Filthy poachers.

Battle Ground, WA bowls
Battle Ground, WA overview

It doesn’t open until June 4. Do not skate. The kids you see were subjected to extreme rendition and are currently being interrogated in a secret facility in Eastern Europe.

If people start showing up there I’ll bet the local police will step up their efforts and write a few trespassing citations or haul a few guys in.

Oh yeah, click the images to see them bigger.


  1. Somebody put Miracle Grow in the sprinklers to help those little grass blades grow. Or better yet, roll out the sod. Word has it that part of the wait is to allow the landscaping to take root, etc…. Anyone else have more details as to the delay?

  2. For some reason, the aspect ratio and thickness of the walls in that cradle is really, really… pleasing to look at.

  3. Nice shots, look at that focus plane on the second one, Conahan must have busted out the 4×5 view camera.

  4. That comment about the cradle sounds kind of gay, dude.

  5. I am kind of gay.

  6. just my crappy little digital. two shots stiched together and selective blurring on the fore and background. Or were you just joking? Film from atop the train cars next door is in for processing.

  7. That cradle is really cool though, another amazing Dreamland creation. Lots of interesting lines into the thing too. I can’t wait ’til that place is open.

  8. I know you don’t have a view camera, it just reminded me of when I used to geek out on that focus plane stuff on the view cameras at school. You could do some funky stuff with them, diagonal lines of focus, stretching things out, etc… All in camera through optics. Good stuff. But seriously though, that cradle makes it look like a shot from the set of a Stanley Kubrick film.

    This thing is supposed to open June 1st… according to the official word from the City. There’s no way they can keep it under wraps for that long.

  9. The Dick on March 18, 2007 - Reply

    Cameras cameras cameras…pics, pics, pics,
    As far as “DREAMLAND CREATION” facts are facts and this is 100% GRIDNLINE DESIGN….DREAMLAND FINISH.
    And as for the cradle of death it HAS FLAT ON top of it… So go upside down and tell me what you think.
    I’d don’t know I’m just a phat, old, crusty, stinky, rotten tooth, bike ridin bitch with pegs…word from a city guy says “pool coping bowl” NO F ING BIKES, NEVER. Means skate only, and cops can be called if they are in there.

  10. Man, it sucks to have to wait till June when it looks like the park is ready…bummer.

  11. yeah
    its bummer to see a finished park and have to wait
    3 months?

  12. The Dick went to great lengths to remind us that Battle Ground was designed by Grindline and we thank him for it. I would point out that the cradle seems to deviate from the Grindline rendering so I’m going to go ahead and credit Dreamland. And the finish – which has nothing to do with what’s on paper – is pure Dreamland. The northwest is blessed to have both of these companies. To have both of them involved on that park is amazing!

    The new San Jose park is going to be 25% larger than Battle Ground and clock in at $4 million. Welcome to California.

  13. Thats BS to make kids wait 3 months to skate a park so the grass can take root. Rope off the grass areas and put down a gravel path so kids can skate it! Thats torture! especially if you live in BG

  14. Dick again on March 18, 2007 - Reply

    San Jose…..$4MILLION
    Who won the lottery on that one??? With that kind of figure, one is going to assume land scaping, honey buckets, water foutains, park benches, bleachers, lights, blow up dolls, Bill dos, hand jobs and the sort are included.
    It can’t all be concrete work like some of us think, that would be like TEN of Dreamlands finest parks to come up with that kind of figure. Other than that, piss on California.
    HERE’S ONE for you WAITERS (that’s one who waits)
    Sacramento’s Granite skatepark was finished in JUNE OF 06′ and didn’t OPEN for six months, that’s just another FACT. Those poor little suckers had to look and look and look and kept on looking till thanksgiving of 06’…So, my best advise is BE VERY PATIENT, there’s also some sh&t who has already tagged the backside of the cradle of death. What a piece of fecal matter. The park is something to ride on, not tag on you fatherless punk whose mom spreads her legs for cigarettes.

  15. Dick again on March 18, 2007 - Reply

    I also hear TONY HAWK is going to show up for the grand opening of this park…hehehehe that’s the real reason for waiting till JUNE. Yeah, The Hawk man in BG.
    Other than that, quit your BITCHIN, let’em landscape. They were pouring concrete sidewalks Friday the 16th. sSo one like myself and others might think they could open up earlier but what do you do? We aren’t city counsel or mayor or anything else except major tax payers and skaters.

  16. I misreported that. It’s almost 5 million. Well, I guess it’s worth it for a design that will let you loop a 22 foot pipe…

    From the Palo Alto Daily news:
    Monday Mar 5
    San Jose skate park will be largest in NorCal
    Associated Press

    A $4.76 million skate park in San Jose will be the largest in Northern California, offering skateboarders 40,000 square feet of space and a 22-foot-diameter pipe with an incline so steep that dare devils will be able to flip upside down in it.

    Recreation officials and local skaters celebrated the Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park – scheduled to open in late spring 2008 – at a groundbreaking ceremony Saturday. Next to a Raging Waters theme park, the park’s neighborhood is increasingly popular with young families.

    Some longtime skaters from the Bay Area Skate Park Coalition said the course could become a proving ground for riders hoping to go professional. And an influx of skaters and their relatives could be a boon to local restaurants and shops.

    “It certainly meets the needs of all levels, up to and including professional skaters,” said coalition co-founder Rick DeNardo, 45, of East Palo Alto. “You’re going to get a lot of people from around the Bay Area who will want to skate this on a regular basis. It will be a destination.”

    Brian Hartsell, manager of San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services, said the park will likely charge an entrance fee of $2 and may charge for parking during busy months.

    Politicians are racing to provide well lighted, landscaped parks with skater-friendly amenities as an alternative to public plazas, playgrounds, boulevards and other places where skateboarders may clash with pedestrians and cars.

    San Jose is planning to have 11 skate parks throughout the city. The Silicon Valley suburbs of Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Menlo Park have them, as do Gilroy and Santa Cruz.

  17. orezona on March 19, 2007 - Reply

    Short of an electrified razorwire topped fence and an armed guard standing sentry 24/7, there’s NO WAY that BG will be unpoached. Perhaps the BG town council should adopt a “trespassers will be SHOT” policy similar to African game reserves to dissuade evil skatepark poachers?

  18. It was almost as crowded as Newberg there yesterday.

  19. Did you get any pictures of that crowd Thor? There were about ten kids there when I visited on Saturday.

  20. I took a couple pictures I can’t figure out how to post em here. I am sometimes guilty of exagerating a little but I would say there were at least 15 kids skating when we left yesterday.

  21. OK, don’t hate me, I just couldn’t resist, I was in town visiting a friend, and… I grew up skating pools, and there was this hole in the fence, and 2 kids already skating…

    I posted some photos at the Old Man Army forums here:

    Way sic park, the bowls are da’ kine!!!

  22. Ping!,
    A technicality, but the trick you’re doing in the cradle is a bert, not a layback. Sorry, but I looked at it earlier and it’s been bugging me, so I checked it again. Definitely a bert.

    Anyway, cool pics, and I envy you for riding it this early, but I fear that the city of BG will be forced to either open it early or crack down hard from this point on. Can’t say I blame you for poaching it though, especially if there were bikes there. If you build it, they will come…

  23. I here that the reason for delay is because they dont want kids skipping school and skating it.. so i think there going to wait till june? or mabey im thinking of a different park

  24. bgbrent on May 8, 2007 - Reply

    The reason that the park cannot be ridin at this time is because the property is still owned by the construction company and there insurance doesnt cover anyone who isnt an employee so we gotta wait until june 2nd which is when the construction companys contract is up and then battle ground owns the park.

  25. Thanks for clarifying that. Are they getting close to done? How’s that grass looking?

  26. bgbrent on May 8, 2007 - Reply

    im not sure how much the grass has grown but the park is cmpletely finished and incredibly fun and smooth. im so happy i live in bg.

  27. […] Looks like another sweet park. Bowls for the old guys and plenty of street plaza goodies for the kids. Check out out these pics from SkateOregon to see what you can look forward to. Couple more pics at Skate & Annoy. […]

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