I went to Sleestock 07 and all I took was 4 crummy pictures

Sleestock 2007

I went to Sleestock 2007 and I only took four pictures. Two of them are butt shots, and one is of a local that who was definitely not into having his park invaded by the likes of the Stak, or probably anyone else for that matter. I took five pictures actually, but one was a bail. “Why have you forsaken me?” you ask. Well I can’t answer that. It certainly wasn’t for lack ripping or interesting subject matter, and the turnout was good. I felt like taking it easy while not wrecking myself in the bowl. And I forgot all my stickers. I was, basically, useless. There were plenty of other cameras there so we’ll keep you updated. If you post pictures drop me an email and I’ll put together some links. Until then, you can view SnA’s massive coverage after the jump. Thanks to Bobcat for putting it all together again.

Less than half-assed coverage of Sleestock 2007

Update: More coverage from…

Earth Patrol Media
The Skateboard Archives

These shots were all taken about 5:00 on Friday evening when Stakkers were starting to trickle in. Click to enlarge, but whatever you do, don’t touch a blue crystal to a yellow one.

This kid is a Lincoln City local who was a very angry young man, or at least he wanted us to think so. In any case, he was charging. (It’s BIGGINS)
Sleestock 2007

I believe this guy’s name is Maze or Maize? (It’s Mayes.)
Sleestock 2007

Hey, it’s Steve Howell. He showed up for what seemed like 15 minutes on his way elsewhere. As usual, he was having fun and going big.
Sleestock 2007

A backside disaster in the shallow end of the pool diserves a better shot than this, but unfortunately, this is what you get.
Sleestock 2007


  1. fuck yeah!

  2. serviathan on July 20, 2007 - Reply

    Woo Hoo!

    It’s Mayes.

  3. Hell yeah, Another article that wasted less than 5 minutes at work plus the additional time spent to reply. Sleestock was great this year, however; leave your expectations about road trips at the door and you shall not be disappointed.

  4. orezona on July 27, 2007 - Reply

    angry charger dude is known locally as BIGGINS (how do I know? I just do…)

    (nice seeing who I saw on saturday there at LC)

  5. Zim – Are you saying you’re not wasting enough time at work here?

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