A zine a day for a week.
Day 5: Skate & Mate (Pokezine) #13

Skate and Mate

When I got a copy of Skate and Mate, I was dumfounded. It seemed so obviously perfect because it combined everything I was interested in as a young male of college age. The photos (mostly pros) were good, there was punk rock, and of course the whole sex with girls thing. They even had an amateur topless pic that someone had donated, which seemed incredible at the time. This was before the days of the internet and Girls Gone Wild, and that kind of exhibitionism wasn’t as culturally pervasive. The humor in Skate and Mate was adolescent and sexist, to be sure, but so was I at the time. Ahh, the folly of youth. Now that I am older and more mature… I still wish I had put that zine out! Ha! The Skate and Mate crew talked a lot of shit, but if anyone could self-proclaim themselves “The King of Zines,” they could pull it off. Pokezine… Brilliant.

Skate & Mate #13

View the zine: Skate & Mate (Pokezine) #13

Here are the stats:

Zine: Skate & Mate
Issue: #13
Date: Cicra 1987
From: San Diego California
By: Pat, Brent and Danee

Featuring: Youth of Today, Justice League, S.N.F.U. interview, Mark Gonzales, Brian Boyle, Davin, Rob Roskopp, Stanford, Dean, Christian Hosoi, Rich, Kevin K., Beau E., Dan, Stacy G., Billy D., Eugene, Rich from S.F.L., Tom Laplante, Kerry, Rich, Mako,Dean W., Grant F., Brian B., Kyle, Tod Swank, Frank Hawk, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gator, Madonna (really!), Urethane Underground, Mike Smith, Flea, Keith Morris, Chris Miller, Micke Alba, Ffej, Natas, Jeff Grosso, Neil Blender, Porche Lynn (yes, the uhm, movie star)

Spots: San Franciso, Hawaii, Dinosaur Beach Oahu, Grant’s Ramp in Kanehoe, Maili banks, Hickham jump ramp, kona bowl, Pardee Center, Anaheim contest.

Honorable Mentions: S.F. is B.S. road trip article, TransADWorld Skateboring magazine, heckling Swankin his interview, fake(or not) letters from girls who want to get it on with the guys that make the zine, amateur topless pic from a coworker, random adverts for call girl services and adult films, bum rushing the gates of the Anaheim contest, parking garage bust, All of it really. Good stuff.

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  1. This is Pat, esteemed editor/creator/whatever of Skate & Mate. Thanks to Skate and Annoy for the kind words.

    Skate and destroy, skate and create, skate and annoy. Whatever. We were more interested in skating all day and poking all night.

    For the record: the letters from girls wanting to do us were real. But, sadly, we never did meet (or poke) any of the letter writers.

  2. I ran across your site doing a google search and saw my name in the zine. It was great seeing the old article and names of the crew I used to skate with. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  3. Paul Steiger on November 11, 2010 -

    Would love to know how to get in touch with Pat and Danee. Had a road trip and a few adventures with them back in the day. I think one is featured in this issue…bust in downtown skate garage. Funny thing is I have no recollection of what their last names are! I do remember when Danny became Danee, wonder if he still goes by that. Any one have any info , emaiil me at sk8mecca@yahoo.com Thanks

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