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comic about the drawbacks of acceptance


  1. The guy on the left doesn’t look old enough to remember when skateboarding was an outlaw pastime. If it wasn’t so popular and overrun by outside parties I would have nothing to make fun of or complain about on this web site.

    I miss the old days too, but I’ve already lived them and it can never be the same. I’ll take my memories old photographs and amazing new terrain over returning to the dark ages, no matter how fun they were.

  2. For us maybe. We can get ourselves to a legal spot or build our own or pay to skate DoS anytime we want. Having to drive 40 minutes to a small town to skate will usually cut down on the crowd. Until there are skateparks in every neighborhood, kids will still be getting busted, knocked over by cops, tasered and kicked off private property.

    But I have heard that ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs.

  3. Melissa on March 29, 2007 - Reply

    Hey Conahan,

    I’ve been reading your posts lately and I wanted to share a hilarious and aching site that I think you would enjoy. Being a true skateboarder you would probably be able to relate.

    “Skate or Die” at has a video compilation list of the top ten most awesome skateboard accidents that show off these dare-devils great mishaps. The videos show the awesome and aching reality of skateboarding.

  4. Damn, and I just had a really nice lunch. That was really gross. I like it better when they make it. Although I would like to see video of myself being t-boned at the Oregon Trifecta. I missed that whole thing.

  5. I dunno Melissa, this looks like comment spam. Tread lightly or you’ll find yourself on the Skate and Annoy Spam Terrorist watch list.

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