This ramp is gone. This kid is older.

Chris Nukala - 2004

Yes, I’m struggling again. Here’s some pics of Chris Nukala from April of 2004 on his ramp in his back yard. The point of this is not to mention the crappy photos (my fault) or the fact that Chris hadn’t gone through puberty yet (his parent’s fault) but rather to point out that he recently had to tear down his ramp due to complaints from the neighbors or some city ordinance problems. Typical BS you have to deal with whenever you decide to take matters into your own hands. This was a quirky, but cool set up. Fortunately, Chris lives near Pier Park now. He’s a lot better skater post-puberty. Puberty. Puberty. Puberty. And death metal. Enlargements and a more recent shot of him after the jump.

Here is his ramp in 2004. No wide angle on the camera and limited space. Hurried photographer. Many excuses from me. But at least the spot is documented. He (Chris) sure is a lot better now.
Chris Nukala - 2004

Another shot. Notice the small bowl lined with tarps and turned into a temporary pool in the corner. Check out the crazy rigging for the roof in the shot above. This ramp sure had character.
Chris Nukala - 2004

This is off of the flat.
Chris Nukala - 2004

Cut to 2007, Pier Park. Dying batteries on the camera and more photographer incompetence. Somethings never change. However, he doesn’t even look like same kid in the earlier photos.
Chris Nukala - 2007

Oh yeah, did I mention puberty yet? Hi Chris! I mean… “S’up?”


  1. Grover on March 20, 2007 - Reply

    ” The Nuke” use to be so roots now he just another sell out riding for the big skate corperate doobie.

  2. The Doctor on March 20, 2007 - Reply

    Z ramp iz still zeir minus z decks you must ride it.

  3. Check it out! This image is amazingly similar to the one above. It’s fun to see how much Chris has progressed.

  4. Nukes of Hazard, woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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