Drop in, ya pansy.

comic that mocks the young


  1. I’d imagine that some kid doing a 10 stair ollie or railing grind might take issue with this.

  2. LOL. Hey, wait, I resemble that remark! I could drop in if I wanted to. I just don’t want to right now.

  3. In my personal opinion kickflipping down four stairs is riskier than dropping in on a smooth consistent transition. The real pansies are the old men that limit themselves to sanitized skateparks…

  4. Which makes them pansies for not dropping in… wait, that wasn’t your point was it?

    You’re so bitter Pete. You’ve been offered an outlet for a different point of view on Skate and Annoy, the offer still stands.

  5. I know Kilwag but I’m not the street guy either… I like it all. I just wish people from both sides would open their minds. I need to dust off my camera and get you some stuff. Heading to Egypt, London and Wales next month- so maybe I can get you some content…

  6. Dust off that camera! We had eight visits from Egypt and 3 from Cardiff last month. Google Analytics doesn’t break down the UK any farther, and Cardiff is the only city I know of off the top of my head.

  7. A ten-stair is only a five-foot drop.

  8. to flat.

    A roll in at pier is only a half foot drop.

  9. I’ll see your ten-stair and raise you a four-foot-out frontside air out of an 11.5 foot deep bowl with 18 inches of vert.

  10. I’d be happy to see you ollie down eight stairs if you let my air be 2′ instead of 4’… What about this? We’ll both attempt both and see who can get closest to pulling both.

  11. It’s on!

    Or you guys could joust in the ditch at midnight!

    Is there an 8 stair anywhere that isn’t a bust and is safe for “beginners” – meaning easy run up and landing?

  12. Dude, I can barely walk down eight stairs. If you had just caught me thirty years ago when I was riding off of two staked picnic tables and launching over TV station vans off the side of a half-pipe…I’m going to have to concede. Street skating is much radder than vert.

  13. ha ha… Actually, given the current state of my back, I’d rather go for the air than the stairs right now also…
    I’m actually going to try some skateboarding this week. Haven’t been to Glenhaven or BG yet…

    Six stairs and a 1′ stinkbug air?

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