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Apparently we’re in a position to help other people out nowadays. That’s right, you can stop laughing, wipe the smirk off your face and stuff it! We had over 80 thousand page views last month. Not requests for individual files or other inflated BS, this is Interweb™! magic folks! Now that we’re done breaking our arm to pat ourselves on the back, there’s a new online skate, art, lifestyle publication called Mumble Magazine. In their own words:

In plain english: we publish articles that have to do with influential artists, photographers, skateboarders, places, books, shit you can buy, music and whatever as well as some totally random shit that somehow fits into the picture. Headed up by the former editor of, we’re dedicated to bringing real content back to the internet following the stranglehold that blogs have taken on it. We publish at least two new features every week.

Former editor? Sounds like when I interviewed for a job and said I was laid off from my previous job. I checked it out, It’s got some good stuff there like this feature on J. Grant Brittain and this one on 25 Years of Transworld, plus a lot more for people with a more well-rounded life, kind of like the seemingly defunct Bail Magazine, actually. If Bail isn’t dead, then they are the only skate magazine with a more irregular print schedule than Juice. Ass long as I’m taking the piss, Mumble’s definition of “actual features” is a little lax. Some early features are nothing more than thinly disguised but nicely presented product highlights, such as a bunch of pictures of Nike SB shoes and some free MP3’s. By that definition, we here at Skate and Annoy sometimes publish four or five features a day, even if we use a blog engine to do it. Ok, I’m done busting balls now. It’s actually something I’ve been struggling with here at Skate and Annoy. Our official “Features” posting has dropped dramatically, but a high percentage of our posts are very, very meaty. I’d even say dripping with content. Sure. Otherwise you’re just another monkey recycling links. Check out this skateboarding bulldog. LOL! But seriously folks, have a peek at Mumble Magazine. You’ll recognize some names over there.

(Note: Mumble links removed, original site is gone and appears to be malware now.)


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