Over it! (part 2)

Over it!

The Skateboarding Robot and the stop-action animated Human Skateboard. Really. That’s enough. Stop writing about it on your blog. (Oops! Too late.) Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s more after the jump, including the the Subhuman Skateboard, AKA the Britney Spears remix.

Japanese Skateboarding Robot

His name is Plen, the Desktop Hobby Robot. It’s kind of cool. There’s an overly perky web site devoted to this robot. Unfortunately, it also roller skates. This guy isn’t that new, he first made rounds on the web last summer but for some reason everybody and their brother (including us) is talking about it again.

Human Skateboard.

I swear this is not the first stop action animated human skateboard. Someone please back me up on this, it must have been a year or two ago. The one everyone is watching now is made by Sneaux Shoes. They encourage you to make your own. They even give you a how-to. I wonder if being the rider and the ridden is like being the catcher and the pitcher?

Jackass Steve-O has whored himself out to Sneaux Shoes. You can watch him acting like the town idiot in multiple scenarios on the web site. I hope he’s saving his money. There’s a hyphen in his name because everyone knows there’s only one “Stevo,” and that’s the original singer in the Vandals.

Stevo Sneaux

Just like a DVD, here’s an outtake:

The Subhuman Skateboard

And last but not least, the Britney Spears remix version. What a train wreck that chick is. Make sure to pay attention to the high jump scene.


  1. He should have focused his Britney board. It sucks.

  2. I pulled it down and archived it way back when. It was originally a larger animated gif. Here is the post.

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