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Steve Rocco Documentary

It’s about time. Steve Rocco is probably the guy who single handedly did the most to change the face of the skateboarding industry. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his impact. Whyte House productions is making a documentary on Steve Rocco titled The Man Who Souled the World. It looks like they are already in bed with World Industries, so they could have the best chance of actually getting the dirt from and on Steve. [Source: The Hot Crew]

Steve Rocco documentary: The Man Who Souled the World

This should be a good one. Rocco’s legacy straddles the late 70’s and 80’s, but he really came to power in the 90’s. Since 2000, the seeds that he helped sow have really come into fruition, so there’s the potential to have enough different styles and skateboarding history to please all types if they do it right.

We interviewed Steve Rocco once for Skate and Annoy back in the late 80’s, around the time he had started up the weird SMA co-branded Rocco Division company that morphed into World industries. When I get a chance I’ll dig it up. I remember we kind of ribbed him a little and asked stupid questions in the interview and he gave it back to us just as well. He was pretty cooperative though. He even went as far to send us a high quality print and slide to use if we promised to send it back. More recently (2003) he was interviewed for a Transworld Skateboarding Business article that was never published. Reading Steve Rocco Clowns Me! brought it all back to me again. The only person that comes close to being as difficult in a mail or email interview is Tod Swank.

The cast of contributors includes Rocco, Rodney Mullen, Jason Lee, Mike Vallely, Jeremy Klein, Jesse Martinez, Daewon Song, Natas Kaupas, Danny Way, Mark Gonzales, John Lucero, Johnny Knoxville, Randy Colvin, Rich Novak, Rick Kosick, Ron Chatman, Rudy Johnson, Sean Cliver, Shiloh Greathouse, Steve Berra, Colin McKay, Dave Swift, Don Brown, Ed Templeton, Fausto Vitello, Kevin Harris, Larry Balma, Larry Flynt, Paul Schmitt, Per Welinder, Tod Swank, Tony Magnussen and too many about half again as many.

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Movie trailer – The Hot Crew says they pulled this off the production web site, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The Whyte House web site is one of of those tedious exercises that tries your patience if you just want some information and don’t have time to click through a thousand exploratory animations.

Whyte House – The film’s production company.
The Man Who Souled the World – Internet Movie Database


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