Shawn R_____ at Pier Park

Shawn Reinhert at Pier Park

He only lives about a mile from this park. You’d think he’d have it more wired. So is it Reinert, Rheinert, or Reinhert? I’ve seen it all three ways on the web. Shawn, set us straight.

Here’s the door shot from outside. Thing about this shot is, after a certain point, the higher the skill level of the rider, the worse it looks in a photo. These server generated thumbnails look like crap! Click the pics to enlarge.

Shawn Reinhert at Pier Park

Alternate angle taken while lying on my back, trying not to slide into the pipe head first. It’s hard to tell when he’s coming. A couple of times later in the day he was inadvertently catching his back wheels on lip of the door on re-entry, loud enough so sound like a tail tap. Gnarly.
Shawn Reinhert at Pier Park

This a boneless over the hip, but the snap came at the peak of his height after he brought his foot up.
Shawn Reinhert at Pier Park

Here’s a flat looking shot of Shawn transferring from the little bowl into the banked wall of the street area. I had tried this a couple times on previous occasions, and made the mistake of making a half-assed attempt in front of people who could actually land it. no fewer than three people tried it after me, and eventually made it. Meanwhile, I still flailed it. This picture isn’t that great, but I thought I’d include it in the Shawn R. photo festival anyway. Rich from EPM got a good shot of Chris Nukala making it where he just happened to sync with the flash from a simultaneous shot on my camera. Much better. I’ll link to it when he posts.
Shawn Reinhert at Pier Park

Take two of the hip air with a nice tail bone out.
Shawn Reinhert at Pier Park


  1. Nice shots. I wish I’d made it over the door. Shawn was ripping.

  2. Great pics Randy. That shot that shows all the openings in the pipe is sweet. I need to loose about 70 lbs. so I can float around that park like Shawn. He does some of the gnarliest moves and makes them look routine. With respect to the correct spelling of his name, check it out: Shawn Reinert

  3. Here’s the door shot from outside. Thing about this shot is, after a certain point, the higher the skill level of the rider, the worse it looks in a photo. …..

    WOW^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^knock knock?

  4. his last name is spelled Reinert.

  5. orezona on March 13, 2007 - Reply

    Mr. R is so considerate to color coordinate his outfit with the paint job on the mousehole. At least it wasn’t the Elmo outfit… Crazy angle you have there in the pipe Kilwag.

  6. I noticed that too, when shooting photos of MC. The higher he goes, the worse the photos looks, unless you like looking at mens butts.

  7. Wow that guy’s pretty good.

  8. what up shawn, just saw you up at meadows.. just lettin you know i checked out the website, sick shots mang.. hopefully see you up there later.. peace

  9. SHITBOX on May 10, 2007 - Reply


  10. Rad!

    He’s a really nice guy as well.

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