Grand Rapids Michigan

Dave Campbell at Modern Skate in grand Rapids Michigan

Here’s a couple pictures of Dave Campbell skating Modern Skate Park in Grand Rapids Michigan. If that name rings a bell, it’s because Dave had a brief but memorable spot in the Santa Cruz video Troops of Tomorrow. Since Chompy hasn’t posted that one yet, you can watch some Swedish guys on Flask TV, possibly making fun of it., I don’t know. I don’t speak Swedish, but they seem to be impressed with the pogo-to-drop-in on the vert ramp. Enlarged pics and more after the jump.

Quick, what”s the name of that guy who does all that wacky freestyle stuff on mini ramps? He also makes movies that he stars in… It’s a bird name too, not Hawk, but something else. I think he claims to have invented the pogo to drop in that Campbell does in Troops of Tomorrow, 10 years before!

Modern Skate Park has to be one of the few indoor cement parks not owned by Vans.

Dave Campbell at Modern Skate in grand Rapids Michigan

Dave Campbell at Modern Skate in grand Rapids Michigan

Dave Campbell at Modern Skate in grand Rapids Michigan

Grover of GVK has the entire Dave Campbell segment from Troops of Tomorrow without the audio as part of the video below.


  1. Todd Falcon.

    I was just out at that Modern park visiting a friend a few weeks ago… the larger section of that bowl with the pool coping doesn’t have a lip on it… and the wood (Ramp Armor) parts of the park are so slippery its dangerous.

  2. wait.. and isn’t that “Pogo” drop in actually “the Hospital” drop in?

  3. shit.. and That Modern used to be a Vans… until Modern bought it.. (sorry for 3 posts in a row)

  4. Who coined the Hospital drop?

    Oh yeah, Todd Falcon of Falcon Skates.

  5. now way.. i remember the term “Hospital” when i was a kid…! It was the only trick a buddy of mine could do… Todd Falcon wasn’t even alive…

  6. The Swedes aren’t making fun of Campbell. It’s a tribute.

  7. Nico Apa on March 28, 2007 - Reply

    The Swedes HATE that place and they sure are making fun of it.

  8. I agree with Colin, and a “Hospital” isn’t a “Hazard”.

  9. Ha! They should at least have the decency to make fun of it in English so we can understand it. Oh well, let’s see if they are still skating (hard) at age 45.

    What place is it that they hate, the location of the video? What place is it and how would the Swedes know about it? Is it in Sweden or europe somewhere?

  10. THAT park was built by Modern–the one in NOvi used to be a VANS. Dave rips and he’s a real cool guy, always got time to teach the groms some new tricks.

  11. skaterdave45 on July 16, 2007 - Reply

    Not sure who anyone is here except Kilwag (sort of), but thanks for the kind words… but anyway, here’s how I remember it. I was doing that drop -in on a little mini quarter pipe in the late eighties. The hospital might have been done already, I don’t recall, but it was really a better “trick” anyway because it flowed…it WAS different though because halfway through I think the dude landed with his front foot on the underside of the tail,( do I remember correctly?) behind the truck, not on top as with the pogo-in, AND dude did the hospital on a bank… I took my thingy from a mini-mini, to bigger mini, to 10ft vert ramp over a painful 2-3 years.I’m not gifted, just stubborn. I’ve always wished I could fakie up and pop into that position, but I guess I’m not THAT stubborn. I kind of doubt Todd “Falcon” did anything significant on a skateboard in the late seventies, but hey, doesn’t he video himself like every day?

  12. cynicbastard on July 11, 2008 - Reply

    the graphic design of falcon skates is making me sick… if the sites are not bad enough… the DVD covers are hideous…

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