Ed Benedict goes to Newline/California Skateparks


California Skateparks & New Line Skateparks are the team that the Evaluation Committee selected. Purchasing is approaching them with regards to signing the contracts.


  1. george on July 13, 2007 - Reply

    So stoked that New Line is involved. They make some of my favorite skateparks and if they can work a little of the Winnipeg magic we are on course for an epic park.

  2. Peter on July 13, 2007 - Reply

    Is this going to be a collaboration between the two?

  3. Yes, they submitted a proposal together. More details as we get them.

  4. Danimal on July 13, 2007 - Reply

    does anybody know the square footage for the park? Hopefully it will be LARGE.

  5. shit, they make me wanna move to Winnipeg. what a cool park.

  6. Are you kidding me?! Nonstop “build a street plaza!”, “enough tranny, more street!”, “don’t you guys see what we’re riding? Why are you still building bowls?!”, and it’s announced that New Line is going to build Ed Benedict and… silence. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong blog?

    Kids, go the link in JF’s message, look at the Winnipeg park, and just try not to get even a little bit excited over what E.B. could be. I am a card-carrying, tranny-skating Barney, and even my pulse went up looking at that place. “Sick” does not begin to describe Winnipeg, and you need to get involved in the planning to make sure that the same magic is there at Ed Benedict.

    From what I’ve seen between the SPS site and here, though, you’ll just find something to complain about and then you’ll leave it up to the old guys to put it together. If this happens, my viewpoint about the current crop of kids being the “Entitled Generation” will be re-confirmed. Put a little work into this one, guys, it’s yours. If you need help, you’ll find me over at Gabriel riding the snake.

  7. Shake on July 14, 2007 - Reply

    how many kids that ride street do you think visit this website? If you want to feel gratified by building street parks just look at the “other side” of glenhaven that %90 of the people go there to ride and be stoked that the rad street course is getting so much use so your free to skate that fun ass bowl without someone running into you every 5 minutes. I don’t think this will be the only “plaza” style park to be built. Trust me, as soon as people see how popular that park is, there will be more. So long as the people who are old enough to have a say in the community don’t screw it up by getting greedy.

  8. Shake, what site do you go to, and is it buzzing over Ed Benedict? I hope so. I want you guys to feel gratified by getting involved and making it happen the way you want it to happen. I have not been involved in getting these parks built to this point, but my understanding is that the street contingent has been much less involved in the process. However old you are, you already have a say in the community by just showing up at meetings or putting comments at the Parks & Rec. site or SPS.

    I completely agree with you on Glenhaven and that more, and much larger, street areas should be built, even another plaza or two (Steel Bridge would be a great site, maybe also with a bowl, like Winnipeg? Throw me a bone). As others have said, there’s plenty to go around and all types of skating should be accomodated. I think another good example of balance is Battle Ground. All I’m saying is, get involved and then the old guys can’t screw it up.

  9. Shake on July 15, 2007 - Reply

    amen, I would love to be able to voice my opinion but evertime I hear about a meeting or anything its too late. I really wanted to get involved with pier park because thats where I first started skating. I love portland and I really want to see it grow into a place that will accomidate ALL skateboarders, old and young alike. yea we should get plazas but that would be sick if we got an animal chin replica ramp, or a del mar/upland bowl like the one they have at the vans park in CA. The possiblities are endless, I just don’t want to see that street/vert segragation in skateboarding in the future and if we build nothing but one genre of skatepark, thats what will happen.

  10. Dick Cancer on July 15, 2007 - Reply

    Pull your heads out of the sand. Street type shite is being built. Glenhaven is phucking RAD! OH, really I didn’t see those F ing stairs to the left the other day, rode down three and ate some big ass shite next to the punk wall. I slammed myself to see if I was still dreaming. I’m not. It’s reality. WHITEFISH, MONTANA, different, organic, F ing rad. Polson, MONTANA can you see the street there. Let’s see what Mark Scott pulls out of his HAT in TIGARD. Word has it, it’s going to be a lot of “street”. UPland whatever. maybe I need to disapoint myself and travel down to california to skate some shite parks. The one “genere” being built is changing because kids are complaining they can’t skate “trany” (trany: is a term for transvestites, looks like a chic but has a dick) well, I started out on flat ground on the back porch, went out to the street and got my ass served and then came back and learned how to skate and then found a F ing pool and that’s the shite. Now, that I learned to ollie on flat F ing ground I take it to “tranition” and some day over coping three feet out.
    Street your mom in the kitty.

  11. Mac: Well said! “Entitled Generation” describes it. It’s inconvenient to put the effort into finding out about and showing up to all the meetings. It’s easy to complain about it afterwards.

    Shake: Excuses! If you really want to be involved in the park building process you will find a way. We have linked to the Portland Parks site many a time. Bookmark it and check back regularly to find out when the meetings are. Get on their mailing lists. Send them an email.

    As for Newline – After seeing their Winnipeg park I am really excited to see them involved in the street plaza. I had actually been planning a post on the Winnipeg park for a while, might as well get around to it now. I would have liked to see it go to a local company but the Winnipeg park looks so fun that I can’t complain. I wonder how much involvement they need actually, seems like they’ve got the street thing down pat.

    Glenhaven: I like the whole park. I see all of it being used and enjoyed. I’m pretty sure an “old man” was heavily involved in the design of the street section.

    Where is the Portland street skating web site? I keep asking for someone to contribute street skating wise to this site (from Portland or anywhere, really) and I get no takers.

  12. Darren on July 19, 2007 - Reply

    I am 36 and live in Winnipeg and am pretty happy to now have this park (the one you have shown here). It is huge and is being used non-stop. Actually there seems to be more and more parks popping up here in the Peg.
    Check out our skate site – http://winnipegskateparks.com
    If you click “parks” you will see all of our parks. Listen to Dio. Ride a Danforth.

  13. Newline sucks ass. No I haven’t skated the Winterpeg park but just look at Guilford in Slurry to see yet another piece of shit Newline bowl.

  14. Well, their bowls may suck but they seem to do a good job street plaza wise, which is what this park will be.

  15. orezona on July 23, 2007 - Reply

    CA skateparks does good work too. The street stuff they’ve done recently here in AZ (see the N. Scottsdale park) is pretty good and very popular. Sounds like (to those interested in skating street), this is one of the best possible collaborations of two experienced skate plaza builder/designers.

  16. toddw on July 27, 2007 - Reply

    it’s a skatepark. go use your skateboard in it.
    don’t like it? build your own!

  17. oh noes! one skatepark out of 19 has things you have to ollie up!!!!

  18. danimal on July 29, 2007 - Reply

    anybody know the square footage of this park? I couldnt find it on SPS.

    skate or die fags.

  19. If you hold your cursor over the little pictures on the 19 skateparks page at skateportland.org, a square footage number should pop up. I have 5000-9000 for Ed Benedict but I think it is supposed to be around 8000 sq ft.

  20. Danimal on July 30, 2007 - Reply

    Thanks Mark.

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