National skate tragedy for France.

Jean Postec

The Unted States isn’t the only xenophobic country. France has been trying to figure out how keep it real, French, that is, sometimes getting very angry about the dilution of French culture. Certainly not helping his countrymen in this respect, pro (?) skateboarder Jean Postec just signed a deal to endorse the Right Guard® Xtreme line of antiperspirant and deodorant products. Adding insult to injury, the French aren’t exactly known for their use of deodorant in the first place. Why don’t you know who Jean Postec is? Because he’s French and a vert skater!

Right Guard® Inks Postec to Xtreme Endorsement Deal

Wow! An extreme (excuse me, Xtreme!) endorsement deal. Why do I even know about this? Because Meghan Powers (no relation to Max Power) sent us a press release. Someone is really selling these Madison avenue execs a bill of goods. Why do they sign vert skaters to endorsement deals? When are they going to realize that the kids want to see slalom skateboarding on their TV commercials, you know, something they can relate to?

Let’s delve into the mystery of who is this Jean Postec?

Kingpin Magazine has a three page interview with Jean Postec. Date unknown.

Jean Postec in Kingpin Magazine has an interview from October 8th of 2006, titled Jean Postec- Coming on Strong There are also links to other Jean Postec articles, videos, and very annoying popup advertisements when you roll over words like “Tony Hawk.” Microsoft wants you to “find skateboarder news and information about Tony Hawk with Live Search.” I want Microsoft to STFU! What’s the deal with I like nude skydiving as much as the next guy or gal, but does anyone really get into these multiple discipline sport sites? If so, when is Action Now going to start publishing again?

Jean Postec on Lat34 has an interview with Jean Postec too. com is an odd gig. It seems like there are an inordinate amount of “how to change your wheel bearings” type articles. Maybe I’m confusing those with another site.

Jean Postec on

Are you still reading this? Are you scratching your head about the graphic used at the top of this post? Pay attention in your history classes. I can’t believe I couldn’t find anything about Action Now magazine on the web besides a little bit on Salbaland (scroll down to the mention of Thrasher, or click here.) and something else on a BMX site. It’s definitely time to start the Skate and Annoy gallery of Dead Skateboarding Publications.

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    interwiew de jean postec par la


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