacle. Skating on the driveway was way back at the beginning of progression and so I just naturally assume anyone who wants to progress will want to skate a pool.

    So I’m wrong. My personal experience as a skateboarder has no bearing on what a skateboarder would want. Hmm. tonight at Glenhaven there were 0 skaters in the peanut when I got there but after we started skating I counted 17 guys around the peanut, 10 in the mid bowl and 21 the rest of the park (not counting bikes or fruitboots.)

    I can describe my insane reaction to not getting the parks I want. I volunteered hundreds of hours in meetings, fundraising, being a good citizen, design, labor, building websites, thinking and posting and commenting and writing, and telling people about meetings. That was insane considering all the grief we get about the few bowls we get to skate.

    If I was only building stuff I wanted to skate we’d have a big indoor vert ramp and a lot more pools. I have spent a lot of time trying to come up with stuff for other people to skate. No one else was standing in line.

    Younger people have been doing a lot of work on the Ed Benedict project. I am so happy about that but I wonder if they might try to accomodate people who don’t like the kind of skating they do? Think about how little space a pool takes up. Give us 20 feet x 40 feet and we’ll happily keep our uncool old selves out of your way. Shit, put a wall around it so you can pretend you just made skateboarding up.

    No matter. We’re building a bunch of parks. I’m sure I’ll find something to skate. Yeah, it’s public money but city hall wasn’t going to think of using it to build skate spots on their own.

  123. houseofneil on August 23, 2007 - Reply

    you all know that this guy isn’t me, right? Just want to make that clear to everybody.

  124. Dick cancer on August 23, 2007 - Reply

    Hey, I just want to say, I love the work SPS has done and I enjoy all aspects of skating and even more thank DREAMLAND for doing a GREAT job and keeping it real. Neil is one 34 year OLD MAN. It’s time to either skate with NEIL or completely stop responding to his complaints. The squeeky wheel gets the “grease”, or we crush it and replace it with a good wheel….

  125. Stop mumbling, Neil

  126. jonnybgood on August 23, 2007 - Reply

    houseof neil dont worry your little butt buddies wont ban you from this “cool” site

  127. johnnybgood on August 23, 2007 - Reply

    dont worry house of neil..your little but buddies wont ban you from this site…they just might make you wear pads…

  128. Fascinating to watch him try to string words together in coherent form. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck.

  129. In the early 90’s I remember city money for a city skatepark going to an indoor park, that was pay to ride that no longer exists! I remember Burnside being built at the same time with donations, pocket change & hustling. That was it period.
    I think Someone is crying Please “Call the Whaah-mbulance!”

  130. Stop mumbling Johhny

  131. houseofneil on August 24, 2007 - Reply

    No worries, I’m older than anybody on the site probably: I’ve got pads enough for everybody. Even you, tough guy.

  132. So I skated Canby the other day with a bunch of good friends who rip. Canby is not perfect by a long shot, it has kinks, rough spots and fucked up trnny. But it was super fun! The fact that it was built totally wrong is what makes it totally sick!

    So it really doesnt matter what we build, if you show up with a crew of positive people yer gonna have a blast.

    Dick, no one seems to know who you are, you didn’t show up to skate, never showed at any meetings, apparently you dont even exist! So what are you hiding from?

  133. I hear that. Just make it and screw what everyone wants. I like screwed up parks that are all tight. do the worst job possible please. No matter what its going to be good cause its down the street.

  134. Dick cancer on September 1, 2007 - Reply

    I missed you in Canby? I have been to your meetings up in Multnomah village, not once but twice. I am anonymous but if you want a buddy, I think you are a pretty nice guy, I don’t know if it was your wife or girlfriend that was with you up there but you both seem pretty nice and I think the crew of AS can build something radical if they want.
    Don’t peter out and cave into “Grover mentatlity” or Neil bitching. Portland can use a third kick ass super feature. I want to skate upside down. NO, I haven’t been upside down in Reesport but I need to go upside down sometime and why drive five hours when you guys are thinking about doing something right here…. YOU KOOKS voted to leave out double funnel SUCK!!! Neil, I had all kinds of beer to share and YOU SUCK TO!!! Marek, you voted against DF and your check ass sucks even though you have stinky feet and I still like you… WHY NOT COME DOWN TO KLAMATH FALLS THIS LABOR DAY WEEKEND FOR A FEW SECONDS, JUST A FEW SECONDS AND SEE WHAT A LOT OF US LIKE BUT MOST ARE TO LAZY TO COME AND SKATE….or some are to scared to skate. No excuses. I’ll be there the whole weekend, because that’s me annual skate weekend. Every year K falls for labor day, last year I caught Grosso and Mountain killing it or was that the year before. It’s all cool baby, I trust AS to build whatever they like, just build it and Phuc whoever complains about it being this and being that, phuc’em. they don’t skate the real anyway.

  135. pussies…fuck your own shit…the reason skateparks are being built is to keep us off the streets…skateboarding is fuckin punk rock. Ride everything, listen to gg allin…Make us hated again…

  136. is there a dick cancer newsletter or fanclub ? there should be .

  137. hey, dick, eversince you are such a good speller you should know that CHECK is something your mama would have to give to somebody to teach you how to skate. im from CZECH, buddy:)

  138. Dick cancer on September 3, 2007 - Reply

    Marek, my Czech buddy.
    Is that the best you can come up with? Go check yourself my Czech friend. Take a bath you stinky Czech, I’m from AMERICA. The greatest country in the universe. Your lucky I still like you, or I’d have your smith grinding ass deported straight back to the dark ages of Prague…

  139. anotherdude on September 4, 2007 - Reply

    What if you just put tranny walls around the perimeter in whatever shape and then put bumps/burms like santa rosa or that bc park in the middle. They could snake and maybe not just be bumps but dip down lower than the flat bottom too. Have the whole thing be downhill (like it is). The extention aspect of the deep is totally lame, it would be way more usefull to have a channel, loveseat, or deathbox or all. I have never seen a roman end in a park, that would be cool too!

    Also, it is important that bumps are definitely not just tranny walls with roll over lip, but full on ollie friendly humps and also burms (or whatever you call the Santa Rosa style bumps?)

  140. alex morris on September 4, 2007 - Reply

    fuck airspeed can do way better than that. I dont see way you people wont just let them them do what they do best make gnarly ass skateparks.

  141. jeeez,this got pretty damn heated.. I think portland is very fortunate to have fellas like geth. He has done some interesting features,whether or not all agree if they funtion. he has a clear vision that every skatepark have its own uniqueness. evryone will thank him for that one day,even the haters…
    I have a vision too.. mine involves niel being run over by a car

  142. I was going to write something super significant, but I just read that entire thread, and I’m all worn out. Do use guys skate with the same amount of energy you use to bitch at each other? Is there gonna be 15 more of the awesomely productive threads? Don’t forget to save some energy to bitch about the next parks.

  143. We laughed our asses off at bullshit like that in the 70’s. Better get BACK TO THE DRAWIN BOARD!!!!

  144. Funny, my friends and I would have killed to have something like this to skate in the 70’s. All we had were wooden ramps, some in our driveways. We used to do this thing where we would get towed by speeding cars into the ramp, but it always ended with someone hitting their head on a rock. Weird.

  145. chain skate on November 24, 2007 - Reply

    if you build it, I will cum.

  146. Abegnegal on January 15, 2008 - Reply

    So, when is this thing breaking ground? They’re suppose to start in January,no?

  147. I went to a meeting to look at the final drawings last night. It’s in permitting and should break ground in mid to late March which is delayed but word is it should be finished on schedule in June? July? Sorry , I can’t recall. The final is similar to the basic layout here but slightly more open. Placement of rolled lips and coping will provide for lots of ways to skate it, speed carving, launches, transfers, miniramping, bowling, There are some ledges/pads on the deck too.

  148. Are they going to allow bicycles at Gabriel Skate park? My only problem with the design is that it seems like the kinda park that bikes could just blow out anyone on the other side of a blind hip. Are there any plans to have a skate park that respects the difficulty of riding a simple board on wheels?

  149. dude has anyone been to frikin anthem that is the the best park you hooligans should be talking about

  150. corncobcock on February 13, 2008 - Reply

    i agree with the Spanky kid. Ihope its not that fairy from the mags…signed, Mugger

  151. Mugger is independently wealthy from his tech investments which were funded by his SST buyout money. A long way from the Nig Heist.

  152. The Nig Heist album is actually pretty good- I would’ve thought it to be horrible. His has got to be one the Top 5 rags to riches tales ever.

  153. There was an album? I always loved the FTW song.

  154. I’ll give you a copy next time I see you…Somebody needs to interview Mugger more…

  155. houseofneil on February 14, 2008 - Reply

    I saw Nig Heist supporting Black Flag on their 1985 UK tour. Nobody had heard of either band, so there were about 50 assorted punks and herberts at the club. Lots of vaseline spikes and leather and studs. The GBH crew. Imagine their surprise when the clean cut singer of Nig Heist came up and started into “tight little pu**y”. The punk rockers were appalled. I laughed my ass off.

  156. corncobcock on February 14, 2008 - Reply

    you guys are detectives who are watching…but anyway this parkk, no freeestyle area? where am i gonna POGO! oh, at the show. tangent…Dr. Know is tonite..fff. Brad K. thanks for the grenades, they went off in the box. the other ingredients are also nice. signed, Chris Cook

  157. Abegnegal on April 11, 2008 - Reply

    I thought you guys would be interested to know that they broke ground a couple of weeks ago. Seems like there’re a few modifications too.

  158. Step ahead of you, but we haven’t been there since they were just excavating.

    Check it out.

  159. That park sucks, Geth sucks and airspeed is a joke.
    You make shit Geth and you don’t care.
    We don’t like you. You are a Red wannabe who could never
    stand up and be real.
    You are a bad skatepark designer.
    Don’t even bother the N.W with your crap.
    All your park suck almost as much as PTR parks.
    LEt the real pros build them for us.(Dreamland & Grindline)

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