Ultimate Skate Park

Ultimate Skate Park

All this talk about meetings and feedback for new skateparks is now moot. Costco is selling The Ultimate Skate Park online, so it seems all we need to do now is order one. Attention city planners! If you live in a town with a population of more than 5 people, you might want to order a couple. And what product does Costco recommend you purchase with your new ultimate skate park? Why, a crappy BMX bike, of course. Skate and Annoy would like to give our heartfelt condolences to Dreamland, Grindline, Placed to Ride, Airspeed and others that will likely go out of business now that Costco has taken the guesswork and expense out of building the ultimate skatepark.

– Thanks to Sarib Singh Khalsa for the tip.

Costco’s Ultimate Skate Park

Mojo Rails makes the Ultimate Skate Park and sells it for $4,199.99 plus shipping on Skateproducts.net. Buy it from Costco and it’ll only cost you $3,999.99, shipping included. Need another reason?

The Mojo Skate Park is the most complete skateboarding setup you can get on the market today! It’s got a bit of everything and something for everyone. This is what you get with the Mojo Rails Skate Park: 2 Quarter Pipes, 2 Skateboard Ramps, 2 Grinding Rails (1 Round, 1 Square), Skateboard Grind Bench, and a Fun Box Port-a-Park Set.

With this skate park at your house, you’ll have all your friends and neighbors over for some fun competition. All of these Mojo items are great for inline skates and bmx bikes too, so no one has to miss out on the fun. Order yours today!

Yes, those quarter pipes are 4 feet wide. Oooh! I feel so frickin’ Ultimate!

Ultimate Skate Park


  1. colin on July 11, 2007 - Reply

    I’m speechless – this shit is dangerous

  2. For $5000 you could have a little Dreamland bowl in your backyard.

  3. Seriously? $5000? That sounds pretty reasonable, and a hell of a lot more fun than shit like roofs, bathroom re-models, carpeting, etc. Hmmm, if I can think of a way to blend it with my wife’s garden, we’re getting somewhere.

    Or maybe I’ll just go to Costco. I could also get a huge tub of refried beans and maybe some tires for my car.

  4. But spend the 5k at Costco and you could still buy a couple 55 gallon drums of mayonnaise, 100lbs of bologna, 2000 loaves of bread and 12 gross paper plates…. or the Ultimate Skate Park.

    I think that 5k price tag involves a lot of work that Dreamland expects you to do though.

  5. from my understanding – the biggest hurdle is diggin the hole. – dig a big enough hole and make the location accessible – and you’ve got your self something.

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