West Linn Park Slalom June 23rd

Park Slalom poster

Click the flyer for more info.


  1. Geez, we are promoting the heck out of this park slalom event, almost as if we were going to attend it.

    You killed my bunny post.

  2. El Stinko on June 15, 2007 - Reply

    What are all those rabbit turds wrapped around the cones? Do they represent all the shitty old men who will be entering the contest?

    LOL! Just kidding.

  3. nweyesk8 on June 15, 2007 - Reply

    so is it 8am or 8pm?

  4. Estes on June 17, 2007 - Reply

    8am to register and 9am to start racing………

  5. nweyesk8 on June 17, 2007 - Reply

    that’s early and you want us to pay, where does the $ go? who should i make the check out to?

  6. Estes on June 19, 2007 - Reply

    Drink coffee and put on your fun hat. Entry fee’s always cover the costs. We lowered the enty fee this year. FYI. Another reason too is we wanted to skate when it was comfortable in the morning, not sweltering heat like last years race.

  7. Dick Cancer on June 19, 2007 - Reply

    What? Are you old, fat, doughnut boys afraid of a little heat??? Talk about a bunch of Limp noodles. F the heat, it’s not like it’s going to be 90 degrees or anything hotter than that, and as for last year it was just fine. I think I wore black pants that day, and a long sleeve T. But I’m just a dick and just want to try and go fast once in a while. I just think doing a race that early is Fing lame in my opinion. It just doesn’t give enough time to get the most people to check out a real coool event like park slaloms. It does cool down in the evening but I know the real dicks come and shut the park down at around 8pm. Start a race around 6pm and go till dark. I mean really, how many racers are there? Twenty??? Well, if it was later in the day maybe get thirty or fourty, maybe fifty… And HEY! I appreciate the lower entry fee. It was ten last year. I can buy a soda. Dick out…

  8. I suspect part of the reason was to appease the surrounding neighbors. Get it over quicker. A bunch of uptight suburbanoids in the area.

  9. nweyesk8 on June 19, 2007 - Reply

    costs? i dont remember an entry fee to sk8 at west linn on a normal daily basis. what is the point of having some 20+ sponsors for an event if the “real” sponsors are the people paying the entry fee?

  10. Dick Cancer on June 20, 2007 - Reply

    On a normal day, there is no fee to skate any skatepark in OREGON. Sorry, correction. Klamath Falls, Oregon charges a dollar, most are too affraid to travel 550 miles round trip, some don’t like to wear a helmet, I don’t like the fat dude looking at me like I’m some piece of candy, and others probably don’t get that KF is one the best parks built in the country. I think, next to LC those are the two best parks in ORegon. As for the entry fee, it’s to recoup cost of product, but if we have cool guys like Estes to donate DUFFS and WAlly who owns a shop, I know they can get free product just by asking there reps for some. So yeah! why you charging??? All of us who skate, keep buying from said sponsors, so why not just charge $5.00 and call it good. I know the state games charged $15.00 bucks to enter the Aumsville park slalom but you did get a white T-shirt. I know last year at WL every first place winner got a free deck and first, sec, and third all received a cool piece of paper, framed behind glass. That had to cost a couple bucks and of course more often than not you come out with more than put in. So PHUC it, $8.00 isn’t going to break the bank even you are doing a PBR couch tour. You want some come and get it, get there early BEEEEEEEEOTCH!!! I’m the tall goofy guy with dark hair in my early thirties.

  11. nweyesk8 on June 20, 2007 - Reply

    I recently drove all the way to Klamath Falls and was pretty pissed off to find out the park was ‘closed’ on mondays. WTF!?!? with the cost of gas, 8.00$ wont even get me to portland, much less back home. And what fuckin skater cares about a peice of paper under glass. It should be FREE, fuck the bullshit. The Tri-Fecta seems to do a good job of giving away money for prizes without imposing an entry fee. Maybe Estes is too much of a stoned slacker to get his shit together.

  12. 20 skaters times $8.00 = $160.00. Wow Wally and Estes are really raking it in on this event! The time those guys put in to holding an event like this is worth a lot more than $160.00 and I am pretty sure that money goes to a insurance policy or directly back to the West Linn skate-park. If you don’t want to pay the money I am pretty sure you can have an empty Pier Park all to yourself that morning.

  13. Yeah, geez guys, lighten up. The Trifecta has World Cup Skateboarding as a backer, that’s not huge, but those guys are salaried, so there is money there. Estes and Wally are just two guys putting on an event in the morning. They probably have to pay for insurance for the event and/or a permit, plus rent a bunch of crap like a P.A., etc. They bought their own timer. This is just a grass roots effort. There’s obviously no money to be made off of advertising in park slalom. If you’re not into it, don’t go. If you want to skate West Linn that day, just wait till the afternoon when the event is over.

  14. The posted opening time at the park is 9:00. The neighbors are going to be pissed.

  15. Dick Cancer on June 21, 2007 - Reply

    Who drives down to Kentucky Flats on a flippin Monday anyway? I knew I was forgetting something…Yeah, they have it closed for some reason, Kids and school and some @#$%/ like that…You know I hate to say it and not sound like a dick, but You just can’t drive to Klamath and expect to skate…this is a place unlike no other place on this earth…you need to call first. I usually call up Jeff Ball (city manager) give him some #$%# or the fat man at SKATELAND…that’s a good laugh. I’m sorry but that’s a F in HOOT. 550 miles…and shut down. Well, there’s always southern oregon. You know I’ll pay your $8.00 if you can turn a better time then me…that’s a bet. I’m callin you out big mamma jamma.. Ride ON!

  16. nweyesk8 on June 22, 2007 - Reply

    we were actually driving back from mammoth lakes california and made klammath falls be part of our route home. to be at west linn at 8 am I would have to leave town at 6:30 am. your 8$ isnt worth getting out of bed for.It would barely cover the cost of my daily coffee consumption.

  17. Dick Cancer on June 22, 2007 - Reply

    Oh, turn your nose up at my offer, and what, you can spend $8.00 on coffee. Enough of you, and your kind. Who goes to cali to skate anyway???

  18. nweyesk8 on June 23, 2007 - Reply

    we got fooled into thinking mammoth lakes might be a good park

  19. Dick Cancer on June 23, 2007 - Reply

    nweye…you have givin me so much in these past few days, I have to say, Thank YOU! Your story makes me laugh so hard, especially the Klamath part and then to top it off, you travel even further out of the way, I hear it’s way the F out there and way into the interior of Cali and you pull up to a GRINDLINE park. At least you can say you’ve skated it. That’s more than I will do. Did you at least get to check out the new parks in SACtown??? I have a friend that says tanzinite is cool and granite is sick…I just say, if you have a choice and there’s no difference in drive time, skate Klamath, there’s nothing better. Grindline in Cali. I skated WEED a couple of times. Makes me wonder, if Mark H even touched ground in WEED or just sent some of his crew to run rampant with crete and trowells. In my dick opinion, and others opinion weed is cool and a good stretcher before you hit up Klamath but the bowl they built there I just don’t get it. I think it sucks a donkey dick. I do however think the design is FRESH and it’s a fun park, I just don’t get the bowl, I think it was geeked. It’s shallow for wich I can understand that, it has too much flat and maybe that’s why I don’t build parks, YET?

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