I want my Claus TV!


All Claus Grabke, all the time! You know we love us some Claus over here. Check out this video tour of Claus Grabke’s complete pro skateboard model history, from Titus to Madrid to Powell to Santa Cruz to Titus to Pocket Pistols. It’s narrated by the man Claus himself. In this video you’ll learn many interesting facts such as the correct pronunciation for Titus (Tee-tus not tite-us) the fact that Jerry Madrid still owes Claus some money, and of all his 80’s graphics, the Madrid board might have been the best one. Actually it’s hard to tell because the whole thing looks like it was filmed by the light of a match. The screen capture above is highly processed to make it more visible. I was going to post pics of the decks or even re-edit the video myself with superimposed shots, but they are next to impossible to find. I couldn’t find a picture of the early Titus deck anywhere on the web, but we did have a rare Powell socked away in an eBay watch. At this point I gave up. Fortunately, the audio content is enough to make the video worthwhile.


Hey! Send those board graphics and if I get the complete set I’ll re-edit this video with graphics that you can actually see.


  1. right now im riding the alex moul powerply claus knock off graphic, and have a claus santa cruz ad as my wallpaper. i guess i am obsessed with claus?

  2. …the shadow on the wall makes all of these decks look like Mutants!

  3. houseofneil on March 9, 2007 - Reply

    Claus fucking rules. His part with Ffej in Streets on Fire is one of my favorite skate video parts of all time. They look like they’re having so much fun. He is an inspirational dude.

  4. Here´s some pics of the boards from the Skateboard Museum.

  5. The Skateboardfieber dudes here:
    Sorry but we just had available light and that is hard capture for a dv-cam.
    For better pictures of the Claus Grabke boards go to:


    And there is even a 50min tour by Claus but it´s in german:


  6. […] had to go searching on my computer for this fantastic piece of work. You can believe the words from Grabke’s mouth, or see the utter truth that is this […]

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