Gabriel Park Meeting

Meeting about Gabriel Park design June 26 details at Skaters for Portland Skateparks. Pictured is Airspeed’s preliminary design. They should have a revised scheme at the meeting. Be there to provide feedback.

Community Open House
Tuesday, June 26, 7:00-8:30pm
Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR


  1. Looks fun to me. It would be gnarly if the top of the funnel was gapable on one side. (Like hip to hip) Since you can only skate one side of the funnel it wouldn’t matter if they were aligned asymetrically. Know what I’m saying?

  2. alex morris on June 17, 2007 - Reply

    no hot wheels track.

  3. shoey on June 17, 2007 - Reply

    super snake run to 16′ pocket

  4. Dick Cancer on June 20, 2007 - Reply

    What? Are you Funking kidding? That’s the funking design! What the phuc? Do I have a dick in my rectum? That design can go F off. That looks like a fag design of Pier. PHUC! why not call up pukkis robes to build the damn thing. Why not go hire those ‘cans over off of Burnside to build it, you can get hose B to shoot the crete and hose A to trowel it with his hands. I think I’m pissed.
    That design smells like stinky Kates foul, fecal mattered, puss…I think she wipes from back to front. What ever, that prelim design and just about everything Airspeed has built is like a limp dick that can’t get HARD>…You want to get hard? Super snake or something out of this world…..use your imagination A LITTLE. So the 26th. I think it’s time I come out of my shell.

  5. Calm Down, that was the preliminary design they submitted with the proposal. Let’s wait to see the updated design at the meeting. Meanwhile you’ve used up all your flame allowance.

  6. Dick Cancer on June 20, 2007 - Reply

    Dear Mr. Conahan
    I can’t calm down. It means a lot to me as it does you. The design looks BLAND. I like the fact that funnels can be looped. I like to roll over pipes and go through and yes someday upside down. This funnel pipe looks lame. And this park looks like a “one man run park”. You know what I mean. Lots of swingin dicks lurking while Marek rips it up for a couple minutes. I’m going to shut the F up. Airspeed has fine workmanship, exceptional to say the least, but designs by AIRSPEED are just down right lame. Reedsport’s funnel is the only thing inovative they have done in my opinion. Then they geeked it over in the other section. They petered out, lost there wind. And how about Toledo what a CROCK! Waldport parabolic WOW! Florence, I like the ten foot wall that is just F ing useless. Whatever, I thought I was going to shut the F up.

  7. cowboy on June 21, 2007 - Reply

    downhill super snake run w/ 10′ rollers into a 16′ canyon with a 20 foot funnel tunnel w/ a cradle in the back for the pussies

  8. Smay1O on June 22, 2007 - Reply

    I really like the Coffin shaped Manual pad. I also like the color scheme they used on the design. As long as it has POOL COPING, it’s okay with the SMAY!

  9. SSK’s idea is sik–if I understand correctly, offset funnels. Like Bob’s corkscrew, but completed.

    Actually, I have been thinking about the corkscrew line thru the tite passage, from funnel to funnel. It could be makeable with no offset needed.

    The corkscrew line at Florence might be possible, super tite tho! You can shoot a board thru it to check how it would go.

    See you all 2 nite

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