Skateboarders fall down, go boom


What do you call that trick where you are pushing off on your skateboard and your back leg catches the rear wheel on your skateboard? Oh yeah, it’s called funny! One guy made a documentary about it. What a happy coincidence. Just yesterday I was trying to come up with an
excuse to post an old video of I have of House of Neil doing the same thing. The first vid is called “Crash, Burn & Replay: A Segway Documentary” It’s pretty good, even though it flirts heavily with overkill. The second one is a short but sweet star vehicle for Neil titled “The Legends of Stenchtown,” after the Stench Ditch, a seminal, hardcore, locals only, dare I say Extreme™ skate spot in Evanston Illinois, and home to the Stenchtown crew who revolutionized skateboard slams with style.

Crash, Burn & Replay: A Segway Documentary

Source: The Visual Burn via SWAGTV

Legends of Stenchtown

It’s important to note it was about 20 degrees outside on that cold New Year’s day in 2003. And Neil, please accept my apology for posting this. As retaliation you can always post that highly embarrassing video of me looking/acting like a tool on the news in college. That will officially be the end of my credibility.


  1. houseofneil on May 16, 2007 - Reply

    I’l give you a billio dollars to remove the video!!!

    And of course, reference should be made to the fact that it was early morning, freezing cold (just after new years I believe), and I was hungover as hell.

    I went there just last week. Seems like the braniacs at the Skokie Park District decided to paint it using a very slick grey paint. It’s almost unskatable it’s so slick. Not that it was particularly good before that. . . .

  2. houseofneil on May 16, 2007 - Reply

    I entered a long comment here, but it didn’t get uploaded. Did the server go down or something?????

  3. houseofneil on May 16, 2007 - Reply

    it’s all good. Yes it was cold and early in the morning and we were all very hungover if I remember right.

    Skokie Park District have recently painted the ditch with a grey paint in order to make it look better I guess? Problem is, it is now so slick that it is almost unskateable. Not that it was that great to begin with of course. . . .

  4. Yes, very hung over. I remember your wife bought us a carton of hot coffee (like wine in a box) but it didn’t help much.

    Neil, the missing comment – That happened to me once or twice before. I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ll try to keep an eye on it. If anyone ese has this problem I’d like to know about it.

  5. I had the same problem yesterday. I tried to post a long comment. It seemed to take it, but it didn’t show up.

    Then, I tried to repost but WordPress gave me a message that said I had already posted that comment.

    So then I thought Randy and the Skate and Annoy Thought Police were reviewing all posts and it would just post after review.

    Then I thought my comments regarding my unmanly physique got my post cleaned from the system.

    Very odd

  6. Got it. They were getting picked up by a comment spam filter, sometimes for the number of links and sometimes for some sort of fuzzy content engine. For instance, one of Neil’s got blocked because it apparently had the word “gay” in it too many times, even though it was in reference to other people’s homophobia.

  7. Stenchtown Crew. I like that. Let’s print up some t-shirts.

  8. Guys-

    Where is this spot? It looks like it’s out in the country somewhere and not Evanston.

  9. houseofneil on May 17, 2007 - Reply

    it is on the divide of Evanston and Skokie, right on the north branch of the Chicago River. It’s on Main Street just a few doors down from the AWH warehouse. Behind Sams Club. It’s not worth checking out unless you are in evanston.

  10. Thanks Neil. I know where you are talking about. I haven’t been to Sam’s Club in Evanston for years.

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