A zine a day for a week. Day 1: Harsh Vibes #2

Harsh Vibes #2

And so begins my project to scan all my old zines and make them available for older skaters to relive their past, and for the younger generation to make an archeological dig into skateboarding culture before it was so easily accessible. These were the days of press type, scissors and rubber cement. Typewriters and hand lettering, or at most computer printed text xeroxed and shrunk and cut up and pasted into the layout to make it fit. Yes, I am aware that Xerox is a proper noun, and not a verb. It makes me want to cry in my Kleenex. First up, Harsh Vibes #2 (revised edition, actually) from Milwaukee. Exact date unknown.

Harsh Vibes #2 (Revised Edition)

Revised Edition? I’ve got two copies of Harsh Vibes #2. The first one has a cover on white paper, and instead of “Revised Edition,” it says “Hello Marty.” I can’t remember if there are any other differences. Sounds odd, right? But, we (SnA) did the same thing occasionally. Sometimes we’d run a bunch of issues off before it was completely finished if there was an impending show or a party or some other event. I’ve got 4 issues of Harsh Vibes, the latest one being #10 from May of 1988. I remember really liking HV becasue it had a similar sense of humor and writing style as SnA. Plus the first issue I saw had a Toy Dolls logo on it, and not many people knew about that band from the U.k.. I did get in touch with Pete Diantoni (one of the names on the masthead) a year or so ago, he was still in the area and involved in the Midwest Bolwriders series.

View the zine: Harsh Vibes #2

Here are the stats:

Zine: Harsh Vibes
Issue: #2
Date: Before 1988
From: Milwaukee Wisconsin
By: Eric “Steak-Um” Ratzman, Joey Peterson, Pete DiAntoni, Timmy Spankowski
Art: Paul Block, Steak-Um, Maria Rhodes
Photos: Pete Diantoni

Featuring: Brian Gomes, Mike Froh, Joe P. Schontz, Weez, Steve Beaudoin, Marty B., Jack Kilner, Doug S., Jushtin, Zilly, Joe LaVene, Steve “Roto-rooter”, Daryl, Josh, Larz, Gomer, Paul, Rast, Jill, Carla, Craig T., Chris J. Jack, Chris T.

Spots: Mequon ramp, Lincoln banks, McArty Park pool, Autoban, Richs Skate Shop, Paul’s ramp, Curtis Mathis banks

Honorable Mentions: Toy Dolls graphic on cover, Rezillos mentioned. Good quote about an excuse for being later to gym class. S.N.F.U. live at Cafe Voltaire. Party reviews. Early Die Kreuzen (at Live Wire) flyer. Pete DiAntoni went on to make the zine Clueless.

Local Slang: Lip ramps (mini ramps?) and Street verts (street plants)

UPDATE: Comments moved to the gallery.


  1. paige on May 8, 2007 -

    that has got to be the male excusatory equivalent to every time i’ve ever blamed my period for special “get out of class” privilege.

    i really like this feature. keep it up.

  2. I assume you are talking about the getting out of gym class quote. I would have like to see that used in person, meaning the quote, not the object in the quote.

  3. boy those were the days. now Im 40 with two ACL sugerys and countless broken bones Santa Cruz and Gullwing were and still are great to me. still roll around but no vert just pools and minis. knees cant take vert no more. love the site….
    Over N Out

  4. eric ratzmann on September 18, 2012 -

    holy shit! i laughed so hard when i saw a website dedicated to old zines, i still have all my original copies of the mag, i appreciate keeping the older days around!

  5. Here is my zine collection. I do not have everything scanned yet…but there are 186 ‘zines online.


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