Grover’s Video Korner #12: The Doctor

Grover's Video Korner

So guys I had to bring in a special guest to keep things interesting. Let me know if you need a house call, I will gladly give the doctor your #.

Grover’s Video Korner #12: The Doctor

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  1. Nukala has gotten pretty good huh? He’s blasting that backside onto the pipe.

  2. learn how to spell Johnny

  3. nukes on March 3, 2007 - Reply

    why did you use a blink 182 song thats just lame should of gotten some metal of it

  4. I knew that music was lame, but you’re even lamer for know ing who it was..

    Yeah Grover, for crying out loud, that’s the best music you could come up with? I guess you did just get all those CD’s stolen from your van. Too bad they didn’t get that one too.

  5. He plays that as his house constantly. I’ve offered him my hard drive, he says the Stiff Little Fingers are “slow”. Him and M.Swan pay actual cash money for that stuff.

    p.s. 3 words for today: Subhumans “religious wars” 7″

  6. Hey! my kids love that music. It’s all about how hard it is to be a teenager.

  7. I loved that intro too. I think Grover needs to do a Hard Gay impression.

  8. That is too funny. Nukala is shreddin’. He and Xavier are the two latests Monday Covers on the EPM Blog. Check it out.

  9. nukes on March 4, 2007 - Reply

    i grew up listening to the radio, you know the names of the songs you hate.

  10. Ahh yes the “We Built This City on Rock-n-Roll” analogy. All charges dropped, nukes. …Now what about Grover?

  11. Unfortunately, Grover listens to the radio too. even AM radio. Uggh.

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