Happy accident.

Louis at Pier Park

Time to break out the camera for action shots again. It’s been almost three months, but EPM‘s been TCB so it’s not like I was missed. Abusrd! I hauled my injured ass (shoulder and hip, actually) out to Pier to take pictures of old men skating vert. Heard I missed Childress, Drehobol and Kanights. Still, I didn’t get the camera out until I was walking back to the car. I noticed Louis because he (politely) asked me to get my 2 year old kid out of his way so he could hit the wave banks on the sidewalk. I snapped a few pics. I must have bumped the mode dial on the camera to automatic because I have a slow shutter speed and unintentional motion blur. I was too busy trying to get a good composition with curves in the walkway and the skating without getting in Louis’ way. Plus my kid was kind of crying, making my wife crabby… Calgon take me away! Must focus mentally. Cropping? That’s for wussies. See some full frame pics after the jump.

Yeah, I said cropping is for wussies, and so are sequences! It has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t afford a camera that shoots fast enough sequences. If you can’t snap that perfect moment, then you deserve to… well I guess post a few semi-blurry shots like I am. I think it kind of works. I didn’t get the definitive shot there, but it’s something to revisit. Thanks to Louis for being patient and taking a couple good slams.

Click to enlarge.

Louis at Pier Park

The wide angle lens makes this wall, which is about two or three feet tall look twice as large.

Louis at Pier Park

Louis at Pier Park

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  1. Damn, Kilwag. Even your so-called mistakes make for great shots! Keep it up man. You’ve got a great eye and killer timing.

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