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Tootsie Pop

Mark Conahan made a comic with featuring the skateboarders on the Tootsie Roll Pop wrapper. Today I saw on the Krux web site that they have some shirts called “sucker” featuring the appropriated art. Nice job Krux, but a bummer for me because I was working on something similar for a different project. I guess that is why Krux (AKA N.H.S.) is a real company, and my operation runs out of a basement. Oh well, you snooze, you lose. If by some chance you’ve never noticed the skateboarders on the Tootsie Pop Roll wrappers, keep reading.

Skateboarding on Tootsie Pop rolls.

Tootsie Pop Rolls were invented in 1931. Does anyone know when this wrapper was designed? The official web site is kind of lame. They don’t have a lot of images, and when they do, they tend to be tiny thumbnails. Did you know that you can order custom Tootsie Roll Pops with a your name printed on the sticks?

Tootsie Roll Custom

Can you believe that I could only find one decent image of a wrapper on the Interweb™? It was a crappy scan of a red one on Wikipedia, and it cut off the skateboards. I had a couple laying around, but only one (see orange, below) had the skaters and they are cut off on the head! Next time I come across a decent one I’ll replace it. Update: I found another orange one with a complete skateboarder. It also has the fabled Indian and star. I don’t remember what the fable is though. Don’t forget to checkout MC’s wrapper comic.

Tootsie Pop Wrapper with skateboarders


  1. badger paper mills has made the wrappers since 1950.

  2. Danimal on April 12, 2007 - Reply

    the orange ones are the best

  3. …our lore as kids was that the Indian was rare and hence good luck.

  4. What I remember is that if you had the Full indian shooting the star then you could trade the wrapper in for a new sucker…

  5. Black Label had that graphic on a deck circa 1993

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